Firestarter Radio: Dead Heads in a Necrotic Culture (1-4-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about degenerate black metal, recipe and herb of the week, the archaic revival pay op and much more!

Opening track: ‘Let Go’ by Ennja
Closing track: ‘Stop Running Away’ by Teleopmusik

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We’re infested:
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Excellent show once again Sinead. I have been into similar topics for the last several years, natural childbirth being my favorite. Hearing you speak of the things I have so longed to experience myself brings a sweet feeling to my heart, which so often feels shrouded in sadness. I went for a walk this morning and saw a child’s shirt crumpled up on the side of the road, and if I hadn’t had a friend with me I probably would have laid there and cried. The FBI knows exactly how many cars are stolen every year, how many women are raped of each race, and yet they have no idea how many children go missing every year? And the fact that Washington D.C. has one… Read more »


Also, (I know you do already, but) please please please take good care of yourselves! I know you guys are very aware of your child, but keep close tabs on each other too… The Pedophocracy has to be exposed for what it is – The rape, torture, and murder of children is the glue that holds all these filthy kikes and their shabbos goys in the ”positions of power” that they currently have.. it’s a house of cards if the truth really gets out, which is how I judge just about every ”truth teller” or researcher now.. if your not talking about what is happening to the worlds children, your wasting not only my time, but your followers. We have to end the nightmare and… Read more »

Dear Amber, Part of why I think there is so little concern or public outcry about child abuse, child rape and child abduction and trafficking in our country and globally aside from this country being so thoroughly divided and broken up along racial and ethnic lines, even in small towns today, by the massive number of non-whites brought in and the incentivized high birth rate of non-whites, there is also the problem of the pervasive rape/sexual abuse of in their own homes! It absolutely shocked me as an adult working various jobs and getting know co-workers how often women were in physically abusive relationships, but then to have female co-workers who became friends as well as being in relationships with women who had stories of… Read more »

Just wanted to say sorry for all the spelling and grammatical errors. It’s a difficult to write about but I should’ve been more careful

It’s a horror show – the Yids have turned our once beautiful and culturally rich countries into a rape culture – it’s all so sickening, Konrad!! This deserves a show, also! Vielen Dank, Konrad

This is the site that “Dan Cap” writes for Surprise surprise, they love Troy South-gay-te:

They also talk about their ties to the process church. My research is coming full circle. Thank you unseen forces for guiding me!


Varg Kike-erness It’s so obvious. He was in ZOG prison for how long? Are we all supposed to just auto-assume that our Jewish ZOG World Order wouldn’t cut a deal with him or just TELL him (they can force people to do things unpaid, if they truly wanted to) tow their msg online sense they know he has a ‘large follower base’. And who knows if the Burzum / Mayhem story is even 100% accurate and truthful… Could’ve been just a giant PsyOp. Then, Satanic Warmaster the Finnish “NSBM” band their “Aryan Hypoborean Singer” literally gets in BED with other “NSBMers” and takes photographs atleast half naked (they appear as full nude in the photos four men in bed together drinking beer with no shirts… Read more »


Great show Sinny.


The death subcultures seem similar in that they turn Aryans into jewy looking people – black hair, no sunlight, sickly, seduced by decay. I think of Kiss, and how ultra-zio they are, but could hide it under all that white-face makeup. I know how we can fall into these traps, but what good can come from surrendering to death (descent into genocide). walking around looking like corpses and getting stuck in what seems to be a cultural cul-de-sac of nihilism. I think they most fear is beauty and vibrantly alive and strong people.


I just came across some very interesting similarities that confirm the stuff about Wodensfolk and these “black metal” bands:
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This is a “Neo-Nazi” group from Hamburg (I had never heard of them before). I find they show even clearer death symbolism and how the black flag can only be interpreted as the antifa flag these days.

The “Weiße Wölfe Terrorcrew” is a “fan group” of this band

Good find, Irmin! Thank you. When I saw them all using the black flag on their shitty blogs, I got the antifa vibe right away.

Anthony Roberts

What the kek! The jew suprems have used drugs, music, art, fashion and dance to degenerate White youth for the last seven decades, imo. Anything that is original and organic is quickly subverted and steered into filth, for jewish profit and of course, their genocide agenda.

They have an army of “culture shapers,” like Mr Steed, ready to pounce and snuff-out anything of beauty or uplifting; all with a promise of fame and wealth. They then link all of these seemingly random things back to their central theme of hatred for Aryans. This is how they destroy societies.

PS You not opening for Lady GaGa’s show is Kyle’s, your little boy’s and all our gain. You play the accordion better then her too!


I’d be wary about the new chronology sinead.

I haven’t read into it that much but I wouldn’t put too much stock into anything that came out of the Soviet Union.

Robert Heimdal

Black/Death Metal is to Classic Heavy Rock what Gangsta Rap is to 1970s Soul music. Not that I am a fan of Negro music in any style but I see a similar (((pattern))) of degeneracy. That doesn’t mean that bands like Iron Maiden did not use certain degenerate/gory imagery in their artworks and presentation. In fact I think Maiden are pretty much part of “The Club you are not invited in” judging by the all-seeing eyes they glaringly display in some of their releases (check ‘Flight 666 – The Original Soundtrack’ CD labels for instance). Thanks for the show Sinead.

Dear Anyone, Could some one please help me to understand this New Chronology and why it makes sense? Is there a website or a book I could read? The argument that the so-called Dark Ages never happened really hits me hard because I spent so many years of my life studying, researching and investigating this very period of time in European history which I would generally limit as 330 AD – 800 AD. When Jan Irvin was on with Kyle talking about the New Chronology and trying to promote it and Fomenko I laughed because what he was saying was so stupid. He at one point stated that the dialogues of Plato were really all the work of Gemistus Pletho AKA Plethon. Never mind that… Read more »


Konrad, Excelent thoughts here. I have been wrestling with many of the same. My first thoughts when they mentioned Fomenko here were -this is what they are pushing over on irvin’s rag. I’ve been extremely concerned about Jan since he teamed up with Clint Richardson and married the jewess, but the absolute carrot on top was when he and some ridiculous spook (That even looked like a vampire) tried to tell us that garlic was poison and caused immediate brain damage. I wrote an email to the site and said, So what you are saying is that every Italian and Chinese person on the planet are brain damaged??? I guess I must include myself as I eat a metric fucton of garlic. Hmmmm, I don’t… Read more »

Dear Rayo, Geez Irvin must be hitting the tequila hard to be so stupid. I don’t think being a paid disinfo agent would explain it enough. But I don’t want to waste anymore time on him other than to state before he came on Renegade I had never heard of Fomenko and the New chronology. However any decent historian of western history before 1850 should know the very real issue of the Gregorian Calendar replacing the Julian Calendar which took place first in the Catholic countries before being instituted in many Protestant countries over 170 years later and Eastern Orthodox countries only adopting it in 1920 with the caveat that many strict Eastern Orthodox still use the Julian calendar for Religious calendar which is why… Read more »


Thank you Konrad. Yes, they got us coming and going with their manipulation of time, within the manipulation of time. It boggles the senses. Years ago I did a study of the calendars because I knew we were gettin screwed in their somehow. I thought that the original roman calendar would have been better even than the Julian, as it was at least lunar based, although somewhat subjective in that it needed a panel of folks to agree on the equinoxes. Just going by memory here, feel free to correct my errors- When I was reading a lot of Rudolph Steiner, and got into his “Studies on Agriculture” it confirmed for me at least, (Results based on using his calendar and preparations to grow my… Read more »

Hey Konrad. I’m going to do another show with Massimo about this “new chronology”. It appears to have some truth with some poison slipped in. And of course, its coming from Russia.


Again an excellent programme from Sinead!
The recipes and herb info are greatly appreciated.
I also agree that this “black” metal or “death” metal is quite degenerate.
The whole satanic vibe and gore and death imagery is downright juvenile.


Re: the term “unassisted childbirth” I think we need to come up with something better. For instance, Kyle CERTAINLY according to your account provided tremendous assistance and support during the process as, I’m sure, many like minded fathers do. By giving us the term “unassisted,” I feel the role of the father in the process is devalued. I am searching for a more descriptive term of two parents bringing their child into the world without medical interventions or oversight. Maybe other listeners have suggestions. Perhaps something along the lines of “parent directed home birth?” I see HV and Scarlett’s possible roles as to create demoralization via their uncannily similar low energy, defeatist delivery. They both almost always seemed overly morose in hindsight and I’m wondering… Read more »

Kyle slept for most of it lol I wanted to be alone. But yes, his presence was very helpful. I just needed someone to hug on once in a while and someone to remind me that I’m okay. Maybe labeling it “family birth”? Unfortunately everyone in the birth community calls it unassisted, since they mean free form medical or hands on interventions, so I use that term in order for people to know what search terms to use. I hear you though. The man’s role is so important. Men are the protectors of the birth space. They keep out any people or things that will hinder the process. Then the mother is able to do the hard work in peace.

Jan Swinnen

‘It’s very important to self-reflect, and to take constructive criticism’. Well, let me start by saying that I am a ‘metalhead’, getting older (49 soon). When I was 8, 9 years old and I heard some rock music, I wanted more of that. I didn’t want to listen to disco, folk or mainstream music in general at all. Everytime I heard a sort of distorted guitar on the radio, I got goose-bumps. It’s something unexplainable, it’s as simple as that. Then I start buying my first records (Priest, Maiden, Accept…), I could listen to those records and look at both covers for hours. In our town, I gues, we were only few who were ‘bitten by the virus’. We were young, didn’t want to belong… Read more »

I still think metal is weaponized music. I used to get “goosebumps” from shitty dub step. Now that I’ve detoxed from that BS I can’t stand it. Can you show me a metal band that does not worship death?

Jan Swinnen

I admit there might be a lot of violence going on lyrically, but it’s rather ‘tongue in cheek’. Some bands who do not disembowel every person they come across: Voîvod, Neurosis, Om, Down, Anthrax, Opeth, Nuclear Assault, Tool, Iron Maiden, Isis, Gojira to name but a few. Metal bands do not make love songs and there are bands who are more than ‘over the top’ lyrically. Also the imagery evolved. There have always been bands looking to shock and push the boundaries, especially in the 80’s. But now more than 30 years later I have never chopped anyone in halve because a certain singer once ‘told’ me to. I have a wife and 3 kids to feed blablabla…. , sometimes I listen to Gjallarhorn, Dead… Read more »

All of those band names seem to be about death, like “Anthrax” etc. We have so much death in our world already. It would be nice to have more uplifting topics sung about. Wasn’t Maynard from Tool accused of raping a 17 year old girl? I don’t think songs need to all be about “love” (I refuse to write songs about love) but even these death obsessed bands will not condemn pedos or call for their deaths. I would be totally for black metal if they sung (or screamed) about stringing up child rapists. That’d be cool.


Tom Araya lead singer and bassist of Slayer. With all their “neo-nazi” teamed art of death and torture and disgusting Satanic lyrics is a proud Christian. Says it all right there.


So I hadn’t kept up on him, and hadn’t heard the rape allegations, so I checked into it. While nothing would surprise me about him, last I knew, he was just a cross dressing faggot that was (His words)”..covered in blood and shit and cum”, and “..wants to rape you..” Apparently he’s married and got a couple kids. Lucky childrens. Quite the enigma that one. He was one of my biggest disappointments as his music and voice were so amazing to me. -The BITTER pill- Gotta go with the lyrics. “I am just a worthless liar, I am just an imbecile, I will only complicate you, trust in me and fall as well, I will find the center in you, I will chew it up… Read more »


Alright Sinny, I’ll bite. I was a metalheads’ metalhead. From Accept to Zombie,(From the late 60’s to the early 00’s there was little that I couldn’t tell you about the bands or the songs. Even most of the bubblegum crap (That I hated) they played on the radio, I just instinctively absorbed a ton about it. I was the answer guy for all things rock/or even pop. I will still take all comers in a R&R trivia contest…yay me! Useless crap knowledge that might win me a beer on the rare occasion that I bump into a trivia contest at the bars I don’t frequent. Whoo-hoo! I was drawn to metal for all the typical reasons, and as it turns out I stepped right into… Read more »

“It appeals to those that were born to fight, precisely when the fight needed to be waged.” So why are none of these metal fans waging war on child rapists? Or the jews committing White genocide?