Firestarter Radio: Crusader Girl (9-6-16)

crusader girl

Tonight Sinead has on Grace, also known as Crusader Girl on YouTube, to discuss her awakening, her channel and her future plans for activism. She then shares a series of recordings from the week. Topics include: Ken O’Keefe, better known as face tattoo guy, the first cut of “The True Story of Whites in South Africa”, and much more. Opening track: ‘What It Was’ Smoke City – Closing track: ‘Underwater Love’

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John A

WOW, I wish I was Jew-wise at 17! It’s nice to see a millennial that isn’t autistic and utterly programmed. You goys are doing a great job lately, getting everyone fired-up against the kike! Anti-Jewry is in the air and it smells beautiful!

Anthony Roberts

That young lady ‘rocks’ – as you youngsters say. Well done Grace , you can wake up a lot of white teenagers. Keep it up. Was Mr Nichols ( O’Thief ) given this high-profile ‘jewish msm’ platform to create this major bust-up? A jew reality show? They all come out looking bad. The money is gone. Plus, his Filipino pouting tart is a jewtube wannabe. Artist, yeh riiiight, is that what they call it now? Hopefully, people don’t have too much to com-plane about this week lol. Great show, keep questioning and learning Sinead. PS I hope you feel better soon – be careful with that cough though. If you start wearing a trouser suit, bobbing your head when filming in front of a mic… Read more »

I need to go to goodwill and buy a pants suit with mega shoulder pads for a comedy sketch.

Raven of Metzin
Shield Maiden

Great interview from this smart young woman! I wish I had been as smart as her when I was 17.


Great guest.
Good insight on Ken.
Revealing Nigger Report.
Interesting ancient history hypothesis.

Idiosyncratic Journeys

Oh my! Just googled Ken O’Keefe has not just a face tattoo, but a tear drop lmao oh my! On other subject, Red Ice charges membership fees to even view/listen to their stuff.


Face tattoo and financial scam allegations aside, what I always disliked about Ken is his Anti-White, Pro-Muslim spin. He is one of those that want Israel gone and all Jews back to Europe/US, while the Jewish plot to flood White countries with brown people, doesn’t bother him at all.
There’s a bunch of those people. IDK if they get briefed and are shills or if they really believe that, but it’s a whole legion of them in the truth movement.


To be precise, the term paedophile, is actually a positive or “good” connotation, just as audiophile or technophileis used to mean people that really like/love .

It comes from the Greek term Phylos- means to love. Pederast is one correct term people should be using for these freaks.


I find this whole episode very odd I have never fully trusted Ken he as always seemed disingenuous to me. That being said though i find it hilarious that Richie allen Whos boss is david icke has the gall to accuse anyone of misappropriating funds. David icke has faced many accusations of exactly the same (if not worse) than what ken is being accused of and i mean many. David icke will not even talk about them, if they are mentioned he will literally walk out of the interview. As for richie allen himself he has to be worst interviewer i have ever come across. in this interview he doesn’t listen or allow to answer, constantly insinuates things then denies he is accusing. If i… Read more »


World citizen should of been a clue!


Welp, took your advice and bowed out after the first hour, I’ll try again later, after you grow up…

Why don’t you take my advise and bow out from my show and comments section all together?


Its almost entirely Andrew Anglin who is pushing his “its the women” narrative. Look out for how he writes “jews and women”. So he basically protects jews by assigning Feminism to (white)women. Thats typical john birch society like move where they would blame the working class for communism instead of jews. Also the whole discussion about the female vote is as you mentioned 100% irrational. Lets just assume that women are actually more likely to be influenced by the media. In that case, its still irrational. Because as long as you arent in power, you cant ban them from voting. As soon as you are in power, they will vote for you. So the whole discussion is not rational at all, no sharp masculine reasoning… Read more »

Given that Anglin is into Asian chicks, Hartkern, it doesn’t surprise me that he is trying to put white women down. I don’t think a leopard changes it’s spots that quickly at very least. It has to adapt and evolve first and he doesn’t seem to have done either. I know many white women that have a great head on their shoulders. Women that still believe in the family vote, rather than the man or woman vote. This whole myth that women were not allowed to vote is exactly that and the argument on every front has been misrepresented. Just because it was the man of the family that handed the vote over, does not mean at all that women didn’t vote. I would say… Read more »


Anglin is a CryptoJew, guaranteed.

Jason Upson

And here we have yet another young woman stepping up to the plate. I am inspired by her courage and increasingly ashamed of my own inaction.

Thank you.


autumn flu, reminds me of the jew, watch those spraying scum, get well soon, try some onion juice(cut onions and sprinkle raw sugar over them in a jar, sealed and left over nite, strain juice out and drink, fry up the onions) also garlic, and try some lemon and honey too 🙂 great show and great guest. the sick fucks that rule over us will be held to account, here is a post of another uk cop who was “retired” because he was to good at his job


Ginger and chilly tea. Not for the feint hearted. Although it will completely vapourise flu in a 100 mile area of you if you drink it.


How do you eat raw garlic without experiencing vertigo due to blood pressure drop?

John A

Wow! That was brilliant!


“U KNOW, u can legitimately be critical of niggers W/O having to use the “BLM is controlled by a bunch of jews such as Soros” non-argument.”
~ Dicky Dispenser’s alleged Baby Momma, Lana Byzantina


Never heard of this girl before. then all of a sudden she bursts on the seen as dickys chick and her foot appears to be constantly in her mouth.


What? Dicky’s chick? What are you talking about?

Oh! You’re talking about Nina, Dicky’s wife. lol I thought you were talking about my guest, Grace.


Sorry i could of been more clear i was responding to Yrton’s comment about Richard Spencer’s wife


“Sinead’s multiple anti-semitic YouTube channel being shoahed is kinda like the last fucking stance of the implicit whiteness.”
$$$ Dr. Richardo Spicy $$$


Proud of you, Sinead, and am getting ready to visit Crusader Girls youtube channel. Colin Flaherty announced yesterday how happy he is with videos, for showing the truth re WhiteGir;BleedAlot and Don’tMaleTheBlackKidsAngry, and glad you are asking for those who can, to make more and more for us. Oh, and as for the girl, O’Keefe is pictured with while he is driving a car and she is taking off her clothes seductively for the camera (wonder who is holding it), maybe he is her pimp. Just sayin.


Good interview and show! I must admit that I was a fan of Ken and it sucks when this kind of thing happens with someone that you admire, but the truth is the truth. I like your position on the “flat earth” discussion. I have been looking at it for about 10 months now with as much neutrality as I can honestly sustain and I am currently convinced that Earth is a motionless plane and that the sun, moon and stars move above us in very deliberate and accurate patterns. In other words, it seems to me that Earth is an elaborate science project. I am not at all trying to sell this concept, it is simply what makes the most sense to me at… Read more »