Firestarter Radio: Acceleration to the Communitarian Plantation (10-30-18)

Tonight Sinead talks about Tesla, Trump and ties to particle accelerators, Dicky’s promotion of communitarianism, Partisans, woman hating spermo gnostics and the Bahai Faith.

Songs: ‘Savannah’ by the Ruff Driverz and ‘The City’ by Tina Dico

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Anthony Roberts

What you describe with your bad week, is the reason why i’ve been a semi recluse for the last 25yrs. I couldn’t understand why White society was going this way, but Renegade has given me the who and why. There isn’t a week still where i don’t have an incident like you describe. It’s very tiring and upseting when you are fighting for a better future for these zombied nasty folk. It ties in with the communitarianism too. All of us living in soulless small concrete apartments with no nature, and neighbours snitching on each other. Any sign of freedom, free thought, natural talent or kindness will be seen as White supremacy and privilege, and will not be tolerated. It also allows for sharia courts,… Read more »


There’s been no duplicity just being wishy washy and sitting on the fence on one particular person. I still have my doubts but am certainly no traitor.


I haven’t been able to listen to the whole show but I will. An agent?lol. I’m just some lady that has a weakness of being indecisive. In fact I will call in on Saturday to face the music and own up because I’m not a coward and not trying to be duplicitous.


I got a red flag when you were talking about a bunch of people protesting at syn-a-gogs awhile back. I don’t want to jump to conclusions about anyone, but I see how with this event, an attack on a peoples’ place o’ worship hits at the heart of one of America’s founding values – freedom of religion and all that. It also incites the cucktards and co-exist sjw’s so you have both side of the political aisle lighting candles at vigils and pointing at evil not-sees. It’s strategic genius, and of course, not targeting the criminal element at all.


I remember suggesting protesting at chabad houses. In retrospect, maybe not the best idea. The thing is , I’m fairly new to this and make mistakes. I could be making one now and might make more in the future. I don’t have a problem admitting when I’m wrong.


I came into Renegade still just ‘suspicious’ of Henrik of FedLice (Lana I always had a gut feeling was bad news), but realized I was maybe out of my depth and took a step back to just observe – and learn about controlled ops. It’s not just about being suspicious of one person, it’s a very serious issue of seeing the web of connections that are part of a sophisticated operation. What’s happening is a deadly serious co-opting that could potentially lead to another red terror hellstorm, which you were saying you don’t want to see (and nobody does). We can’t look into each other’s eyes or read body language, so we have to look at what’s promoted – and ties to proven subversives. It’s… Read more »

Tabitha Wolfram

I agree with you Callwen. I felt the same way in regards to getting a red flag with the proposed Chabad protest. The idea seemed too brazen to me and reeks of chutzpah. Kind of like the stunts Pat Little does.
I believe the jews are using the color purple because it signifies the crown chakra. They are using the color as a way to mess with our Aryan awakening as purple is the color of enlightenment
Sinead, I can totally relate to the cookie incident. Since most people are utterly skill less, they express their inner frustration with snide comments or jealously.
Look at the Steelers logo:


don’t be offended Scarlett, but if your going to call in, just know that our struggle is a lot larger than you and your drama, or me and mine, or Sinead’s or any other individual and their family. It’d be best to make your case here in the comments, than waste time with bad radio, non-sensical, going nowhere personal drama. It’s obvious Carolyn has an agenda to de-rail. She’s not the only one. Recognise what is, and let it be another piece to your armor to avoid the trap next time, and so you can teach others what to look out for. I used to be indecisive, but then I realised I had to grow up and make tough decisions, be responsible, and quit making… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

So why did you carry on supporting a person who champions Dugin’s work? How could you still be wishy washy after Sinead had provided facts and evidence against Carolyn? Sorry Scarlett, but something doesn’t add up here. Your indecisiveness does not match the confident woman that calls into past shows. You have me confused.


Yeah well I have me confused too at this point. Sometimes this shit is confusing and everyone is suspicious. And now I am just getting frustrated and upset so I will come back to this tomorrow as it is an important holiday today. Just some understanding from people who know me would be great.

You are advocating that people send Carolyn money just days after telling me “we were right” about her. How hard is it to be consistent? You also stated you had “no idea” that you uploaded a Dugin quote, when his name is right at the bottom of the quote.


I didn’t see the fucking name because I’m operating with a tiny cellphone and was casually looking at pictures to put up there. Yes, I have gone back and forth on Carolyn because I’m just not sure. As of today I’m still suspicious. I’ve also publically spoken up for you as well. You and Kyle and other hosts also deserve financial support for your work and I have said so.

So you send money and advocate sending money to people you are suspicious of? You said that she really deserves her “super chats” and is that poor Carolyn is “under attack”. You and I both know that anyone receiving super chats and who is still operating uncensored on jew tube is clearly towing the line. We don’t want your money. We only want honesty from people and I don’t see that from you. You also state that you don’t have to “walk on eggshells” around Carolyn and crew. Clearly having standards is not your thing. We really don’t ask for much. Just consistency and to not promote bolsheviks or their lackeys. You also had stated that you had “no idea” how that cover photo ended… Read more »


I said I didn’t know it was a quote by Dugin not how it got up there. Literally everyone is suspicious so that’s a dead end argument. I’m clearly going to get no goodwill from you on this but I’ve been indecisive not dishonest. Being indecisive is a personal fault of mine because I’m a real person with faults. I don’t believe I deserve to have my character assassinated by being called a liar because I have not lied. And what money? If you haven’t noticed, I don’t have any.

You’re not a liar?
[imgcomment image[/img]
If you had just admitted you didn’t know you had uploaded a Dugin quote, I wouldn’t have been suspicious. But as you can see here, you were entertaining the idea that someone might have hacked your account and uploaded it.
I don’t know Scarlett. You’re the one who claimed you’re sending money to Carolyn even though you apparently “have none”.
[imgcomment image[/img]
Guess what? We don’t have any money either because we’ve sacrificed our reputations for this fight. You can go and be indecisive elsewhere. We are here to get the job done.

Just remember, you’re defending a woman who wants Donald trump to “sexually harass” her. That should be enough to tip off any person still using their brain, but alas. [imgcomment image[/img]


I do remember you saying you didn’t know it was a Dugin quote. Was surprised to hear Sinead having a go at you over that.

The suggestion to protest a chabad house was a bit suspicious though. Having a fake shooting at a synagogue not that long afterwards where the fake shooter holds views similar to most here doesn’t make it better.

How dare I have any standards! You can look at Scarlett entertaining the idea she was hacked in the screen shot up above. If she had just said she didn’t know she had uploaded the quote, it wouldn’t have been weird. But she was acting as if it just appeared there without her doing. That’s when I got suspicious. Scarlett’s husband then came in here and told us to “eat a bag of dicks.” How dare I have a go at these wonderful people!


When you first told her she said she didn’t know it was a Dugin quote and you seemed ok with her answer. Then the next time I hear about it you and her are at each others throats over it. That’s why I was surprised.

Is Ms Emerick the one she was spruiking for after she said there’s something really off with her?


Any nazbol pathetic morons here? Are any of you up for blowing up some Ukrainians? (Eduard Limonov’s nazbol party assumes responsibility for a terrorist attack in Ukraine ––Nashi-vzorvali-ukropov—V-partii-Limonova-radujutsja-smertjam-v-Har-kove – jew Averin: “Oh, our guys blew up some ukrops in Kharkov”) There it’s different – they blow people up and drop rockets on them for real. So are any of you maggots and slugs up for that? Or is it again the Linder excuse, “Oh, I feel so sick right now, you guys go do it, I’ll join you later”? (If any of you take up the offer, please mind that FSB/SBU usually make sure you don’t return or if you do you’ll be maimed for life.comment image?itok=oeZ0FYBt )


Who is this boy?

Are Mexicans / Hispanics fighting for Nazbol?


Unlike Pittsburgh where everyone — especially 11 jews — are alive and well, here is what death really looks like. Thanks jews!!!


What proof do you have that they are alive?

renegade practices 80% of information with 20% disinformation. by doing so you lose the credibility of the 80% of information

Foster XL

What proof do you have that “renegade practices 80% of information with 20% disinformation”? Without it you lose 100% of your credibility. Not that you had any to start with.


You can’t seriously be fooled by the latest synagogue shooting movie. The plotline is so ridiculous the chances of it being real are zero.


Can you provide at least three examples of legit disinfo that you’ve gotten from Renegade?
If your going to make statements like that, back it up with at least one, otherwise we are all left to assume your related to Bolsonaro’s mossad sons here to BS your way into a position of percieved credibility.

Robert Heimdal

Correct me if I’m wrong here: Did not the Jews refer to Freemasons as those “shit-eaters”? I’m saying this in connection with these absolutely derracinated followers of Crowley, like that terrorist piece of garbage Dugin. Certainly these Jews have chosen the most degenerate pieces of filth to infiltrate this movement for a good reason. Though I suspect these operatives are pretty much coming out of the closet now (literary). They are not hiding their scatological filth anymore.

On Dicky: It comes as a bit of a surprise that Dicky “supposedly” beat his assumed wife Nina Bizantina. Hearing Nina talking the contrary would have been the logical case.


Since the comment I composed earlier got lost (I wasn’t able to post it in my normal browser), just a quick rundown: Thank you for the show Sinead, I actually wanted to share some links regarding communitarianism because I felt the topic went under with all the comments about Scarlett: This is an interview Thule Productions did, that he took down from his YT-channel: I thought it was one of the most disturbing topics out there because one can experience the communitarian agenda closing in whenever one goes out in public. I also encourage people to research “social entrepreneurs” in their local communities and take a look at their faces and observe what they are doing (this is what I found in Hamburg, my… Read more »

I have listened to many of Thuleproductions videos – I really liked the one he did on Charlemagne – thanks for the information on the social entrepreneurs, Irmin! Btw, much of my family is from Frankfurt! Vielen Dank

Sinny, I would love to try your vegan cookies! I am ashamed to admit that I am not a good baker, but hopefully, I can bake some vegan whole wheat bread! At least two of my family members in Germany, are master bakers! It must be in our blood! On another note, all of that Crowley crap is so disgusting – EWWW! I can’t even picture that shit – wow – men eating other men’s sperm – that’s just so disgusting! No wonder our world is so sick – it’s filled with these types of degenerates!


Own it Sinead , yeh you are a super mum …. and WHAT !


She is pretty super! Beautiful, smart and has a lot of talents.


“I’m just a poor lil’ indecisive lady, I dindu nuffin'” – Scarlett the harlot


Rick here, you Motherfuckers need a life , if you let this misunderstanding get you like this, you are all weak fucking sheep, kyle she’s devoted to renegade, or was, that’s why you have a small following, you run your mouth or your wife and run people off, grow the fuck up, we sent you support, so what she said that, its not your problem, as long as we support you, childish bitches on here.. Now roast me, and go eat a bag of dicks.. RP

Very classy, Rick.

Foster XL

So much hypocrisy in one small comment! Personally I’m just happy I don’t have to hear her whiny, complaining voice every time she calls in & the host asks how she’s doing anymore. That was really starting to grate on the nerves worse than being forced to watch any soap opera on TV when you visit people! Good riddance!


Over the years one learns to pick one’s fights, in order to succeed, rather then waste valuable time on ‘another troll issue’, there’s always the option of just the spam button.


This person was a regular caller into Renegade shows so it warranted a discussion.

Foster XL

Yeah I reckon just use the “spam button” immediately on anyone with a commy name like “Hammer” so we don’t have to “waste valuable time on ‘another troll issue’”!


‘commy name like “Hammer” ‘ possibly that’s your mind sir you’re exposing. anyway, a bit of a ‘fanatic’ reply, but then i guess to each – commie – their own.


you’ re right.


Funny, I’ve read this entire comment thread and it’s funny to me how consumed with hate and misery you people are. And as for the Scarlett thing people are allowed to make mistakes! Get over yourselves seriously go be miserable individuals else where. It Makes me sick to see all of the supposed whites in here acting like ingrates over one little mistake and breaking down a woman who supports the cause! This is not how you retain numbers or followers and will continue to remain a broken down faction of bickering idiots. Instead of hatred try understanding and explanation and stop attacking everyone for making mistakes. In order to learn mistakes are made that’s how you grow. Have a nice day

Hi Sinead, I’m over twice your age and as far as dealing with people everyday I have found the older I get the more ignorant and less wise they become . When your on the cutting edge of being a metawoman people are ALWAYS going to PUT YOU DOWN it helps them feel better , their like children themselves, but then you know that. As long as your going to be alive from this point you will always have to deal with more and more morons / lemmings. Churchies are toxic to you stay away from them I know its hard they are everywhere and are the cause of Genocide of races but that’s what people want sbecause the rich people that control the medias… Read more »

“Churchies” are the cause of White genocide? You spelled jews wrong.

Join the discussion…Sorry, I meant any religion that supports and condones race mixing which is genocide of ALL races . Ours just happens to be first in line for extinction -(just for the White race people that don’t know yet) – It can’t be stated enough everywhere. I think the leader should denounce churchy nationalist because of their promotion of genocide.

Norvin Hobbs

Hey Sinead, I do a livestream on youtube if you wanted to come on and discuss your criticism of the Alt-right, your falling out with Scott Roberts and TANSTAAFL and the rumors bronze age pervert is spreading that this synagogue shooter had ties to people from renegade on gab.

Particle accelerator is fake, as are atoms. It’s just more scientism. If atoms are real, show me one, and show me the little electron orbiting it, use a high speed camera and slow it down, show how it orbits when the atoms are connected together. Wait there’s only CGI images of these atoms? Atoms were thought up by some ancient Greek guy? How did he know? Atomic theory? Theories are facts? Vegtam dropping truth bombs again, thumbs down since I always get them!


Did i hit a nerve? Kyle you and your child wife, have fun with this bullshit your putting out there. All your reviews say what you all just did. Your all fake people

Vegtam is sorta fake. He is Odin in disguise – you got me!


Who is acting child like?
It is widely known throughout the world, the most common jewish tactic is to place one’s own blame and quilt, on the victim.
To point the finger while four more are pointing back at you.
Polish proverb : ”the jew cries out in pain as he strikes you”
If you are here to make White mothers look bad, in some kind of effort to have the few White men with enough balls to do anything for their children’s defense, you might be blowing your cover a bit too early..
I hope it isn’t true, but I’ve been disappointed before.
Just sayin’ . . .

I’m a child for having standards? Was having your husband come in and tell us to “eat a bag of dicks” very mature? You said it yourself that you feel more comfortable not having to walk on egg shells, so enjoy the nazbol party. I’m pretty sure the point of you baiting us with things like the Dugin quote etc. was to set us up as “mean purity spiralers” when we simply point out your inconsistencies. This same tactic is used over and over again yet it doesn’t stop us.

Anthony Roberts

They’ve down voted everyone lol. To think, i believed this woman.