Firestarter Radio: 6 Million Dollar Gas Bill (12-13-16)

In the first hour Sinead has on “Six Million Dollar Gas Bill” to discuss her YouTube channel, her awakening, the conditioning of our people’s behavior and much more. In the second hour Sinead goes solo to discuss some more pizza gate related revelations, how abrahamic regions are terrified of women and talks about the possibility that the twin towers had no floors. Opening Track: ‘Tell Me’ by At Dawn We Rage/Closing Track: ‘The Snow Fell’ by Ian Stuart – covered by Sinead McCarthy

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What a wonderful guest.
Clear, concise and honest.
By making it clear that we have been intentionally frightened as women of the birthing process, in both media and in the current traumatic birthing techniques of “orthodox” medicine, a whole new outlook of the birthing process emerges here giving women the confidence to seek other avenues, rather than avoiding the issue completely.
Thank you
PS I still have to listen to the second half of the show

Extreme Drama Central cackling of epic soap opera proportions going on here atm – Don’t worry it’s really nothing we haven’t already heard being repeated ad nauseum just for the sake of self-justification but it’s pretty sad/funny to see these few rejects running around in circles & wasting their time constantly gossiping like a bunch of teenage girls. I thought this self-proclaimed insignificance used to constantly take the piss out Gays Of Our Lives, etc? LMAO! Looks like he absolutely thrives on nothing more than drama & gossip and his actual issues are just the same old tired crap he’s been repeating over & over for years now that any right-thinking over-80-IQ person moved on from a long time ago. I suppose when you’re… Read more »
This quote from one of the fangirls got me laughing hard considering the entire comment section over there is one of the biggest soap opera dramafests I’ve ever seen on any “troofer” blog – “If she really wanted to be a vocalist, she could make it happen. She has many faults, but her voice is exceptional… The only reason I can think of for why she doesn’t do that is that she finds it more fun to spend her time being a drama queen.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh the extreme irony LOL! They obviously don’t realize just how stupid they look! Should I donate some mirrors or leave them to fester in their silly little playground circlejerk? I hope Slurpus leaves all the comments there so we… Read more »

I think everyone to varying degrees tolerates a little drama occasionally but since this Surplus guy was rejected from Renegade it’s pretty much all he’s been absorbed with. Someone said earlier the guy really has issues – obviously not knowing him personally I can’t say for sure but dragging this petty bickering stuff out THIS long certainly doesn’t do anything to waylay that opinion! And how – just look how really catty those few commenters are getting in there! A bit embarrassing then that he’s calling the network WTFR – looking at the commentary there really makes one go “WTF?!” 😮

Shaun admitted on air at least a couple of times that he was diagnosed with OCD and said he knows full well what it’s like to have obsessive thoughts & to have to deal with how to control them. I’m not excusing it in the slightest but perhaps this explains why he abnormally persists in dragging this drama out way longer than a normal-thinking person would. What gets me about this whole thing the most though is the somewhat strange role these 2 females (Rose Night & Shield Maiden) play in the series of events. They just appeared out of nowhere & then became embroiled in this very public airing of personal drama. Had anybody heard of them before they turned up around Renegade? This… Read more »

I know that Shield Maiden used to write articles for Red Ice and Rose is not even White. She looks arab or something.

Interesting. I bet if someone were to go digging, professionally speaking of course, they could unearth some very interesting things indeed… Not that it appears they’re conducting themselves very professionally but it does seem they have or are working to some sort of agenda (obviously in their case some very bottom rung low tier kind of stuff). Either that or they really are just bitter little drama-addicted nobodies who don’t appear to have achieved much with their lives or for their “cause”. At the very least I guess the lower IQ proles in the “white nationalist movement” have to have somewhere to spew out their somewhat misguided & deluded frustrations every now & then seeing as they don’t/can’t actually ever physically DO anything. I almost… Read more »

Wasn’t the Celtic Rebel actually a questionably gay Greek midget? I know that sounds like a joke but apparently he doesn’t have any Celtic blood, is actually of Greek descent, is quite possibly a homosexual and is somewhat vertically challenged. His real name is Alex Poulos – hmmm doesn’t sound very Irish! Here’s a couple of pictures – how many words do they tell to you?

comment image

comment image

Yea. That’s what I thought. He wasn’t shy of pimping his Greekness. Not very Celtic, then again Keltoi is the name the Greeks gave to the various English “barbarians”. He had good content but like to blow himself off too much directly and indirectly, which was tiresome and used up airtime.

Drama Whore confirmed! This guy just can’t stop himself! There’s good odds that this WON’T be the last we hear of it as it’s pretty obvious by the comments that his core listeners are drama addicts; he’ll have to keep supplying them or they’ll find another dealler LOL! What a sad little man – “I’ve had so many emails and messages coming in since I left Renegade and they have kept coming to this very day. And since Sinead took it upon herself to start the battle back up again, I thought I would finally get all this shit off my chest before we reach 2017. The network will be starting in around 14 days, on the 31st of December, (New Years Eve for… Read more »
I don’t normally comment in these places but yeh, what’s up with this guy surplus? When I used to listen to his shows here he always used to start out every time by saying how he was getting all these emails from people and then use that to launch into topics. It’s like he was using them to give himself something to talk about or maybe just compensating for something (“look at me I’m relevant cos I get HEAPS of emails from people”). It started to annoy the hell out of me actually & was one of many things that turned me off about this particular host. Now he’s dragging all this stuff on & on it’s confirming more & more just how much he… Read more »

“There’s good odds that this WON’T be the last we hear of it…”

How did you know? LOL! So he says this on that show “This is where it is done and finished.”

And then the very next day he does a followup talk and says this “After yesterdays show Ladies and Gents there have been some good questions coming in and one in particular, I wanted to address.”

This guy’s stark raving bonkers!!! 😀

Just thought this would fit nicely here. Start it up and listen before reading comments, especially if heading over to that other site! Really gets you in the mood!

Days Of Lives Theme Song –

If you’re lucky The Young & The Restless Theme Song will come up on autoplay straight afterwards like it did for me! 😀

I’m seeing calls for me to be killed and apparent “hits” put out on me. Very mentally stable people over there. Good stuff.

Here’s the comment about people having “hits” out on me:

Not to play down the seriousness of a few things said over there but I’m pretty sure there’s also some covert trolls in WTFR’s comments cos some of them look quite hilariously subversive if you read over them once or twice lol!

That B52 character is an infamous jewish troll. He admits that he’s Jewish too.

If you thought that was bad check out the latest one. That blog over there is one big nest of crazy!

comment image

That comment was up for some time & Surplus was in there commenting while that comment stood. However, they started getting twitchy about the extremity of the guy’s comment so it’s now been deleted. Good job you got the screen cap Manny! Hopefully Sinead got that one too with a bit more detail.

Shaun has to approve all comments so he saw those and let them through.

Yes good point Sinead. (Maybe Michael is one of Shaun’s alter personalities? Maybe he doesn’t only suffer from OCD?! Might explain the torrent of “emails” & “messages” he constantly gets!) 😮

If our people who have stepped out into the lime light start dropping it’s going to be a serious fucking mistake on the part of the jews and their allies. _THEY_ have way more game pieces sitting in the lime light. I seem to recall a video Scott Roberts put out titled “Jew Hunt”. They’ve put themselves in this all or nothing play. There’s only so much they can do with such tactics before it blows up hard on them. Are they ready to create martyrs? They just don’t comprehend how volatile things are, but if they want to learn the hard way…for the short term of course, since these fucking scum always repeat their genetic/cultural programming. Do not be intimidated. Stand strong to the… Read more »

Here are the Malay Quaran and English translation: [12/4/16, 10:56:18 AM] Six Million Dollar Gas Bill: Original Malay
[12/4/16, 10:56:47 AM] Six Million Dollar Gas Bill:
English translation

great job

I’ve been studying the Bible for a few years now and have only been to church twice with a friend and her Mom when I was 8 or 9 years old. It was soooo boring. Anyways, a lot of that book is compromised with words that claim to be of and/or about Jesus and GOD (the real one, the God of life, not the false one of death, that those who say they are Jews but are not, but are of the synagogue of satan, worship). Jesus is real, God sent him because of the sticky situation we are in here in this good and evil mish mash of a duality, ruled by the sky Kike, satan/lucifer, or the god of 1,000 names, if this… Read more »

I came across this online Kek as an Egyptian deity with both sexes the male side a frog.