Firestarter Radio: Deconstructing the Destabilization Agenda (11-6-18)

Sinead responds to the most recent Nordic Frontier show where Andreas and his buddy run some pathetic hasbara.  She then discusses recent films and their ridiculous storylines and finishes up with some previews from the Renegade Recipes cook book. Into song: ‘No Way Out’ by Gramatik & ‘Heeb Dumping’ by Goyim Goddess

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Thank you Sinead for shedding light on this, for me, hard topic. I used to be quite active on Nordfront’s comment section thinking that we finally have a good modern-day National Socialist example to look at and learn from. I had a lot of interesting discussions with different NRM (Nordic Resistance Movement, actual name of their organization) members. There are many well meaning and intelligent people in that organization and it’s not necessarily centralized but, as you have discussed, the leadership and some influential people there are definitely compromised and are not what they say they are or are extremely naive, add to the pompous attitude of some of them towards foreigners, especially the Americans which, interestingly, can also be seen among their “leftist” types,… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

Same old story Sinead. The members of all these groups need to practice far more discernment and hold their “leaders” accountable when it is this blatant.

PS Thanks for your thoughts inbetween doing 6 million other things. Great recipe ideas too.


PART 1. It’s not just discernment, it’s absolute mindlessness. I think I wrote here before about the 5.11.17 (add the #s) revolution in Russia (google translate – organized by a “former” cop FSB agent Maltsev ( The whole premise was to go out on that date, stand the ground and demand that Putin leave office and hand the power over to the people. Over a few years he got a following of several hundred thousand dupes. Shortly before the R-Day Maltsev was pronounced extremist (although not long before that he was broadcasting his calls to revolution from Moscow radio stations) and fled the country, supposedly to France, to direct the revolution from there like Lenin did (his own words).


PART 2. Few thousand dupes (out of half a million) pumped full of hate by that fed got out on day 33 and were of course arrested, some got 15 days in jail, some were fined, all of them gave their fingerprints of course… (And if you look up his bitcoin address you’ll see transfers of huge sums of money, tens of thousands of dollars, by FSB of course, 11-12 million rubles in less than 2 months. Now he’s got another bitcoin wallet with some 40 thousands dollars in it – try proving to his mindless followers that it’s not the government that is sending all that money.) But that’s not really the point. Now, a year later, that prick is STILL broadcasting on youtube… Read more »

How terrible – our enemies take advantage of the ignorant and most desperate people! One thing is for sure – (((they))) never change their tactics!

The Dane

All of these organizations are controlled. NEVER join any organization ever. Their sole purpose is to get you put into a data base for future extermination.

Look at the ‘Rise Above Movement’, the ‘Proud Boys’ , ‘Identity Evropa’ …
all raided and arrested.

No flag, no facebook, no twitter, no clubhouse.

Just an understanding that when the time comes,……. well, there is a time for peace and a time for war.

That time must come soon.

Agree with you on that! Mass attendance at rallies is important though, I don’t see any other way of establishing a presence and gaining support.


I agree, however, what does that say about participating in conversation/debate on RT? This is surely one of the most monitored sites on the net.

There are always risks involved when uncovering the evil of this world! Even our controllers know that “hate speech” is just a phrase, and is a severe violation of our civil rights! If there were less cowards in this world, we could be totally free right now!


all these groups are controlled by Zionists. the reasons are innumerable, marginalizing the pro-white cause is one such goal.
But running away and hiding is not the solution, such cowardice favors controlled opposition..


There will be no break point, no civil war. Stop giving false hopes to the nationalists.
fleeing and hiding only benefits the controlled opposition take leadership and control the speech.


I’ve heard Hitler use comrade in some speeches

Yes, it was used throughout National Socialist Germany!


Ich hatt’ einen Kameraden:

Foster XL

Looks like that loser Gadsden might just be listening in & responding to stuff he hears here (well they probably all do truth be known!). Someone just flicked me a link to his latest show that just got posted & his guest is Bill Rhyes LOL! Why would you dig that nobody up from the dead just out of the blue like that I wonder? 😀 They seem to be a little obsessed with Sinead over there. I just glanced at the front page & your name is right in the latest lines of chat (could probably insert “again” here quite safely haha!). If you weren’t such a thorn in the side for all these impotent retards (read: having a definite effect) you’d be forgotten… Read more »


Listening to Andreas and Co. was pretty embarrasing, for them.
I would LOVE to hear what is going on in Scandinavia, but it’s very disheartening hearing such feminized whispers coming from the descendants of Vikings.. hardly engaging at all.
Laughing off and chastising those who criticize, just makes it look not only like you have no real argument to defend your position, but foolish.
I guess ”Stockholm Syndrome” didn’t come from nowhere.
Great show again Sinead.
Thanks for putting in so much time and energy sniffing out the rats.


Problem with Nordic people are that they are not necessary stupid, but trusting – whole Norse culture is based on trust, it is the only way of survival in such cold climates. While desert cultures where Jews emerge from, deception is not only usual occurrence, it is expected and even respected. Go to some Middle Eastern market; all products usually up to three times what they’re really worth. Seller expects you to bargain with him and he might even sell it to you under it’s real value, if you are really good at that. Same goes to Russia, basis of their culture came from Byzantine Empire, complicated diplomacy and disingenuous, secretive practices were developed to high art. That’s were you get adjective “byzantine”. Western world… Read more »


Weather and climate have nothing to do with why people are either trusting or deceptive.
It’s the people carrying the mind virus, their ”origin’s”, stories, and influence – followers of the cults of abraham – it’s, the jooooo’s.

Ghost Man O; War

I couldn’t help but thinking of the tribe raping Egypt per the Ipuwr Admonitions papyrus and the 41 a.d. Claudius talk about the heeby jeeby’s and the fact the word Avarice being the name of the city they built where they congregated and screwed Egypt from. Avarice? Yes. Avaricious means, get this dear,: showing extreeeeeeme greed. It’s so funny on it’s face. It was their city where no one else was allowed and they governed from for a given period. They call their personal city that and later the name of their city was then tagged for their inhuman greed as many b.c. said they had an inhuman hate for all non-heebs. So, it’s pretty bad when words describing greed are named for them. It’s… Read more »


Thanks for the interesting insights Ghost Man O; War.
There is something very very intriguing about diamonds and gold..
I am very curious to know more about them and why they are so coveted.. it has to be for something big, since both are pretty much inaccessible to the common folk.
I really do look forward to the day when we have integral scientists and easy access information for all.
Nice to hear from you and hope that wherever you are, all is well.

Ghost Man O; War

Thanks. You are very gracious and considerate. That with intelligence as you show clearly adds up to quite a sweet sum.


RAM is a total jew/tranny psy-op. Check out the pic of Robert Rundo (alliterative initials and “o” hoax code) and Hunter Benya (Ben hoax code). They are both total trannies. Note the breasts on Rundo (“run doe”) and the child-birthing hips on Benya. (You’ll have to scroll down a little bit to see the pic of this creepy duo.) Once you have your tranny glasses on you see them everywhere.

A bit hard on Andreas, he does a decent show. There may be a few bogus articles and goings on but he is not responsible for them. The NRM 9 political points are solid and they are gaining popularity and normalising NS close to my own Britain. I think Simon Lindberg spoke about how he became leader on “the big q&a” podcast a few weeks back. Fair criticisms, I laughed at Sinead’s chuckles. Brits can be jokingly critical of you “Yanks” too due to media influence. If they are compromised surely the rats will be flushed out when detrimental decisions are made. There may be some on the Tribune, Eric Jewbay is controlled and that’s how I found Renegade.

“But he does good work!” Yeah, and a child rapist made some “good movies” according to some people. Doesn’t make them honorable people.

Lenin is love, Lenin is life

Hey there, Shiksa…

noooooooooo not the volcanooooooo nooooooooooooooooooooooooo. arrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Anthony Roberts

Unless you are jewish, selling out your folk won’t save you once your usefulness is over Mr bolshevik!


jews have absolutely no problem slicing the throats of their own.
“The end justify’s the means” remember?
Low level jews may believe the chosen bologna, but only because they have been indoctrinated from birth, and facing reality is just to much to handle.
They are fragile, obsessive swindlers or liars.


Go restore your foreskin, half-prick.

Are you insane? No, seriously – are you insane?

Lenin is dead

Someone has to play the fool.comment image