Firestarter Radio: Death, Dairy, and Dancing (10-18-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about some people that she forgot to mention during the ‘Renegade Real World’ show with Kyle. She then discusses the connection between death and dairy in films and TV, The Dancing Plague, and finishes up talking about the history of National Bolshevism.
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2 years ago

The whole topic of NazBols is pretty new to me and it is disturbing to see how long it’s been going on. Not to mention now hearing about this Thiriart guy who betrayed his service in the Waffen SS by then going NazBol after the war. Great show, a lot of information I had never heard of.

2 years ago


Reply to  Sinead
2 years ago

Thank you kindly.

The Bull
2 years ago

There’s a scene in Romper Stomper where Russell Crowe is drinking milk out of a bottle the morning after a party.

2 years ago

Weird timing Sinead! I just listened to the show today but the other day I was looking at this game & thinking the tying together of death & dancing was a little strange/familiar, check it out – Felix works at The Ministry of Death, and he’s in love with Betty The Maiden from The Ministry of Life. He believes that going to the human world as a field reaper will enable him to one day meet her, so he’s taken the job of making sure people die – and taught himself to dance, in order to impress the love of his (un)life. Since Felix only moves in the shadows, he needs to tread carefully through this strange world. Luckily, reapers like Felix are able… Read more »

dafid dautrief
2 years ago

there’s also this scene from terminator 2; real-life shapeshifter Jenette Goldstein plays John Connor’s step mother, who is replaced by the T1000

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