Firestarter Radio: Degenerate Art Collective & Righteous Rants (5-10-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about the “White Art Collective”, their “White” rap rapists, covers some recent news and rants about a variety of topics.

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Anthony Roberts

If a person becomes a household name, no matter in what field, they will have been “groomed” to be used later by jews. This is where their army of masons fit in, too. Spotters are used to select talent or find connected people, plus wealthy backers, PR, film and legal teams, to make the “breakthrough” appear genuine. A talented chef to push tranny meat; an unknown author writes fantasy-filth bestseller; nerdy hip scientist spins “global” warming etc. It is so obvious now that nothing or no one is organic, except we few good people here at Renegade (thank goodness). PS funny you should say “soul brother.” As i pulled out of a parking spot the other day, i let a mother and her two children… Read more »


Abortion, sold to us as the coolest thing, a form of “liberation.” Ha!! But you ain’t kidding regarding Abortion and its gray areas. One of the hardest issues to come to terms with. Of course I can’t dismiss the eugenics angle (Georgia Guide-stones be polished and upheld). But what I’ve come to in myself is that I understand this is a parent’s decision and I do not want the government involved, but I’d certainly push for more awareness on what the procedure actually is and does, and how, for many women, its residue and repercussions hold for many years to come. This is not just from rejecting a child, but also from interrupting nature. The body gets thrown in so many different directions.  And I… Read more »


I actually got into an argument on FB with a few women last night on that new abortion bill! It actually started with someone commenting in a general political group on a post that’s ‘pro-choice’ asking do those who are pro-life REALLY advocate for the death penalty or life in prison for a women who gets one? I just replied that I have never heard of any pro-lifer advocate for that, which is when she and a few other women got on me for even not hearing about that new law yet and supposedly being ignorant to how all pro-lifers think. I then just kept emphasizing how there’s bigger issues to worry about in this country and world (and also that I don’t agree with… Read more »


*listens to more of the podcast* I actually got in another dispute with strangers online over that chicken pox guy story. Most were making fun of him saying he’s now going to die, even posting dumb memes on polio when that’s obviously different, while I replied to some people that it’s extremely rare to die from chicken pox (something I remember getting as a kid before the vaccine was invented). Of course, almost everyone went after me and the few others who were more on my side, including saying “oh, well they’re dangerous if you get it as an adult, and you can get shingles as one if you had the chickenpox!” I do remember drugs or something for shingles to those who have had… Read more »


OMG, those lyrics: Riots of the Summer: “Are you ready for your city to burn? Are you ready for the looting and the shooting?”

This is not misguided talentless souls, this is deep bad agenda, stirring up the pot, pushin’ chaos and destruction. How many ears that hear this will think it’s cool? Frikkin’ dangerous, and messin’ with our young.

All things of integrity censored while this gets a free pass. The censors and
they, in bed together. Curse any who advance this!!


Great to hear you on fire again.


I’m digging the dark humor! We must laugh at the lemmings who clog up the media channels and hate on anyone who thinks for themselves. You women put a lot of men to shame with your activism and fearlessness. Hopefully soon more men will take a more active role

The Good Dictator

Great show as always! Is the track at the end zero seven?



Red Fox

Sinead, I havent listened all the way through as yet but just to clarify! I am East ANGLIAN-certainly not ANGLICAN. East Anglia is the region in the east of England comprising Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire. I have been listening to Ms Emerick for a while now and used to mod. I found Renegade a few weeks ago as I have been becoming increasingly concerned with regard to the folkish stuff. Ive corresponded via em with Kyle recently. Yes, I do support what you are doing and no longer consider myself in the folkish/CE camp at all. See my recent questions to CE on a number of videos. So, now she knows that it’s me I guess I will be blocked. Oh well… Best to… Read more »


Thanks for clarifying. I should read more carefully.

Red Fox

No problem at all. Ive now unsubscribed from her as it’s winding me up too much. I had a response today to the post that you were talking about, from someone called “Richard the heathen heart” who warned me off Renegade. So, to me, that means ive done the right thing!
Considering my age, i’m really annoyed that i was sucked in to all this folkish claptrap. Anyway, all the best.


“Red Fox” is a bit of an obvious immediate “red flag” especially considering all the other douchebags with red referenced names that have dragged their foul-smelling crap through here!

Red Fox

Red Fox is the common name for vulpes vulpes. Since my first days on the internet (quite late in life-i’m now 61 and was online in 2009) Ive used that name. I dont do any social media and just make a few comments on youtube videos. I used the name of Red Fox on a British Traveller forum called Tribal-Living (now defunct unfortunately). I use East Anglian on youtube because, well, that’s where I live. I also happen to like foxes so it was a bit of a middle finger to the hunting mob when the ban was first mooted over here. I fully understand you being wary as I understand there have been many undesirables over on this site. I’m just a bloke who… Read more »


Really enjoyed that closing song. Had to search the lyrics to find it but i’ve been listening to it all day.

here’s one for you: