Firestarter Radio: A Science Man, A Psychopath and A Stalinist Party (10-25-19)

Sinead reads some comments, discusses Bart Kay the science man, how Sverige admits to being a literal psychopath, over-tourism in Europe, strange Stalinist parties and more!

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Extinction Rebellion has connections to the British aristocracy and activists are paid up to 400£ a week. Anti-establishment indeed… Interesting and important topic! The Russian and NazBol connections to various European and American nationalist or patriotic movements are definitely extensive, and something we should all be concerned about. The Multi-Polar world order is really just another term for a One-World Order. Just like the Patriot Act is really a code word for The Enslavement Act, but I guess that would have been a harder sell. When one considers that both Washington and Kremlin sponsors the same fake opposition figures and realize that the jews completely own Washington, Moscow and Brussels the picture becomes clearer. Another weird Stalinist figure with Putin and Dugin connections is… Read more »


Slaves can be paid, and the higher up the food chain (being connected to Royalty,) probably earns more than the average prostitute.
I have a feeling these are older MK Ultra victims..


who was that science guy talking about? did I miss that part? hes a gem ..ick.


I should have given more info. Sorry abut that. Here is the debate he is referencing with the “syphilitic cunt” lol. She actually took a very smart position in saying that nutrition science is inherently flawed, which Bart always argues. Therefore there is no evidence to support that a meat only diet is healthy. She took the stance as an ethical vegan and wasn’t there to argue for or against a meat based diet from a health perspective. She simply wanted Bart to admit there is no evidence that a meat based diet is healthy, which he did. Fair play to her.


thanks woah will check it out… she let him say that to her face? Its like some of these people are possessed.


No, he didn’t say that to her face. It was in a video talking about her.

Ronald Busuttil

Renegade team can you contact me through email please somehow, I am interested in writing an article or more as there’s much to say that may be an eye opener for those like me that ended up drawn to the genre. I tried to contact you but I don’t think you got the message. I am subscribed to the show (I don’t want to share my email here though thinking about it I can make a new email too and share it here if you can’t) Please also consider that English isn’t my main language but obviously I won’t have a problem if you do an edit to the article to correct it. Hope to make this happen.Thanks


I found this article about a conference that took place in Vienna 2014. It was hosted by the Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeew. Among the invited guests were Alexander Dugin, deputies of National Front, including Marie Marechal-Le Pen (the daughter of a Mossad agent), Prince Sixtus Henri of Spain, Heinz-Christian Strache from the Austrian right-wing FPÖ, the chairman of Bulgarian Ataka, Johann Herzog of the Viennese Freedom Party, various historians, artists, nobility and industrialists and many other influential figures. The meeting was not advertised to the public or media and had a cunning resemblance to how the Bilderberg group organize. Cameras were also banned. Unfortunately the article is in German.