Firestarter Radio: Daphne Rimmel – Real Talk (3-20-17)

For the first hour Sinead has on Daphne Rimmel who runs a youtube channel that talks about health, conspiracy, beauty and real talk. They discuss Daphne’s channel, the Tiny House scam and it’s ties to Agenda 21, how tranny’s can’t turn into the opposite sex despite their delusions, Eugenia Cooney and how she will usher in more internet censorship, Eric Dugay and the FE Community disinfo agents, and how we are all mis using the term “shill”. In the second hour and a half or so, Sinead shares a series of recordings that she has made throughout the week. Topics include: Rebel Israel, fertility myths, NASA’s future of cyborgs and the end of humans, how jews are fleeing the sinking ship in South Africa, and much more! Intro song: Jamie Berry feat. Octavia Rose – Lost In The Rhythm / Closing Song: Joakium – Desire

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Made up that you had Mrs Rimmel on ( sorry ). My dream: tiny home, couple of acres, solar, turbine, grow food, own well, eat outdoors, sunny days, children’s laughter…then Daphne comes along with her brilliant observations & common sense and trashes it all lol. Wooden coffin, faeces guest hut, transgender 21 – damn it! Love her laugh too! Great show and guest Sinead. You are correct, the pro-White movement is filled with paid/non paid idiots and degenerates. You & kyle deserve better people helping you (not counting Renegade folk). You are right in keeping your circle small. If it goes belly-up, you can set up as a group and your little boy will have lots of pals. He will grow up great with friends… Read more »

Thanks Anthony! That’s really interesting about the 11th and 22nd hoax dates. Makes sense. It’s always “by the numbers”.

3/22 Westminster London, today. Jesus Anthony, something you know there 😉 ! Just like last year, the hoax code is there, how not uncanny.

On those dates …

7th July 2005, London (the 7/7 underground and bus bombings) – quite clearly a state-run operation in my view.

26-29 November 2008, Mumbai – at least highly suspect in my view. Many credible researchers say it’s a false-flag Hall of Famer. I’d likely come to the same view if I studied it more.

7th January 2015, Paris (the Charlie Hebdo shootings). I would say the same as I said about Mumbai.

I hate “micro housing”, as they called it here in the great white north (Is that still politically correct to say?)
The idea of being offered a closet to live in is insulting at the very least and completely impractical.
Rat cages are not appealing to rats either.
Just another eco fascist con based on false scarcity.
You rock Daphne!

I agree. People are lauding diminishing standards of living with all these 2sq metre houses. Eco living is getting people familliar with being herded into tubes. Slow. Slow and gradual. It pisses me off people won’t accept it unless it happens with fireworks loud music and rumbling ground. In England the size of houses has halved since the Victorian times.

Loved your guest! I really enjoyed the interview. She is definitely someone to have on again sometime.

That deplorable princess video anglin dindu nuffin was something else. It seems like the enemy of my enemy is my friend situation. She probably feels comradery in bashing you with them.

I love Daphne and her videos! This was a great show!

Shaun Surplus is officially the biggest drama queen in the bowel movement! He’s reinstated his “Drama Corner” page & just added the same crap to it that he’s been whining on about since he left Renegade (how long ago was that now?). It’s pretty obvious by now to anyone simply observing that this guy really does have some mental issues & just isn’t able to get past someone “offending” him no matter how long ago it was. Hey that kind of sounds like, oh I don’t know, jews harboring grudges for their whole lives & throughout successive generations?! I did hear him say on one of his shows that he was diagnosed & treated for obsessive compulsive behavior. I found this article about the “The… Read more »
Shaun who? LMFAO! He’s a complete nobody, always was. Being on Renegade was about as close as he’s come to having more than a handful of turds clinging to him just because he uses swear words more than anyone else. He’s only doing all the drama stuff because otherwise he’d run out of content & because he knows he can get maybe 2 or 3 more hits because we post comments like this about how truly shit he is. He’s back bottom-feeding in obscurity & playing tough guy in his little echo-chamber chatroom with his 2 or 3 “friends” where he belongs. He should probably stick to just playing videogames for the rest of his pathetic life & ranting about it with his fellow 40+… Read more »
HAHAHAHA! You really hit the nail on the head there Jim, I gotta hand it to ya! I listened to a few of his shows on here & even a few on his new “network” but just came away everytime thinking the guy was a complete douchebag. He tries way too hard to a) sound all tough, and b) sound like an intelligent researcher, but at the end of the day it’s really clear that his knowledge is limited (“oh I don’t talk about details anymore – I leave that to everyone else”), his vocabulary is also quite limited (constantly using the wrong words with different meanings to describe things), is very egocentric (basically talks about himself more than anything else) and essentially is pretty… Read more »

The earth is flat

Also, the Earth is fat!

Daphne you are super cool; enjoyed listening to the two of you and am checking out your channel!

Sinead you might enjoy this short vid of a traditional multi generational Icelandic family turf home construction tour.

That video almost made me cry. This is too good to be just handed over to the scum baby dick chewing jew and the nigger hordes.

I know! So touching, we have lost so much it’s amazing to learn what was.

I know, our ways are so idyllic and artful. I mean things like this can only come from a nation that has it’s people fighting over the hill, trying to dominate one another and to try and rule over, day and night, constant seeking power over the rest. It is just so obvious it is palpable!

Cool guest, I will for sure check her out. With what you said at the end made me sick, yes jews (well connected ones) always seem to get passports very quickly over us goyim. Other than that I didn’t know you guys had issues with Michelle as well.

This will be my last comment I promise. I wish I had Parents like you 🙂 I’m here stock to my stupid father(who is still mu father I know) Mad as hell when I say the most obvious question/answers I can think of… I think you son is lucky to have you two as parent.

‘If something does not happen this year, see you in FEMA camp’ – so true. Time is overdue for everything. | I loved your guest. I don’t miss any of her videos. Cheers.

Great episode, still on the fence about the flat earth, tiny houses are crap. When you talked about your son playing at the park it reminded me of myself. Your first child is definitely the hardest but kids are very adaptive (I’m assuming) he’s still very young and will find his own way without you eventually (as much as it sucks) Once he has siblings you’ll find that all of sudden they learn how to really be around other kids and making friends becomes natural especially for the younger ones. You are doing a great job, motherhood is the biggest job of your life and like any job with practice, it’s much easier. Your second child will be a completly different experience. Best of luck… Read more »

Also about the Irish dialects made my smile because it’s the same thing here in Denmark. We use to joke about it’s the smallest country in the world but with the most dialects 🙂

Aids is definitely a hoax.

Aids really is a hoax.

Stefan MolyJew just made a review of Beauty and the Beast. Listen from 19min he talks about the ages when women should have children.

I’m not surprised to her this coming from a jew. I really don’t understand why people like this guy.

I realize my comment looks like spam but its relevant to the topic of age of conception discussion. Molyjew is saying that girls have babies early in life handle the sleepless nights better because they can bounce back easier than when theyre older. Then he goes onto say that a society that waits for their women to give birth into their 30’s+ is doomed.

I think the lady was right in saying that women’s reproduction should not be discussed by men. Lets just leave it at that. You don’t hear women claiming they are experts on wet dreams and if you did you would laugh at them. Well I am laughing at the likes of molyjew and kikernes, furthermore I feel sorry for their daughters and wives.

What about the gray haired old mans sleep? Shouldn’t the father also be young in order to have energy to survive long enough to provide for his 10 children and young wife? Apparently men are invincible and unaffected by age and women expire at 30. smh.

Stefan Molyjew’s wife is 10 years older then him, and she had a daughter at a very late age.

2:01 Haha ! Good old Cody. He was my favorite.

Aids Is definitely a hoax

Hey Sinead this comment is off topic but I wanted you to check out this video. This dumb girl says that female’s who are concerned with white genocide and jews are pandering to men. I hate these alt right people. I wish they didn’t exist.

I did a section on her for this week’s show. I’m also planning a video response.

Also I saw in another one of her videos she had a clip where she had a piece of paper in her hand and she says to someone outside of the camera I am not saying this so imo it seems she is showing you she is working for someone. Also in her comment section someone pointed out that she seemed like a theater kid. So she is obviously some short of actress. I know this is all speculation but that is what I am seeing.

sort not short. typo

Thank you, she looks very jewish. She has those close together eyes and her personality reminded me of that asshole little jewish psycho girl that you did a video about on your goyem goddess channel.

You might want to check out Fed Ices episode 31, as they directly attack Renegade and attempt to use ridicule and mocking humor to deny truthful ‘accusations’ made against them. Total ‘Rules for Radicals’ tactics. When you have to use ridicule and mocking humor to argue your point you have already lost the argument. These are typical ‘leftist’ tactics.

The fact they are responding suggests Renegades wise words are having an impact!

Keep up the amazing work Renegade!!!

Tara Jewcarthy just interviewed her on virtue of the west. Tara said black pigeon speaks recommended this bitch to her. Anyway, I would like to see you do a video to destroy her points it would be awesome.

Tara recently stated she had an Indian grandmother, meaning she is a quarter non-White (dot, not feather). Plus, she is a jewess.
So, it is safe to assume another ‘prominent’ altrighter is NOT actually White.

I’ve started watching a lot of Daphne’s videos. She is awesome. Her video on trannies is the most lucid thing I’ve heard in ages. She is spot on. I just wish she were jew wise. In another video I heard her drop the dreaded “g” word….globalists. Will someone please tell her they’re not globalists…..they’re fucking jews!

She is jew wise. We are going to be talking about jews next month when I have her on.

I am looking forward to that show.

Child molesters love tie land because they can go there an fuck little kids. Tranny shows are a huge thing there an the workers are so oppressed they are encouraged to do meth.

When an asshole prison guard comes back from vacation an is actually nice you can bet they visited Tai House. I heard a comedian say as soon as you step off a plane there they will be like you want to go to Tie House?In other words go fuck little kids.

Everything turns to shit, when Whites are not the dominating people. It is that simple. There is no proof that can say otherwise. That is the problem with the real (((deniers)))

I somewhat agree, but we’re not into “dominating people.” National Socialist Germany is the best, purest example of what is meant for us: 1) taking control of our lands, 1a) uniting other white lands and people, 2) wresting power from the filthy juden in said lands, 2a) the overall care and development of our people, 3) preparing for the backlash from the jews and their slaves. Dominating isn’t our thing – that’s the jews’ plan. They look to subjugate and enslave all people different from them. We just want to live, be happy, strong and free from jewish influence. I don’t have a problem with any non-white race until they step over the line where we’re concerned… except the filthy juden. That is one race… Read more »
I don’t mean dominating, I mean just withdrawing from all aid, all support and leave them to it. They will all implode without Whites to prop them up. All we do is prop up other races. OK I was being overly concise, especially for what is allowable in the dead medium of text. What other people cares that much about the environment and animals? The number of WHites has been decreasing so it is us that are being dominated. All we need is other White people, and to direct and keep all our energy to other Whites. Just cut them off from our energy, and leave them alone to it. I guarantee we will not have to lift a single finger at all, I dare… Read more »

Also I meant “dominANT” not dominating. Sorry, it was a grammaro.

Ah, gotcha kamerade.

What I am saying is that…. fuck all the other races. There should only be Whites. I don’t care, that is the truth when you really boil it down. All the other negredos are trying to match up, but never can be. We are the custodians, this world is OURS.

I did find this, in a decisive search for some more of our Volk, see what you think perhaps get them in on something.

Honestly, I think A LOT of people in general in today’s white nationalist movement alienate as many people as possible. I just don’t get the elitist nature of so many of these people.
Non-white tourists, phonies and government worshipers infiltrating the white nationalist movement? Fine, I get that – they don’t belong and they’re the opposite of an “ally.” But those who consciously look to run-off women or other sincere white nationalists ARE the enemy themselves. And anyone who engages with obvious government hood ornaments like Duke, Jared Taylor or any other alt-kike talking-head is NOT one of us.

Sorry – delete this.

AIDS to me has always been a problem, philosophically. If Nature is pro-creation, then WHY would it be against the very means it is FOR? A STD to me seems a contradiction. Sure Nature keeps things in check but through the very means it propagates itself…

The tiny house is based on the fact that building permits are not required for sheds. So a 10 by 10 or 12 by depending on the rules of the local municipality could be bypassed. Still unless one talks to the planning department they won’t know what is possible. Tiny houses might still require an occupancy permit. Lots of ways city hall can shut a person down.

They require permits for sheds down here. #thanksfloridajews

Okay at 55ish. “How do you know if it a trannie”? when you have a real life trannie in front of you I think it more obvious. Also I don’t think there is as many trannies as you think. It like that aids thing, Hollywood makes you think that the world is full of those creatures.

The Aids hoax in the 80’s centered around the homos then too.
Their lifestyles were beyond disgusting and still are.
The AIDS ‘virus” has never been isolated.
It is only a model.
I have Mr Fry’s book
Of course, Wikipedia begs to differ.
Ignorance of human anatomy and biology makes people more gullible to the scams of the medical media

Testing Testing Testing for the Lady of the Yukon

Testing this is a test for Semitic Virus

What is a test for a semitic virus?

Someone was attempting to test if posts were getting put up as I was having problems doing so

I have to disagree with the flat earth concept. Copernicus and Galileo obsvered a sphere spinning on its axis so the idea of a flat earth is retarded.
Quantum physics and the mechanical movements of the earth disprove the flat earth hypothesis. Flat earth is an old christian concept that we are living on a plaine.. Illogical !!

“Copernicus and Galileo obsvered a sphere spinning on its axis…”

How? The only way you could ACTUALLY do that would be to fly right out into “outer space”, attain a fixed observation position & literally watch for a period of time. Everything else is just theoretical.

The flat earth concept is a flawed theory., ridiculous idea.

If the earth is flat it would be impossible to have so many time zones, the changes in the earth between daylight and night ! If the earth was flat the ocean currents would drown us making it impossible. We are a round sphere on an axis thus the movement on the earth cannot be felt. It was the great act of cosmos that one may call god created the earth and the rest of the unknown universe. Flat earth is an illusion and false theory.

Ok mate, whatever you say. Keep believin’… 😉

Lol they did not observe the earth spinning. You my friend, sound quite retarded.

Lol .)

Just so you will know, the distraction of the flat earth theory was totally created to discredit the work of John Lamb Lash.
I quote his words:
“Flat Earth Theory: Jesuit-directed disinfo scam to distract people from the Sophianic cosmology I teach, which is rapidly gaining interest on different fronts.”
It seems it is all about him.
Arrogant Narcissist

I am at this moment to a degree neutral until I can get into my Tesla/Schauberger disc and zip up there to see for myself, but it looks a lot flatter than it does rounder, and the eyeline perspective does hold true. I did a conscious check last time I took a flight and also recreated it in a 3D program, and it is consistent.

I was being partially facetious in that comment. I have to admit I fell for the globe without really thinking. One thing that I found really werid was, that if Light rays expand over distance (according to inverse square law of emission from a point source), then how come the stars, which are meant to be gzoxybazkilliondzillion miles away, so clearly defined? At BEST they should be hazy patches, if at all even visible, yet they, despite “gravity” bending, space curving, ray spreading, perfect pinpoints of light that never change. That did bug me one day. perfect pinpoints of never changing configuration and clarity. Also how the FUCK do the constellations hold their EXACT positions over such a long period of time if they are… Read more »

I looked her up on you tube. Apparently she beleives that the earth is flat.
Each to their own.

Apparently you haven’t looked into it because it’s so blatantly obvious we are not living on a spinning ball.

Beleive what you like.

I don’t believe things. I know facts and we are not on a spinning ball.

Sinead, have you seen the videos that have people on a merry-go-round while someone is spinning it around with a motorcycle tire? They’re going 50 mph tops and literally cannot stay on. And they want us to believe the earth is spinning at 1040 mph. Yeah, right!

Good job! You totally refuted the things other commenters have brought up about us not living on a spinning ball!

I just don’t belive that the earth is flat.

Come on Mike, this is simple basic facts and evidence, i’m no science geek. Instead of countering with some proof of a spinning ball, you resort to distraction. The very tactic, the people you say we are, use.

IMO Flat earth is the distraction.

The jews hold the tree of knowledge in their hands and love to throw few branches to the goyim every now and then, so they can fish them up in their boat, a slave boat. It’s true that most of the popular flat earthers are agents, but this doesn’t change the fact it’s true we are living in a flat plane. This is the true reason behind the flat earth renaissance: after 500 years of brain and perception manipulation, the jews can play the circle ellipse experimental neurosis with the goyims. For instance, Eric Dubay represent the ellipse almost circle, very difficult to discriminate. But, here is the catch, even though he, or whoever produces the documentaries for him, released the Adolf Hitler vs the… Read more »

Guess what Massi, Whites also had Yggdrasil the Tree of Life too. The main issue is, sure it is good to keep up investigation, but if Whites were in power with Tesla and Schauberger technology and the jew extinct, we would all be able to explore as much as we like and see for ourselves.

I forgot to write that the jews stole the knowledge, I didnt mean they discovered it or invented it. But, as far as it is at the moment, they hold knowledge and truth stolen to whites. And they use it as much or as little as they wish.

I agree Massi. Their star of david symbol is not religious, it is a hidden in plain sight, mockery that they have some hidden knowledge they know of that they are hiding. It has something to do with the inversion of the light. They have somehow found a hack they are exploiting.

I agree that FE was put out at a strategic time but it doesn’t mean that we are living on a spinning ball. I for one, am not distracted. I’ve been on a war path of documentaries and activism for several years now,.

Exactly, we are led to believe that because the jew lies all the time he will never say the truth. This is a big mistake, especially with truths so relevant as the place we are, our history and our purpose in life. The jew uses the truth to lure goyims in one of his mazes, it doesnt matter which one, as long as it’s not the full truth.

Calling people ‘Ball Earthers’ and that they are retarded, is retarded…

Look guys, star trails in the n. hemisphere are around Polaris and s. hemisphere star trail center is NOT. It’s different constellation. CASE CLOSED. Earth must be round. I called sister in S. Chili when she was working down their for 2 months, and I was in N. America. On the phone together…..outside, she sees the southern star constellations and I see the north star and big dipper. She can’t see the big dipper. Get it? At the same times I see the big dipper, she can’t see it. FROM N. AMERICA THE STARS I SEE ON MY FARRRR SOUTH SKY, SHE CAN SEE AT HER PERSECPECTIVE FARRRRR NORTH SKY. GET IT. AT THE SAME TIME, I CAN’T SEE HER STARS IN HER FAR SOUTH… Read more »

Take your sphere mongering elsewhere.

“sphere mongering” LOL, superb, wish I thought of it. Term of the decade.

@notyours Thank you for so beautifully displaying the triggered butt hurt of an adult who doesn’t want to give up his wet dreams of “space” and blue balls. Star trails PROVE we are not moving and are motionless. The stars revolve around us. We’re not a little speck in a sea of nothingness like (((they))) want you to believe.

I can understand the questioning of the ball earth model. There are many strange things that don’t add up in this odd paradigm we find ourselves in. For example- the whole Antarctic thing, and the fact that commercial flights never take the shortest path between northern or southern destinations, instead always choosing the longest route around the fattest part of ball earth. What I simply can’t get around, is the fact that thousands of people, every day take intercontinental flights in both directions, over Atlantic and pacific oceans, which would not be possible in the flat earth scenario. Also, I can see the curvature from a plane over the ocean (which is all the proof I need). And using the concept of gravity in the… Read more »

Thank you for demonstrating that you have no concept of what the word empirical even means.

Empirical means- as evidenced by you own observation.

NASA has given you the same picture of the “globe earth” for years and years and you call that “proof”. I call that being lazy.

I believe in the spinning ball theory. And I have researched it. I have just come to a different conclusion than you. This doesn’t mean we should be at odds with each other or question the others motives. It’s good to just agree to disagree. Especially when we agree on so much and are striving for the same goals. Namely the preservation of our people. Who gives a shit whether the Earth is flat or round if we get wiped off of it. Agreed!

I’m not at odds w you I just don’t trust your critical thinking or judgement.

Didn’t call that proof.


It is interesting how people will thumb down an completely correct definition of a word, just to fit in. I am disappointed with how many sycophants frequent renegade.

“It is interesting how people will thumb down an completely correct definition of a word, just to fit in.”

Is that what they’re really doing it for? I don’t think so. That’s just a total assumption based on absolutely no “empirical evidence”!

“I am disappointed with how many sycophants frequent renegade.”

Classic catchcall of ALL the true trolls that frequent the comments here! They just love throwing that word around willy nilly when an intelligent argument conflicts with their (repetitive, scripted) narrative lol! Also note the lower case “r” on renegade – dead giveaway! 😉 These “people” are pathetic…

They’re not sycophants for seeing that your “empirical evidence” is you “thinking” the earth is round because it just feels that way to you. What “empirical proof” do you have? Are you the same Sean from Cali that calls in all the time saying the pizzagate evidence isn’t evidence? If you are, that’s pretty telling. You’ll go off no evidence for your round earth but when given ample evidence that children are being raped and murdered, you say it’s “not evidence.”

Btw, I’m quite sure we can crank the thumbs downs on this particular comment way down there where it belongs in a fairly short space of time lol! 😀

Haha- “crank it up”!! Fucking faggot- (and sycophantic loser)

“Haha- “crank it up”!! Fucking faggot- (and sycophantic loser)

Trues colors revealed! Red? Or should it be pink (weak white + red = pink self-hating pooftah)?

Sean, the windows on planes are oval ( or ellipse shape on a nasa vomit-comet or el al lol ) curved and around 20mm thick with air gap. You are not looking through a flat 5mm pane of glass – there is your “go-pro” lens curve fooling the goyim. Also, you can fly around a flat plane, across continents: UK – China- on to Australia errmmm, straight route. When you are eating your meal tonight, get you finger and circle it above your plate, first anti then clockwise around your mash, carrots, peas, sweetcorn and NO meat. The sun and moon (two lights) do the same trick around 3000 miles up. Finally, a jet flying 500mph would need to keep dipping its nose, so not… Read more »

Thank you for a reasoned response. I’ll ponder that.

No need to shout. I haven’t listened to the show yet, just making me porridge, but it must be an extra good’un lol. People are waking up to the fact that things don’t add up. We are not claiming anything – haven’t been high enough.
How can we see bldgs 60miles away using jewnasa stats for ball circum and their freemasonic simple spherical trig? It should be 1200ft below the mid horizon point ( milesxmilesx8 ÷12 to get feet). Answer me that mr nasa-groupie!

Also, some lighthouses can be seen a hundred miles away.

But that really well-spoken, pudgy negroid Neil Tyson said the earth is “oblate” or pear-shaped!1!! Seriously, I just don’t understand how people can look at a nasa computer drawing and say, “Hell yeah that’s a photo from teh space, yo!”