Firestarter Radio: Anti-Female Primitive Practices (1-10-20)

Tonight Sinead talks about: how the truth about WWII is making it into mainstream comments section, polyamarous Thelemites perverting our ancient symbols, how semitic and primitive peoples seclude and torture girls at the first signs of puberty, how our people handle the coming of age process and more. Closing song: ‘What Is Gonna Make You Happy?’ by Pierce Fulton feat. Noosa

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Anthony Roberts

The very fact that “our” so-called govs allow male babies and young boys to be genitally mutilated, and yet are outraged when black girls are tortured in these ways here, tell us all we need to know.

Until all White people speak out against these horrific practices in “our lands,” the jew-supremacists will scream religious freedom, and continue to sweep this semitic sickness under the “cultural norms” rug.

PS Thanks Sinead – great show. Those young NS ladies in the photo look so happy, strong and free. I hope they all escaped the bolshevik monsters who we helped descend on them. I honour their bravery and memory.

Marshall Wilkinson

Tgsnt is good for someone wanting to learn the truth of that topic quickly but it leaves out alot of information. There is also catholic shilling in it. Europa is good for the same purpose but there are also pro putin and christ insane poison pills slipped in . There are a few Hellstorm snippets in there but then they also put forth lichiam lana as an aryan truth warrior. At the end when it lists the recommended sources and sites it lists Renegade Tribune and fed ice

Steve the bicyclist

Well. That was weird and disturbing!

I understand the taboo about scent and hunting. But cages are too much! Unless that’s to protect them from lions and tigers (oh my!). Five years?

They must have been (((visited))).

That show was a keeper! Mostly as a, “You think you got it bad? Young women in Africa get shoved in a box for five years, and the boys circumcise themselves! Now get back out there and pull some more weeds…”

Strange how similar all the “cultures” are/were.


“Primitive people” like the native Americans actually celebrate the first menstrual cycle of a girl, while Western societies, push it to one side, marginalized it and train the women to be embarrassed and ashamed. And allis the tounn boyd to mock us.


Among the Indians of California a girl at her first menstruation was thought to be possessed of a particular degree of supernatural power. Often, there was a strong feeling of the power of evil inherent in her condition. Not only was she secluded from her family and the community, but an attempt was made to seclude the world from her. One of the injunctions most strongly laid upon her was not to look about her. She kept her head bowed and was forbidden to see the world and the sun. Some tribes covered her with a blanket. Many of the customs in this connection resembled those of the North Pacific Coast most strongly, such as the prohibition to the girl to touch or scratch her… Read more »