Firestarter Radio: Anti White Psyops Unmasked (2-1-19)

Tonight Sinead discusses some more sacred cows we are not allowed to question, digs deeper into the anti White Tartaria psy op, shares a recipe of the week and an herb of the week, debunks myths about redheads, and closes with some gardening hacks.

Foaming Facial Cleanser: Foaming Facial Cleanser
Opening track: ‘Alone’ by Syknro
Closing track: ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ Mr. Fijiwiji, Direct, & Aruna

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3 years ago

Wir sind Monika is We are Monika. Good to hear about Kava. Compelling info as usual – I heard you say Carnegie Council and recall that the Carnegie Foundation docs were where it was exposed that the grand long plan was to merge US / USSR at some point. Norman Dodd was the one who tried to sound the alarm.

Robert Heimdal
3 years ago

On Jewtin: I can almost predict Jewtin is going to throw more bones like this one in the near future. The Eurasian agenda is a big one. They need to recruit those right-wingers, who are still Putin-skeptics, to their cause. Alexander Dugin seems to be pretty well connected with the Kremlin, he’s not a fringe character precisely. They want everyone under the same (((tent)))

3 years ago

For vegetable stock, and I’ve been making my own for years, I just use the ends of vegetables (preferably organic) that are usually thrown out. Carrots, onions, celery, zucchini, the hard centers of cabbage or base of Brussel sprouts, the inner part of peppers that holds the seeds, really, any edible veggie. Wash ’em and simmer in a pot of water, add some salt. Let cool, strain, and freeze in convenient size containers to use as needed. Also, if I make mashed potatoes, I save that water and freeze it, too. You can save water from steamed veggies, as well, as the flavor is still imparted into the water. Cost: Nada. Zip. Is it a base of delicious soups: ABSOLUTELY!!


Reply to  Elizabeth
3 years ago

What a simple yet great idea thanks .

Reply to  Elizabeth
3 years ago


Tabitha Wolfram
3 years ago

I once went to a kava kava bar where they offered various kava infused elixirs. I drank the concoction and within minutes was giggling and feeling rather uplifted. The effects wore off shortly thereafter with no hangover. I have read that big doses can be bad for the liver though, especially when combined with alcohol. But it appears that the root is traditionally used; not the stem and leaves which could impact liver function. Still it is an interesting herb with unique effects.

3 years ago

Great show! I need to start listening with a pad in hand to take notes! I am really enjoying the gardening tips and cooking recipes as I have recently switched to being a vegan and am feeling great!

3 years ago

Another brilliant show, Sinead. I too carry all my tension in my neck and it can be quite overwhelming at times. I am very excited to try the kava tincture. I received the mag deodorant and mag spray a few days ago and these are two of the finest products I have ever used! in regards to EBT debit cards, they get get abused and traded around to no end. These people eat like kings on our dime while we scrape around.

Reply to  William
3 years ago

Thank you for supporting Heathen Herbs. I am so happy to hear that you like the products and are finding them helpful!

3 years ago

Ah ha!. I have been suspicious of this “Tartaria” thing for some time.. I’m glad to find this..

3 years ago

Yes!!! I’ve also been suspicious of Newearth, that she’s a communist& her job is to confuse people even more.. I’m so glad you mention her!

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