Firestarter Radio: Delving Deeper Into The Process Church (9-18-18)

Tonight Sinead delves deeper into the Process Church, their connections to intelligence, the possibility that the Manson murders were staged and other mind control cults operating around the world today. She shares a few recordings on an assortment of other issues, and goes into overtime sharing some more mind control cult research done by a woman named Kennedy.

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Anthony Roberts

This has always been one giant joined-up jewish psy-op imo. All these events have been slotted into distinct decades, and then repeated. Different cults, drugs, music, fashion, but same degenerate outcome for Whites. I question every major historical event now. We had our own Manson movie in the UK known as moors murderers (Myra Hindley together with Ian Brady from ’63-’65). They supposedly sexually abused, tortured and killed five children. Was this just another jewish horror movie to ellipse our worldview and revert us all back to children? If it did take place, our (((gov’t))) agencies were involved. PS Thanks for the show Sinead – hope you feel better soon. Forget challenging church of the processed meat, agent Daft-ne. Nah, too easy a win for… Read more »

LOL! Thanks Anthony.

Church of the processed meat, Anthony – that is funny! I love reading your comments

The more I look into this “Quinn Michaels” guy, the more this looks like a limited hangout of sorts. He’s always interviewed and promoted by chosenites and the J word never comes up in their discussions.


Two first names is a red flag for me.
Great show by the way.
I look forward to Tuesday’s again 🙂

A collection of Vera Lokteff’s Gab’s for anyone looking for a good laugh:

Anthony Roberts

Lana’s mom is barking mad lol. I bet the whole family are Hiram Abiff. When you’re having convo’s with unhinged psycho agent Joee Siguuuur ( who just loves to sniff out juicy info ), you defo have too much time on your hands.

For someone who dislikes you, MAMA BOL sure spends enough time analysing you and your circumstances. And what about darling deprived Emily? Has this freemasonic christard even watched a cartoon from the perverted pukcis?


She thinks Youcis has amazing talent and a beautiful voice. Lol She even referred to her as “family”.

Ghost Man O; War

Oh, Sinny. A friend told me about this Pat Little guy. After one listen I thought, hmmm. But alas. Within about 10 mins he said to some guy, “Putin kicked ’em all out but 2.” ahahaha He said, Some say Stalin was a J but I’m not buyin’ it.” ahhha He then said, “Disinfo says they’re Khazars but that’s NOT true. That’s being pushed by controlled op.” Then he said, “I’m brown and black haired, so I’m not a nazi……” Then he said a few other things that were right along the “Dr” David Duke is great!” spew. The “Dr.” what’s his name who wrote Culture of Critique. Then Storm front this and that. hahaaha If he can’t tell Stormer stuff by the name alone,… Read more »

The jews and their helpers, are the scourge to my peoples – now other Europeans are starting to pay the price – the sheer lies and hatred of these mongoloids is beyond disgusting!! I could tell right away that Patrick Little was a shitty kike – anybody that promotes him, is either insane, or a joooo!!

Their new psy op is having jews talk about jews and people get confused because they don’t understand that jews pretend to expose their own all the time lol It’s a classic limited hangout. The “blimp” was most likely photo shopped as someone called CHP and asked if a blimp was on I-80 during rush hour on August 29th in the Emeryville area. Sgt Thomas said no way.

Foster XL

comment image

PLEASE… STOP… WALLS… OF… TEXT… Nobody reads all that shit man! Concise is nice! 😉

I read it all – lol, but I agree with you!

Marshall Wilkinson

The khazarian origin of the jews is actually true . The modern bible is full of rewritten hoaxes but I won’t go into that here

Ghost Man O; War

Of course the Khazar thing is true. Jew World Encyclopedia stated it in at least the 1905 edition flat out. Also the letters showing Constantinople kicked them out to the east at the exact same time around 800 and a handful of years. OH, THE NAME KAGAN MEANT KING, KAGAN BULAN. KAGAN IS A MAJOR BIG NAME IN THE TRIBE TODAY. Just sayin. An old statue found shows one on a horse in that very are with guess what? Kabbalist 6 star on the damn shield. ahahaha Now that the bases are loaded with proof, Ben Freedman knocks it out of the park with details about it. A warlike tribe, phallic worshipers. hhhah Who the hell else could that be? NO ONE. Good god. Of… Read more »


Of course this is somewhat true. Has their origins always been from Khazar though? They were causing trouble long before 700 AD

Ghost Man O; War

Since several hundred years b.c.we have others who’ve said they’re all over the world already as merchants, but I’m not religious and when I looked up what Canaanite actually meant, it meant MERCHANT. Interesting is it not? So who knows. The name Caesar and Kaiser and Czar being the same so long ago leans toward addressing your question of is it the same from before 700 a.d. I have all the quotes and photocopies from old books and web snaps that I will peace it in order by date which I had them in order but I ad so much I get them a little out sometimes. aahaaha I’ll have to get back to ya but very soon I will. My youngest god rest his… Read more »


That is very interesting. I’m not religious either and theres no way to be totally sure of what our ancestors used to worship long ago since they have tried their best to destroy all knowledge of it and erase it from history. That would be excellent to see the photos whenever you get a chance. Thank you!

Ghost Man O; War

read the book, google: The Ass in the Lions Skin, The Great Jewish Masque. It’s VERYYY very telling. My great uncle told me to first read the books who’ve they’ve ruined, poisoned or shot or brutally murdered. Ya won’t find ’em in libraries but these guys and gals usually mention others writings in this epic struggle so you get bread crumb trails to further learn. I’ve found, my opinion but Arnold Leese I’m thinking wrote this book. He was hated and has a series of seriously documented pamphlet/books covering this “people” in many nations screwing them backed up by documents. Easy reads. Anyway, key, The Ass in the Lions Skin, The Great Jewish Masque ARCHIVE…. Add the word archive and keep going, hit the button… Read more »

I believe that most of them are khazars, too! The other 5% or so, are Sephardic!


I really commend you Sinead for taking so much heat from so many psychopaths.. What the nutbags in temporary control don’t realize, is that trauma can often turn a person towards the truth, fearlessly. ((((They)))) have tried so very hard to conceal their identity, ”call him a thief, call him a murderer, call him a rat or a scoundrel, but never call him a jew”. It may sound airy fairy new agey – but I’m sending you and your family thoughts of prosperity, health, and strength. I hope it neutralizes a bit of the proverbial shit slung at you two, but you can’t mask the smell of shit forever, nor hid what it is. ((((These people))) are rotten to the core, no matter how much… Read more »

Thank you! We can use all the positive thoughts we can get! lol

Foster XL

Enjoyed this show Sinead, thanks. But then all your shows are a good listen so… 🙂 Funny how this only just came out right now too, release date of 17 Sept 2018! VERY timely to the point of uncanny!
“Inside the Manson Cult: The Lost Tapes (2018)”
IMDB page –


I’ve always had an instinctual fear reaction to this whole scene going back to childhood (and whatever I heard about this). I once put the book Helter Skelter on my friend’s steps after I borrowed it briefly – I just had to get it out of my house. I’m still creeped out, but because I can’t believe the psychopathy of these characters. Is this Process Church like a more authentic form of judeo-christianity, which as I was listening I was thinking is itself a Double-Bind itself with the Yah monster, Yahweh Jr. and Satan fully out there, for a grand finale ‘final judgment’ — which some jews think is just for the goyim apparently. Lots of great info Sinny – you always go beyond into… Read more »

Johnny Walker Read

A link to Miles Mathis take on the Tate supposed murders. This was one I never questioned until reading Mile’s take on the whole thing.

Ghost Man O; War

I think Sinny is about the tip of the top. What a lively, intelligent lady. You and Mr. Kyle are perfectly match one would think. Just sayin’. hahah That reminds me the time my ol’ wife years ago were at a place she was trying on bra’s and such. She just had our second child. Bear with me. I didn’t spell it bare with me because that would probably get me booted. ahahah But seriously, we were shopping and the 3 month old boy was in the basinet rigged up on the top of the shopping basket like a little sailor up in the crows nest. The toddler was riding trash man hanging on to the side of the basket as me moved along. We… Read more »

I’m no brain surgeon but I do believe these folks in the Process Church are missing a few fries from their Happy Meals. Their cheese has slid off their cracker.

Eamonn Corbally

fyi Sinny, Goodman openly admits to being chosen.

Glad my jewdar is calibrated. 😉


For your Ultimate Fitness Challenge with Daphne I believe that calisthenics would provide just the platform for determining fitness levels.


It’s very telling that a lot of these mind cults have direct relationship to the Pavlovian stress/conversion methods used by the (((soviets))) to convert US POWs in the Korean War. The first drug rehab program in the US was called Synanon, and used the same Pavlovian “attack therapy” tactics on their participants. They called it ‘the game”. Several good videos on Synanon on jew-tube. Also check out a great and (((suppressed))) book on the Pavlovian brainwashing method entitled Battle for the Mind by William Sargant (1957). The jews are using the same methods, only at the systems level. The whole country has been brainwashed, via jew mass media, and is being lead to a stress overload, to facilitate easy conversion…

Would you consider inviting Shermon Burgess on for a chat? He is a top bloke and has recently stated he is taking a step back.


I’ve heard from a few fellow patriots in Australia about Burgess and opinions about him are mixed with regards to his intentions. He has made statements this year that bring attention to Jewish influence in Australia such as pointing out that the new Aus Treasurer is a zionist jew, which would contrast him with other promoted controlled “nationalists” in the west. But some have concerns about his past behavior, something that I can’t say much about because I don’t keep up with everything that goes on down there.

What have you heard about him? He seems legit to me, he doesn’t even break a few hundred views on his videos. Just a suggestion, might help spur him on too since he is talking about stepping back.


Hi Sinead. That was fascinating! So many puzzle pieces coming together! Do you have links to the Kennedy recording or the documentary that was mentioned? Thanks for all you do!


Thank you. That double bind stuff is truly evil! I am seeing it everywhere and on many levels. Anytime people are actively trying to manipulate others and/or play “head games” to me is the LOWEST of the low! I agree with the commentor a week or so ago (Scarlett I think?) who said (((they))) and their minions are continually gaslighting all of us. Learning how to see the gaslighting in action goes a long way towards neutralizing the effect.

Marshall Wilkinson

Sinead I read Who we are by William pierce . However I am interested in learning more about your faith . What books do recommend ?

Ghost Man O; War

The deal breaker for me when I was a kid in church with my ma and aunts and sisters was when they supposedly parted the sea and all that and crushihng the “evil” egyptians, cough cough then just weeks later forgot they just saw and pillar of fire that held them back, another cough cough, and then the damn sea splitting? They forgot that happened? What? Not to mention that the Pharaoh, whom of which in that epoch was called Kings not Pharaoh’s and Pharaoh’s look lots like Pharisee’s and to the point, the King was going to let those a-holes leave but “God” kept hardening his heart and making him change his mind even though he saw all these whacked impossible things happening to… Read more »

Ghost Man O; War

If a guy tries to sell ya a 10,000 dollar rolex for 100 bucks that he says is a custom, one of a kind, then adds, “One of a kind for 100 dollars, my loss is your gain, by the way, buy 10 of them for only 200 bucks……..” It’s time to look up, if he’s got razor stubble, big nose and rubbing his hands together, and blood stained hands….he’s probably….come closer…….cloooser….okay, “HE’S PROBABLY A DAMN JEW!!!!!!”

Inanna Snow

Thanks for talking about me. I understand that you are new to my channel and don’t understand me – there are people who have known me for years and do not understand. probably best not to try to understand someone complex by just watching one or two minutes of a bunch of videos. 🙂

Foster XL

Best-fit definition of “complex” from –

“7. Psychology. a system of interrelated, emotion-charged ideas, feelings, memories, and impulses that is usually repressed and that gives rise to abnormal or pathological behavior.”



3. knotty, tangled, labyrinthine. 6. network, web, tangle, labyrinth.”

Ghost Man O; War

Nice work there soldier. Very great counter strike. You weathered the bs. then ko’d opponent cleanly and decisively.

Inanna Snow

i am NOT A CHRISTIAN. i don’t appreciate you lying about me but i understand your lack of understanding. i also understand if you are unable to actually go ask a person what they believe and to explain before you rush to your own conclusions and judge them unrighteously. your loss 🙂

i’m ALWAYS topless unless i’m in public, im not going to put on a shirt just to make a video, you’ll get over it. just dont watch my videos if you dont like it!
i wouldn’t waste my time putting a spell on you, but i do hope that you find the truth sometime soon 🙂

Why don’t you come on my show and explain to us why the jews who are genociding Whites and destroying the world are not to be blamed?


Oh dear. Why do I continue to fuck my head with this freak show. Put a damn shirt.on Inanna I am a white witch. You look like a cam girl. I haven’t watched your vids because I don’t need to. All of these fake pagans coming out of the wood work like the Italian on redice who was reading a damn script and doesn’t even know the reason or the meaning behind the goddesses she claimed to be a scholar of. It takes years to study these symbols and knowledge. You will never see a wise intuitive oracle who knows her craft in youtube nationailsm . Just dumb pretty faces who haven’t experience enough life to understand the dark journey one must traverse to come… Read more »


Inaana Do you cast spells on people? Do not even try that with me. The last you tube twat that tried to do that to me got taken down real quick. Her channel only lasted a few months after I was finished with her. The humiliation she faced was so unbearable that she completely disappeared from nationalism.


All right I am completely confused. A goddess Inaana who says that the “satanic” jews god is the creator? She doesn’t know what she is talking about. Inaana you are venus you are the bringer of the light you are “lucifer” How can you call your self “satanic”? Your video contradicts your name and I am confused how you can be so ignorant. You are lucifer venus Inaana. You do not know Astrology You do not know the Indo European Goddesses! You do not know paganism.

Well, the concept that the jailers are themselves ultimately jailed by their own jailing is valid because flawed human beings and certainly no “big-time Jew super-rabbit” invented the psychological mechanisms by which people are controlled to advantage and made to waste energy, transfer their energy to their more cunning and conning inferiors, have unstable foundations and thus suffer (so far? os so fair? where is it? where are my false hopes and dreams?). The concepts and thought-movements of “god” or “good” are catalyzed by forces that transcend Jew and Gentile, parasite and producer alike and apply to gentile parasites and producer-Jews (usually someobody only genetially Jew but with non-Jew non-genetic outside programming that tends to over-rule it, regardless of the percentage of the numbers of… Read more »


None of that disproved that jews are openly committing White genocide and destroying the world.