Firestarter Radio: Arrested Developments (7-11-20)

Tonight Sinead discusses the recent “arrest” of Ghislaine Maxwell, the Jonbenet Ramsey case and it’s inconsistencies, how AI can create fake people with Generative Adversarial Networks, the new Irish Minister of Children and his ties to pedophilia promotion, The Randonautica app and it’s ties to Discordianism and The Church of The Subgenius, and how could possibly be trafficking missing children through it’s website. Closing song: ‘What You Need’ Feat. Tailor by PINES

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1 year ago

I left a comment on the tribune article about O’Gorman & Tatchell. I’ve been so angry and disgusted about this issue that I forget to say thank you to both you and Kyle for giving it some much needed exposure.

1 year ago

I have someone in mind for you to expose on Bitchute. He starts off all of his videos with “sup goice (or fam)” and claims to be against wiggers and homos while he promotes a degenerate wigger drug culture constantly. He also seems to really have something against women because he blames them for losing his job all the time. He also is known for being a massive flip-flopper (goes between a Pagan and a Catholic constantly) because he’s dumb enough to believe everything he reads (even called the SS sodomites while later backpedaling and putting on a cheap $5 “National Socialist” shirt). Plus he interviewed James Mason recently (among other questionable figures Veronika Kuzniar, Grindr Greg Johnson etc.). Google his name Michael Marrotti (tons… Read more »

Reply to  renegade
1 year ago

Good idea…I just figured with the audience she has, it would be a good way to get the word out about the clown known as Muh Faggy Crookshelf. Subversives like that need to be singled out and exposed and he just seemed like a perfect person for her to expose since he promotes virtually everything she hates; (((alt right))), Siege, wigger/drug culture, hating women, perversion etc.

Reply to  Vril
1 year ago

Already wrote 2 paragraphs there so why not just do a little more research yourself, as it obviously interests you, and write a few more on the subject & hey presto – a Renegade Tribune article!

I find if you want something done it’s always better to do it yourself than be dependent on others – you know, kinda like for the same reasons for the general state of the world today?! 😉

Robert Heimdal
1 year ago

Epstein’s other ‘recruiters’: Four more women accused of supplying young girls for him to abuse face probe as it’s revealed Ghislaine Maxwell moved house 36 times in a year before she was caught
By Ryan Fahey For Mailonline (updated 14:08 12 Jul 2020)

It seems these “people” had an entire team of procurers. Still waiting to see a photo of Maxwell in court though. Good show.

1 year ago
“In web search I have found many articles about the CIA/crimes in which the name “Bennett” is included. It appears that the name “Bennett” is a code word meaning CIA employed.” – Anon
Jon Benet Ramsey’s father is John Bennett Ramsey.
“Motto: De bon vouloir servir le roy
Motto Translation: To serve the king with right good will.”

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