Firestarter Radio: Countering Controlled Color Revolutions (12-14-18)

Tonight Sinead talks about the yellow vests in France, their relations to Putin and Dugin and much more.

Opening song: ‘Snow’ by Seba Closing songs: ‘Black and White’ by The Staves

‘Are You Gone’ by Juted Feat. Sinead McCarthy

and ‘Emancipator Winter Mix’ by Sindre S

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Great show Sinead .


Sinead, you’re a wonderful person, you really are. I’ve been listening to your and Kyle’s shows for the last month and re-listened most of the older shows. Also, I really enjoyed the music from Emancipator (forgot all about that one) at the end, it was one of my favorite artists years back. Thanks! By the way, the main reason there’s so much negative sentiment, victim blaming, ‘hatred’ of women and girls being created(!) is because of what is to come here in Europe, namely mass rape and murder and children, women and men by imported low IQ peoples into Europe (from Africa mainly), and so men will simply sit there and do nothing or possibly participate … it’s really sick. If you want a vision… Read more »

Ghost Man O; War

Yes, Sinny and Kyle are nice people. Their sense of humor is priceless. I wish them nothing but happiness and good health. The way protests work, no matter how genuine and organic the movement is or was, they just interview people and only show what the media wants to show and slip in an agent to lie about what the movement is about. Then all the staged agents will do talk show circuits and totally subvert and steer and manufacture the narrative their way so they can stigmatize or ride it like a pony for a while then further stage later incidents or have that agent use agitation language to stig ALL who’ve been out there trying to get relief as “Nazis” or “extremists” or… Read more »

Thank you. I appreciate that.

Ghost Man O; War

If we could stick you up in front of the countries children for about a year or so and they would see that using your own head to think is the key. They need a class every year from 6th to 12th about sophistry and how to spot the basics giving them the cookie cutter used since antiquity. First, show up with ship or caravan with cool stuff from other places, new technologies, new ways to get to heaven and “secrets”. Don’t forget to have the well placed beauties to rake in the horny demographic. hahaha But it is what it is, is it not. It’s sick but it’s their way. They then get others depending on those goods. Then they pay off some priests… Read more »


Sinead, if you want good addon for reading in Firefox, you might to want to try this one out.
You can activate it just by pushing F9 and set it to dark theme. Doesn’t bog up computer memory too.


Another excellent show from Sinead!