Firestarter Radio: Creating Strong Foundations for the Future (8-21-18)

Tonight Sinead goes solo to discuss where the heck she’s been for the past year and then delves into natural birth and pregnancy info.  She shares her experience of having a natural, unassisted pregnancy and birth, and speaks about the dangers of technologically managed birthing.

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Anthony Roberts

We know something is very wrong with the current medical birthing process, when natural and instinctive are classed as radical!

At the risk of sounding like one of those sketchy, creepo, over-complimentors lol: Every White couple deserve to have such a wise, caring and strong person as yourself, on hand at their wondrous and sacred moment.

PS Your “little ray of sunshine” is living proof of yours and Kyle’s parenting skills, all delivered with love. Sorry for your cra**y year Sinead, but welcome back to being on air. You were missed.

Thank you Anthony! I love your comments. They keep me going!


Hi Sinead, great show!! Our first 2 kids were born in the torture chamber at the hospital (we live in Belgium). It was indeed no pleasant stay in there. I remember me and my whife were looking at each other whit horror when we heard a woman giviing birth a few rooms next to ours. She sounded like a pig being slaughtered. So we were thinking: this is going to happen to us in a few minutes?!? Luckily it went a little smoother. Our third child was born at home, in front of the stove (it was winter). This was a totally other experience, what a difference!! We did have a midwife who was very kind and supporting. But as you said, my wife still… Read more »

Thank you for sharing!


Welcome back Sinead! absolutely spectacular to see you back! have really missed the show. This programme was a fine return to form and hope to see more, and hear, more!

Thank you William!

Found out about Sinead from Eric Dubay in 2015. I knew off the bat she was a good one! Appreciate the hard work done by all. Keep it up. Hail Victory!


Thank you for the time and energy you put into this show, our people and updating us on your time away. For whatever this counts, I as a white man of good character would like to thank you for representing our women, true to their vast ability and with dignity. Although you never sought such scrutiny, those who matter see how well you’ve performed in the most trying conditions. I hope I have your steadfastness in the face of my obligations to our people. (Kyle’s too) To update my own recent life events.. I’ve found an intelligent, beautiful and strong white woman. We have made verbal commitments (engaged) until I can make it official (live in different states). We have similar values, goals, reciprocal love… Read more »

Yay!!! I’m so happy for you.


Thank you and I genuinely appreciate your reception (to the update). Looking forward to your next show (and everyone else’s on the network).

Scott the Strategerist

Why not bring back your archives tho?

Maybe I will. If you’re nice.


What a powerful show. I’m hoping you can talk a little more about premature birth on your next show. I was 2 months early with my son and it was the most traumatic experience my family has ever gone through. I still cry and feel rage when I think about the 3 months they held us in that hospital. We had zero agency and were treated like animals. The only fight we won was not letting them mutilate our sons penis, even that was looked down on. Thanks for sharing such an amazing birth story!


I sure will! Kangaroo care has research to back up its effectiveness. Also, we need to look into what is causing premature birth in order to prevent it. Did you have routine ultrasounds by any chance? I’m so sorry that you and your family had to experience that.


Thank you. Your discussions on these issues are so validating. When I read back through that experience, it’s almost unbelievable. I had about three ultrasounds with my son. No one has ever had a premature birth in my family or my partner’s (Not married but we’ve been together for 12 years). The pregnancy was supposedly perfect with no concern, then bam! I wasn’t eating meat (Despite the docs concern) but ate a small amount of yourgurt against my wishes (To make doc happy), said no to the new vaccinations, including the flu shot they tried to make me take, and was staying active. A little less than a year after that I got pregnant again and miscarried, also after having about 3 ultrasounds. I was… Read more »


Great show and welcome back, Sinead. I wish my wife and I had been more receptive to this info when our children were born. Hope to hear you on again soon.

Thanks Gilly!


Thank you Sinead for your shows about birth a related topics. A couple of years ago you did the show about conscious birth (conception). We were just expecting and it helped us decide on home birth. Midwives canceled our home birth due to “low water” but we stayed home, in the pool until the very last moment. They did not want to come to us because of the snow storm, and when they finally made it we caved in and went to hospital. It went quick, but would be quicker if we stayed home. Anyway, now you are back talking about this things again, and we are expecting again. This was going to be home birth for sure, but…it’s twins. Do you have any good… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Congratulations Slavik.

I cannot offer much advice, only if the midwives come out to you from the state, hopefully they will have to agree to your terms for the birth. Although from experience i know the “choice” is yours, as long as you make the “right” one. I am sure Sinead will have some good advice for you though.

Anyway I wish you and your growing tribe all the best


Thank you HV, from my tribe to yours. Midwifes can deliver the babies, if we come to hospital and OB in charge will allow it. They have done that before. They even have a pool in our hospital a woman can labor in. On the negative side, like Sinead said, you walk through the door and you are their prisoner. Their perspective of what is normal is different than ours, and like you said, you were not sure who was in charge, you and your wife or them? I know what we want and I think we will just focus our energy toward that goal.


The only one who delivers the baby is you, mama. Midwives and doctors may catch them, but your husband can do that. Or you can. You deserve the credit. Not them.


I will cover twins on my next show. Twins does not make you high risk 🙂

Here is a good birth story to read regarding an unassisted birth of twins. I will go more into depth on the next show.


Thank you Sinead, we’ll check it out. Looking forward to your next show. I know whatever doubts I have they will diminish with more information. And you are helping a lot.


What’s your sons zodiac sign if you don’t mind me asking? 🙂 great show, you crack me up with your voices you make, reminds me of myself so so much. I really have great respect for you and Kyle as parents and you’ve taken the less societal routecand it seems to be paying off very well. You really make me excited to start a family with my girlfriend, we intend on doing at home birth and home schooling. It seems that the more natural and correct and godly way that us white folk live and raise kids, the more our shit families and shit towny neighbors feel the feel to impede on our life and want to take control of our children. Its like the… Read more »

I’m an Aries. Thank you for your comment.

Scott the Stragerist

That explains A LOT! Do *****NOT***** mess w/ Sinead!! Ever!!!


I misread that. My son is an Aries.

Scott the Strategerist

Wow, Sinead! What an informative show! I’m male, so listening to a show on child-birth isn’t what I normally do, but I really learnt a lot! You bring an unique voice to WN, and one that can be used to bring more white women in, which we need because, without white women, whites as a people are extinct in a single generation. 🙁


Good to hear from you again!


Its a pleasant surprise to see you back hosting, Sinead.

Good Dictator

Great show Sinead, welcome back! It’s great to hear from you again, I really missed that. Thanks for sharing your experience and absolutely powerful exposé of the medical birthing process! I will have any potential mother of my children (if I ever have them) listen to this show and her reaction and comments will be my litmus test to see how much work there is to do to educate her 😉
Looking forward to listening to your new shows!


You cut ties with your father only because he was downloading porn? That’s rough. 🙁 Anyway, glad you are back!

Are you really shocked? I want nothing to do with pieces of shit that watch porn on devices that children could pick up at any time. Watching porn = degenerate piece of shit. I have zero tolerance for that. We are being genocided and most White fathers are jerking their dicks to barely legal women, and are not doing anything to secure a future for White children. There’s more to the story but I don’t need to divulge that to you.


Thanks, Sinead, for such a clear and strong response. The debauchery is so normalized many can’t see its toll on human potential and human dignity. And to have to discover that your father was drawn in and participating, I’d imagine that would feel like something of a betrayal.

And we know who has given us these gross offerings over the years, while their pockets get full. To support that industry is to take part in one’s own take-down. Very glad you spoke up and thanks for a very intimate show.



I would’ve cut ties to that wanker after he had you kidnapped and taken off to that camp. Any “man” who allows that to happen to his daughter needs his head examined. Hope you don’t mind me saying so.


a rare comment page appearance just to say hello and thank you 🙂

Der Verklemmte

Call me a prude, but I find the photograph weird. I don’t think little children should be at the birth. I don’t think children should even see their mother naked.

I’ll call you a birth-o-phobe because being “prude” is about sex. Birth is not sex. Get over it. You came out of your mother’s vagina. Was it sexual? No. Unless you’re a perv.




For me, that was one of the most beautiful photographs I’ve ever seen. What a gift to the children to have them share in the miracle. Their faces tell of their deep joy and they radiate celebration.


Heathen vegan

Then I would say you have little experience being a parent. They are born from their mothers, and for a long time are totally dependent on their parents. They sleep in the same bed bathe together ect. Nakedness carries no shame and for a child holds no sexual notions. They are pure, not perverted by this world to see the naked form as a sexual object.

For millennia, our ancestors lived in dwellings together, as whole families. Roundhouses and even later medieval dwellings, were generally one room. Everything was done in this room, there was no room for an aversion to the naked form.

Foster XL

Good to see all the responses here & yours sums it up well HV. I was just thinking only a few hours ago how human beings have been made to feel “guilty” for so many things for so long so it was quite interesting to just come here & read this! Specifically I was thinking about how we have been conditioned for centuries to think of the naked body & sex as “dirty” & the ever-present consequences of that in everyday life. The original commenter above exemplifies the extent of this severe psychological damage! Of course because of this damage people who believe they are rebelling against this “prudishness” & are being “free” with regard to these things end up going too far the other… Read more »

Der Verklemmte

So you are basically anti semitic hippies and females dominate here. This will end in degeneracy and filth.

Heathen vegan

LOL, your name is so fitting.

You come across like a Victorian christian, with repressed homosexual tendencies.

You ever seen the beautiful naked photography from 1930’s Germany? or the push for more natural births from the national socialists? The repression of the natural is what leads to degeneracy, not the embracing of it.

Der Verklemmte

I chose my user name a bit tongue in cheek. And your Freudian analysis which leads to the “repressed homosexual tendencies” verdict shows that you are more in the jewish camp than I am.

I am not against natural birth. Indeed I am for it. But I firmly think that civilization is built on the reigning in of the natural female tendencies of unregulated sexuality. Joseph Unwin wrote some great books on this topic. But all this aggressive LOLing and downvoting shows that this is not the place for reasonable discussions.

Heathen vegan

Unregulated sexual tendencies of women and you accuse me of Freudian analysis?

Plus the sex was all in your mind, the podcast had nothing to do with it. You saw a picture of a woman giving birth around her other children and added a sexual element. I dont think either us want to analyse that aspect do you?

As for the “aggressive loling”…….. If you find “lols” and downvotes aggressive then I dont what to say about your manhood.

Reasonable discussion? what reasonable argument did you bring?

Der Verklemmte

On reflection, your “analysis” was not the one of Siegmund Freud but the one of Magnus Hirschfeld, the most degenerate kike ever. So you are a complete intellectual fraud. Paganism, my ass. And in this reply you show yourself as a sneaky cuck with no honesty at all. You are not worth replying.

Heathen vegan

And yet you replied anyway, Bye

You all seem to hyper focus on “unregulated female sexuality” but never give any attention to the millions of faggots who’s anuses are currently prolapsing from sticking other men’s dicks in them, and even objects. Gay men are showing up at the hospital with wine bottles, and sometimes even small animals shoved in their asses. I’d say that’s a bit more of a pressing issue. Gay men have partner counts in the thousands. I’ve never met even the sluttiest of women who had partner counts that high. Be a real man, and take care of the faggot problem. Once faggots stop running society, and stop telling women how to live, we will have peace again.

Der Verklemmte

You seem to use a diversion tactics. Oh, feminism and uncontrolled female sexuality might be bad, but look over there the homosexuals are even worse, so let’s concentrate on them. Sure, I would never associate with a political group that is apologetic to the degeneracy of the homosexuals. But at same time I am firmly against any form of feminism too. Feminism and sexual “liberation” were two twin evils unleashed by the jews who know a thing or two how to wreck a civilization. And boy these two did a mighty fine wrecking job. So any political group with an anti jew focus must in my view be unrepentant patriarchic. And whenever I read Renegade I get no patriarchic vibes at all. This group seems… Read more »


..and continuing in a society run already by semitic males will end the current degeneracy and filth we are in (that is only getting worse)?
Every one of your comments and ‘rationalizations’ is laughable.
Verklempt, your either a semitic shill, or your really just not very bright.
Quit commenting while you still think you have your wits.
I’m pretty sure everyone is tired of responding and having their time wasted by such inane lunacy.

Rollie father of 6

@Der Verk, you must not have any real world experiences for a statement like that — we can make an exception for childbirth, right?