Firestarter Radio: Ching Chong, The East & Chaos Magic (10-18-16)


This is going to be a weird one folks. Tonight Sinead goes solo to discuss the relationship between jews and the East, the Eurasian agenda chaos magic and much more!

Opening track: ‘Be Here Now’ by Hybrid (Bensley Remix) – Closing Track: ‘The Asian People Song’ by ZFLO Network

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Anthony Roberts

Rice one Sinead! A far-east of entertainment. A feng shui to spend the evening, you filthy slanti semite lol. I’m in fits with all the ching-chong accents.

The chinks have bought into the UK also. They snap up £1m flats in London, never to live in, just hiding their wealth.

Also, i read that mega wealthy Chinese men are going in organized groups to Russia. With their disastrous one child policy, there are no women to marry. They all want natural blonde, blue-eyed model ladies and are willing to pay big.

PS No doubt the jews will soon be rocking in front of the great wall. Another in infiltration and take-over. Talking of rocking, love your song at the end. Great timing with what’s about to ensue.

OMG! What if the Trump wall is the new wailing wall???

Anthony Roberts

Ha ha ha, yes but…”All in all, he’s just another pri** by the wall!!” – Fink Ploydstein

Lol, you speak as if Trump is actually gonna build a wall. They know damn well it is international policy based on economics that brings them in. Besides, he wouldn’t raise a finger to lift a booger out of his nose, let alone employ anyone to do it because he has no money and isn’t in charge anyway. I’m sure he’d like nothing more than watch mud-shark whores and their jewess mud-shark mentors being raped for porn T.V. because that is what jews like to see.


London has become a property sweet shop for foreign investments. They are knocking down old council estates and social housing to replace it with “upmarket” residences. Those old council estates were actually (in comparison) built using sturdier materials and much larger in floor space (take a look at the disappearing Aylesbury estate). Too good for the goy to have such a place next to prime land! Must build appartments for arab / russian / chink money so they can drag race down residential roads all night long.

Sir Algernon Farnsworth

Love the opener chinaman.

Other memorable chinaman:
1. Long Duk Dong (Sixteen Candles)
2. Takashi Toshiro (Revenge of the Nerds)
3. Cato (The Pink Panther)


Lets not forget the cabin crew of the chinese plane crash 214:

Captain Sum Ting Wong
Wi Tu Lo
Ho Li Fuk
Bing Ding Ow

John A

Great show Sinead! Multiple LMWAO’s
Church of the SubGenius commercial:

John A

Whoa! They call people outside of the church “normals”. Kind of like how the alt right calls people outside of their cult “normies”. They are also wearing SS-like arm bands.


The Khazar theory is complete BS pushed by Jews. Although it was started in the 19th century to relieve modern Jews of the responsibility of crucifying Christ. Some sources attribute it to the Ukrainian Rabbi Isaac Baer Levinsohn (1788 -1860). It has been pushed in modern times by Jews such as Koestler and Freedman. It has been debunked though- although the Khazar king did convert, there is no evidence that the Khazar people did as a whole. Modern genetic studies have found Semitic genetic markers in both Ashkenazim and Sephardim. David Duke wrote a great article on this subject called ‘Rethinking the Khazar Theory!’. So in summary, although Jews have interbred extensively with the people of their host countries in order to fit in, they… Read more »

Robert Heimdal

Best program ever Sinead (at least one of your best programs so far). I’m sick and tired of certain people saying they are okay with Chinese people in our White countries just for the fact that they are not ‘commiting crimes’ like the repufees goat-humpers and the dindus. – Well, my dear Liberal imbeciles, the Chinese are taking over for the Jews. They are buying EVERYTHING for pennies on the dollar and you, idiots, refuse to see it. In the long run these Chinese invaders will be as lethal as any other invader.

mike angelo

The kitchen sinks AKA chinks own many of the small shops in Spain. Bars, hairdressers, cafeterias, clothing shops and more. Yet the Spanish find it very difficult to find work. It’s crazy.

Am Not

Sinead, any thoughts on CBD oil?

It’s wonderful medicine.

Am Not

Have you tried cbd before? I recently started using it, and I can only say it is amazing stuff. Would love to hear you talk about it on your show sometime.

John A

Am Not,Been using it for a few months and along with adjusting my diet, have stopped using insulin for diabetes and my glucose levels are practically normal now. My pancreas is producing insulin so I can pretty much say my diabetes is cured. 🙂

Am Not

John A, that is great news!


“Dr. Gail Dines On How The Porn Industry Has Hijacked Our Children & How It Encourages Paedophilia”, The Richie Allen Show posted today on utube, is very relevant to much of what Sinead discussed on last week’s show. Such a dreary sad topic that concerns us all. So many girls in Minnesota and Kansas are being kidnapped by black pimps, and HORRIBLY sex trafficked, with their being a degenerate demand for them, and the people living there are not rising up against these crimes.


“Pedophile Terrorism is Running Rampant in America” by Preston James posted Sept. 29, is a very factual source, with proposed solutions. OUR ZOG is refusing to try to stop this, and the only bill I know of right now before Congress, HR 169/S 166, “Stop Exploitation through Sex Trafficking” is not likely to be passed, or effective. And knowing what we know about Trump and Clinton, would they even sign it. I doubt it!

Here is a great book that deals with Chaos Magic it has Spare’s Alphabet of Desire and explians how to make your own.!2IRjkCQY!WkgVv0WkVl8PtH51ll-ipwxY9M7JusopM3MZy-0Dg7Q


Thanks for the link Brandon.
Do you have other magic related links? Maybe I can read them sometime.

A bit of history regarding the of TOPY & the Process Church; the founding members of the Process were Scientologists but were declared ‘Suppresive Persons’ and kicked out. P-Orridge formed TOPY with other members of the Process and they thought of themselves to be the successor of the OTO; he also was a pal of Lavey.

Article read by Sinead:

Some articles for further reading:

Idiosyncratic Journeys

Great show and the mimicking in the beginning was hilarious! The last name Dahl is strictly a Norwegian last name (and maybe some Danish perhaps). Known heaps of ethnic Norwegians with last name Dahl. However it is weird ancestry .com last name database claims it can be and Ashkenazi jewish last name, though in my life in the high Jewish population area I have lived, in politics, entertainment, etc I have not seen a single jew with the last name Dahl. Maybe some unknown Jews tried to steal it. This is why it is so strange to how ancestry. com claims such! As for the husband of Rachel Dahl, can be mixed with god knows what and appears to be a “not advantageous” genetic type.… Read more »

Idiosyncratic Journeys

“Dahl Name Meaning Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, North German, and Jewish (Ashkenazic): from any of the medieval and modern forms of Germanic dala-, Old Norse dalr, ‘valley’. Throughout Norway and elsewhere in Scandinavia this is a common farm name. In some cases it is a habitational name from places in Germany named Dahl or Dahle, from the same word. As a Jewish family name this is a habitational name or an ornamental adoption.”

(“ornamental adoption”= euphemism for Jew stolen)

Robert Heimdal

The story of Genesis P-Orridge ‘impersonating’ his dead wife sounds very similar to the one in the Hitchcock’s movie ‘Psycho’ (1960) in which Norman Bates ‘recreates’ his deceased mother as an alternate personality, which gets total control over him at the end of the movie. I suppose Mr. Bates would be considered as ‘normal’ these days.


Your imitations are spot on. Its so wrong but at the same it I laughed my ass off. The Chicoms are kicking our asses because they have a strong patriarchal structure. In China a women cannot take everything from a man in divorce. Women who are not married by 25 are called left over women and are not considered wife material because they are too old. Feminist protests are outlawed and the protesters are arrested. On top of that the Chinese insist that their children meet high educational standards and could care less about a kids self esteem. China is the way we used to be and that why they’re kicking our asses. America has been undermined from within by liberalism/Marxism and its rotting from… Read more »


Personally I like Sineads jewish yenta imitation the best. It always makes me laugh because it is so ACCURATE!! Keep doing the jewish woman imitation sinead!! The asians pretty good too.


Well, there is a reason the Talmud is a Best Seller in South Korea and, I think either China or Taiwan. A Filipino woman I know always calls the Chinese the Jews of Asia.


Yes, a lot of chinese are “interested” in how a tiny number of jews gained so much power. Post-Mao China (removal of high IQ “good” genetic material) combined with judaism is a very dangerous mix! But South Korea? Where’d you get your stats on talmud sales? Religion in South Korea – No formal religion / Korean Confucianism / unregistered groups (56.9%) Protestantism (19.7%) Korean Buddhism (15.5%) Roman Catholicism (7.9%) Most of the South Koreans I’ve personally met were conservative christians. From wikipedia (I know, not always the best source but…) “The Jewish existence in South Korea effectively began with the dawn of the Korean War in 1950. At this time a large number of Jewish soldiers, including the chaplain Chaim Potok, came to the Korean… Read more »


This Asian chick is lying about Asian men.


In truth it is hardly surprising for someone who read many books and studied history and political science in great detail at a university to hear that Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands and Britain are on the list of the least antisemitic societies on the planet. There are various historical reasons for that fact. For one, Sweden and Denmark had comparatively small Jewish populations. Only a few thousand ethnic Jews ever resided there. The less Jews is physically present inside the society for a prolonged period of time, the less antisemitic it is. Plus add onto that factor that Sweden and Denmark had not experienced major wars since the 18th century and those mass mentality of the bulk of the people in those societies was for a… Read more »


You’re not the first nor the last who’s gonna try to appear “intellectual” to sell its snake oil here. Thankfully, Whites are gaining immunity to it.


By the way, there’s no alleged “antisemitism” without many initial Semitisms.
A defensive reaction against a foreign, parasitic, and destructive entity amongst a European nation, or any nation, is only natural and mandatory and the lack thereof means the nation is already killed by the parasite.
However, jews themselves never even define their alleged “antisemitism” label as such but in the following way:

John A

Self-titles himself “The Intellectual”….I bet you’re barrels of fun in person, especially at cocktail parties. smdh

John A

Go back to Jewtube with your Marxist horse-shit Roman. Nobody likes you and nobody here is gonna validate your incoherent, irrelevant rambling. Why are you ever here? Aspergers? Stalker?


Which Marxist what? Don’t be so paranoid. To you the entire planet would appear somehow Marxist. Even though many left-wing activists and politicians do not fully believe in Marx’s ideas anymore. They are old and did not work out as predicted. Marx was simply a philosopher and an economist who wrote some books about contradictions and class conflicts in a capitalist economic system. He died in 1883, long before World War One and it’s side effects took place (such as the 1917 revolution in Russia). Even if Marx’s books are widely read and studied at many universities does not mean many people believe in the ideas or predictions he made. Most professors do not fully believe Marx and are most of the time skeptical and… Read more »

John A

Whatever Roman, you were trying to push some Herbert Marcuse shit on Jewtube KNOWING well he was a Frankfurt School Marxist who pushed for the full Marxist infiltration of the education system in the US. No one’s impressed with you. Maybe you can pick up some complements somewhere else but you aren’t going to find them here. You have a pompous enough attitude you don’t have to actually go around telling people how great you think you are…it’s pretty obvious you’re Aspergers is shining through.


i wonder if so called intellectuals like you have ever done a actual hard days real work ever in your worthless lives? your university education has twisted you brain into a kosher pretzel io vey, quit your comments and go spent a time alone in the forest and reflect on your distorted ego.

Hey Mr. Intellectual, you are not too wise after all! Danmark’s government consists of 75+% crypto jews and they control all mainstream media. In fact you can find them all over the place here in Danmark: doctors, psychiatry, all state institutions – every place where they can manipulate society. So “the few thousands” must have bred like rats. The reason why there is just a little anti-semitism here, is that my people is ignorant – but fortunately it’s rising here.


There is only 20,000 Jews in Sweden and 6,400 Jews in Denmark. If Jewish populations are less than 1% of the population, the level of anti-jewish feeling among the general masses is going to be low. The last riots against Jews took place in 1819 in Denmark. Plus add onto that the strong sentiments of universalism, altruism, humanism, compassion present among Scandinavian peoples. I knew a Swedish guy and a Danish guy at university, and they also had those tendencies. They would send money for charities helping Middle Eastern and African refugees and they would self-censor themselves in order to be PC as much as possible. The reason why nationalistic tendencies rose in Sweden and Denmark at this moment is primarily because of the behavior… Read more »


I cannot listen to this woman’s show. Tried 4 different shows. I think I listened to a roundtable she was on and had to stop it due to her smart ass commenting and just her voice. She is aggravating and imitating dialects is not her talent. When she starts reading texts of something, her monotone voice is enough to put anyone to sleep without getting the gist of whatever it is she is reading. So, sorry but I don’t find this woman tolerable to my listening pleasure. That is what makes choices and opinions functional in a society AND radio program choices. I’ll stick with Charles Giuliani.

Anthony Roberts

Yu no pai – yu fluckin iriot!!!! Shinai velly gud at difflent sowns, velly interrigent. No lespec – sute Charles….rooser!!!!!

Sorry, you couldn’t be further from the truth in my, and most people’s opinion.

John A

You’re crazy, Sinead is excellent at acoustically articulate imitations. That’s just a fact, not even debatable. Whether you like her or not personally or find her tolerable…”That is what makes choices and opinions functional in a society AND radio program choices” Wow…that’s deep man. I agree with Anthony…..yu fluckin iriot!


So let me get this straight – you listened to her the first time & couldn’t stand listening for a whole raft of reasons BUT THEN listened to 3 more of Sinead’s shows? You’re a f*cking moron.


At least give him credit for trying to learn from her superior intellect.

I listen to Sinead because she is the best show on internet and in the world. It’s not easy being #1 in the world.


Good on ya mate, but you just sound like a weirdo jew troll attempting to sound smart. You should probably give up while you appear (to yourself) to be ahead. I’ve seen all your other comments with all the thumbs down…


I don’t care if you thumb me up or down, it is your loss if you cannot see that Sinead is talented and interesting. She doesn’t need anyone’s approval.

Den no listen white man! Go to Asia find you nice waifu who chop cock off and serve for dinna!


At least Asians know dog make better food than pet


Dogs are not pets. Westerners only mistake them as such.

Anthony Roberts

Coq au vin with fried rice?


You know you tried to get Zach K Hubbard on your show….he just dropped that he has a waifu girlfriend, so thats probably why he said no. Fuckin pedo.

Can’t argue Zachary K Hubbard’s work, he’s one of the best with Gematria. He fights the Intl Jewish Power grid and doesn’t embrace the clowns in the Alt-Right. I respect him and will get his book when he releases it. Racialism is one of many angles this grid will go into the dustbin of history.

Nothing wrong with making some jokes about other races occasionally. They do the same to us and get paid millions to do it. We do it our lives get trashed. Fuck em if they can’t take a joke.

Good thing about Renegade is they don’t over do the Tom Foolery. Renegade exposes criminality of all and names what they are. The way it must be.