Firestarter Radio: Birth of a New Dawn (12-22-15)

Infant Grasping Mother's Finger

In the first hour Sinead interviews Santos, a Latino pro-White, who has been doing pro-White activism regularly. They discuss what woke him up to the genocide against White people, and what he has done to help fight this. In the second hour Sinead shares a series of recordings that she has made throughout the week. She discusses how the modern world is doing everything in it’s power to ruin the family unit. This includes the current birth practices in the US, and other Western countries, as well as the push to get women out of the home, and into the cubicle. She also discusses some concerns that many have been having about people un ironically discussing if women should be chattel once again.

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6 years ago

How do I watch this? IT says “Archived In The Morning” but I don’t know what that means.

6 years ago

It’s not archived yet. Should be up soon.

6 years ago

Santos seems like a really cool guy. He has come up with some very clever tactics to get peoples attention. Sinead that was a good interview. Thank you both.

6 years ago

This is the Hebrew word for “man”. It could be ultimately derived from Hebrew אדם (‘adam) meaning “to be red”, referring to the ruddy colour of human skin

I am really happy that Santos brought this to everyone’s attention. Santos was a fantastic guest. Great show as always Sinead! I like the new song too!

6 years ago

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6 years ago

Thank you Ian!

6 years ago

YOU are awesome. You are now my only must listen because as an old white guy you give me hope for this lost race and its lost women that are the only ones who can bring it back, in a nutshell. And I dont bother with any of the other sites and click bait anymore nor do I worry about the fools who sell themselves and their race down the gutter. Sluts and limp dicks will not be helped at this point… while those who do get it, truly, will end up where we are time and fortitude permitting. You do what most wont and wont take the time to do. And having said that I will tell you this; it never ends that after… Read more »

6 years ago

Ancient knowledge is abused using women to conceal treason
The result will be a loss of women’s rights after the constitution is destroyed and we are immersed in war.

6 years ago

Sinead, the returning issue that I see appears to be that the white race, of America at least, has been made afraid of itself through the crusades and inquisitions. I mean afraid of its unconscious existence. And, it very much appears this is so the populations would turn their heads from the abuses of hypnosis and the unconscious mind so that illicit control and tyranny could be eventually imposed. This fear of the unconscious takes about 75% of the true joy of life away, not to mention the unity required to oppose the tyranny. It leaves the populations open to all sort of exploitations and distractions that are not healthy. Also, the family suffers, because in the past, marriage was a “rite of passage” and… Read more »

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