Firestarter Radio: Digging Deeper (7-3-17)

Tonight Sinead has on Massimo to discuss silica based life, the new chronology, crystals, and more! In the second hour she shares a series o recordings from throughout the week. Topics include: the importance of magnesium, iodine, and gut health. She also shares record gins on Stell Bell and where she’s headed after being terminated from her job for telling the truth. Opening Track: ‘Generator’ by Dimension / ‘On The Fence’ by Escapism Refuge

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Thanks folks. It’s always great to hear from Massimo.

Welcome back Sinead, and it’s good to hear Massimo again.

I coming to the conclusion that we are all just existing in a large jewish film set. They have their actors and fake artefacts, which are just (((updated or excavated))) every new generation.

Thank you both for questioning these obvious jew deceptions. Will we ever know the truth? Who knows, but at least you are giving our folk a fighting chance by highlighting these discrepancies. Keep up the good work.

PS Those neolithic dudes were excellent masons. To be able to chip “made in China” on the base of stones at steinhenge – wow!

Everyone calls it the Reel Whirled for a reason.

Great info on magnesium and iodine. For anyone out there who still has mercury amalgams, you are definitely magnesium deficient as mercury will deplete magnesium from the body faster than anything else. Get your mercury amalgams out ASAP by a qualified dentist who is trained to safely remove them.

Yup. Ideally, if you can afford it, have your mercury fillings removed. I intend to. But if you can’t afford it, saunas of all kinds seem to remove available mercury from the body faster than the fillings leach it, and have many other benefits too, obviously.

Shaun who? 😀 Seriously though Sinead, excuse my language but I wouldn’t give a flying fuck what that pencil-necked nobody with the extremely annoying screeching voice says. I mean besides his few fellow middle-aged videogaming buddies, his one remaining female flunky & a pot-smoking, pimple-faced teenager with delusions of grandeur, does anyone actually listen to his “content”? Does anyone even know he exists? I used to laugh out rather raucously when I heard him repeatedly say HE “built” the Renegade network when Renegade was around for years before he lurched out of obscurity to briefly “help out” (and then slid right back into obscurity with a fart & a whistle!). What an insignificant little douchebag…

Sh-Yawn went out of his way to support the office lie concerning the Port Arthur Faked Shooting that was designed as an excuse to confiscate guns from civilians in Australia. That shit bag also told everyone that Sandy Hook was “real”. Frankly, I’m surprised he lasted at Renegade as long as he did … considering his obviously suspect behavior.

Too right Pat. There are REAL nationalists in Australia who are actually trying to DO something (despite the current woeful state of that country & its neighbor New Zealand under the chinese invasion & takeover). That drama queen windbag definitely isn’t one of them!

great to have you back on 🙂

OT: Curious to take a quick gander at Titus Frost’s fiance? 2:02:45,

This guinea had the nerve to back black women attacking a WHITE (anglo/german, me) woman who were backed by guineas…on a pro-white site.

Yet people think chutzpah is just a hebe concept.

Funny your bringing up ”chutzpah” when just last week you wrote : ”italians all over with ally with their co-racialists, the jews. More meds will than not, probably, but for sure the italians will no matter where they live.”

A fact easily. demonstrated by the very thread in which the comment was made. The truth has nothing to do with chutzpah.

It is funny you have the audacity to even comment on this show (((Guinevere))) considering the guest is a “guinea”.

I tried to jump to the part about mercury but couldn’t find it. That has nothing to do with the guest.

You’re the poster who said you were leaving when I reported that italian (owners, managers) gave a job to a spaniard/mediterranean who blacks wouldn’t harass over an anglo woman.

No you said all Italians were semitic and would side with their co-racialist’s the Jews. You also said that you wanted a German/Celtic ethno state in the US excluding all Southern Europeans. I found your commentary divisive and counter productive to any goals for European preservation considering we are not being invaded by Italians and their birthrates are some of the lowest in the world. I could care less what sparked the conversation in the first place because your comments got to the point where they were crossing the line. I also haven’t seen such peculiar down and up votes to a days old thread since Sinead did a show on Varg Kikernes and his cult trolls came in and hijacked the comments. How about… Read more »

Titus is a regular commenter here. Besides backing black women attacking me as a ‘white american,’ he is apparently engaged to a black woman.


Maybe there’s a reason Goodrich doesn’t come on Renegade anymore, either.

I really don’t know, but for someone who made a movie out of his depiction of the mass rape of german women by jewish proxies, your distortions about my comments reveal a lot.

I’m not going to respond to further attacks on germanic women. Renegade can become the mediterranean scene for pro-‘white,’ that’s fine by me.

That goes both ways.

You’ve never banned me on here, I always use the same email address, and you know that.

Just for the record.

Who are you even talking about? Every time I see you in a comment’s section you are complaining about Italians.

If Renegade is defending this Titus, an italian married to a black woman, at least it’s not hidden.

Seems pretty obvious kosher-lampshade’s comment about him,sparked the discussion.

No one ever defended Titus. He doesn’t even come on this network anymore.

Sinead, Amber and Asteria clearly defended Titus’ position, which was horrific.

Again, I’m not interested in getting further attacked on a pro-white site for merely defending white women.

The discussion had actually taken off from my defense of you.

I know Asteria well, and she has never defended Titus. Where is your proof of this? I don’t even think Titus is Italian. He looks like a jew to me.

Get your self inflating suicidal jew spew out of here.. You make ”native european anglo/germanic/cletics” sound awful…
Unless your a ”native european anglo/germanic/celtic JEW”, then you just sound normal for your kind.
I’ve held my tongue long enough – FUCK OFF (((Guineavere))) – or at the very least – THINK before you type, and actually READ the content of the comments you are responding too.

I’m insulted you left me out you skanky retarded kike.

Yet you follow me anyway.

yeah, it’s been said already, but apparently its not an issue anymore; we do what we want! :p

I agree with you John and disagree at the same time. In all of this you take in consideration only the physical body, leaving aside something much more important : what kind of consciousness (Spirit) dwells in each and every body. I’m sorry to destroy your beliefs, but in this world of carbon 666 organic life, not everyone (as human beings) is provided with a Divine Spirit. Actually most bodies don’t have it. Truth to be said, most Divine Spirits inhabit white bodies. The real and only discrimination should be applied to the presence, or absence, of a certain type of Spirit within

Massimo, do you have a website or Pdf presentations you’ve done about your very interesting subjects?

Hello Elizabeth, I don’t have a website or a pdf presentation, I’m sorry. If you want to connect with me we could do it through FB, Skype or Twitter or email. I’m always happy to share my research and experience and info.

Thank you for your reply Massimo. No Facebook or Twitter for me, email seems the best way to me, I aslo have to check my Skype, which I have not used a lot since they have changed… I am always fascinated by new discoveries and how it is spreading on the internet. Your talks with Sinead are very interesting and cover many topics I’m into right now. What do you think of North Pole ? My email :

Yeah, ‘freedom’ to destroy species comes at the price of eventual death. At least she’s happy. And Titus.

I am always blown away by you & ur guests conversations. It always reminds when I think I’m the only person thinking these thoughts, I’m not. One part you and Massimo touched on is how the Jews literally play all &a both sides. It’s insane.

Also yes I noticed that stell bell myself. I always notice that lately there are all of these young alt righters, it seems they come outta nowhere. It does make you think is this a setup or what?

Great show peeps. Good hearing from you again Masso. All history is paperwork and from those who write it. Namely those who had the time and the connections, especially since (((they))) are the ones who pushed their written languages on us.

Aw see Shan Seh-plahs made an appearance awn the shew! (electric guitars blaring in the background)

Shaun who? Ooohhh that sheep-shaggin’ Drama Queen dude! Gay! LOL!

comment image

Oi yew! Abso-lewtlay NO protection, mate!
The sheep is like, “Um… Are you in yet? LOLOLOLOL”

I don’t believe that the pyramids were created falsely. I am open to new theories, however I strongly believe that Thoth (the Atlantean Aryan leader) created them as he says. Hindus did not make them and neither did Jews. There are so many different uses for the Pyramids too. They have amazing spiritual and electromagnetic powers.

The tactic Massimo was talking about is called “PHOG” in which so much information is put out that no one can decipher what is real and what is not.

As far as I’m aware, Fomenko does not suggest that the pyramids or Egyptian civilization generally are fake, only that they are much more recent than we have been led to believe. The main texts attributed to Thoth/Hermes Trismegistus, the Corpus Hermeticum and the Asclepius were largely discredited in the 17th century because they were dated to the second century. However, with the new chronology ‘the second century’ is meaningless. When, where, and who wrote these texts is unknown, and indeed, it may very well have been Thoth. It’s one thing to say things are different than we have been told, and it is another to say that everything is a lie. In my opinion, the New Chronology does not destroy the European heritage but… Read more »

Hello guys, thanks a lot for listening and your nice comments. Few jewtube documentaries about the pyramids hoax.

The Pyramids may not have been, but there was a video on jewtube that I saw which showed vintage photos of all these ancient sites that were not being unearthed: but suggested they were being built.

I enjoy a good chat, it’s nice that we agree on one thing that proboscis monkeys are a threat to our very existence and sanity. Whether we should eat meat or only vegetables or no grains, or no dairy etc is very much a personal thing and people will eat what they want or believe what they should eat. The shape of the earth? well is it going to change our immediate plight whether it is round or flat? I don’t think so. The idea of a spherical earth did not surface in Jerusalem as far as I can tell but with Aristotle the Greek, the old ship mast appearing over the horizon is quite a compelling argument for me. It’s simple but effective. There… Read more »

Wow Richard. What cutting edge information. We totally haven’t heard these retarded explanations before.

If the opinions of Sir Isaac Newton and Aristotle are considered retarded by you then I think I have said all I need to say, there really isn’t any point trying to further explain. Titillating flights of fantasy cannot be answered with logic.

But nice work on the proboscis monkey problem I must say in recent years I have not seen anyone give them such a solid pasting as you and Kyle. I just hope you are both taking all necessary security precautions.

kangz \'n\' sheeeiiit

Sir Isaac Newton? Yo needs to lern dem reel historees biaaatch! u is gettin confuzed wit Bodacious Newton cos she wuz da reall nigga dat sciensed up dat sheeiit! she wuz da one dat showed all dem honkies dat her black holes wuz f’real nigga! sheeeeeeeeeiiiiiiit! here nigga go lern sum reel science bout da reel queen o graviteas n sheeeiiit in dis here fukn podkast nigga –

How in the world would we take precaution when ZOG knows where each and every one of us is at all times? There’s no hiding anymore, if that’s what you’re implying. I wish more people would realize that and stop hiding away as if it’s going to protect them from what’s headed our way.

Unfortunately it’s true what you say, they have nice little smiley mug shots of all of us heh heh.
Still we shouldn’t make it easy for them
I don’t want to take more of your time I know your’e very busy, thanks for all of you and Kyle’s hard work.

“Density and buoyancy aren’t cool enough. So… gravity! Believing in ball-Earth is necessary.” “Animal farming is necessary. Killing a beautiful animal, burning its corpse, and gnawing on the charred remains is necessary. Furyurhelth, B12.” “Evolutionary theory is a factual theoretical fact.” -Rich, smug scientist “Placing trust in Men is necessary. Trust us ;] Coriolis and constellations and gravity and geniuses and common sense, duh!!! Gimme billions of dollars so I can draw pictures of flying trash cans and call them ‘satellites.’ The ship mast disappeared because ball. Ball ball! Not perspective, just ball. Easy. And cool space is cool.” “White Genocide is necessary.” I just made lots of straw men. I don’t see those who propagate ‘Coriolis effect’ as being honest. They took our money.… Read more »

“I don’t see those who propagate ‘Coriolis effect’ as being honest”

!!?? so a simple repeatable experiment using a rifle is being dishonest, really?
If you tried it yourself and got the same results is that also being dishonest.

Flying trash cans? So satnavs that millions of people use delivering very precise navigation all over the world is from ???

I disagree strongly. Out diet is crucial in a sense that it literally makes us, who we are. It is deeply spiritual issue and i quote:

Systematic under-eating and eventual progression toward a “living on air” diet would be very difficult without first following through an overlapping series of logical steps in combination with advanced spiritual development, meditation and breath control: 1) health food “vegetarian,” 2) raw food & antioxidants, 3) high antioxidant raw food liquidarian, 4) negatively ionized water and air, 5) direct energy from nature, sunlight and astral substances, 6) mental and causal energies, and 7) celestial being (light).

Oh for the God’s sake AND ours please STFU about this new age “breatharian” BULLSHIT! You are officially way WORSE than the average christian commenter occasionally mentioning their beliefs in here because you preach that garbage every time you comment when it isn’t even related to the topic. And yes, you’re officially way WORSE than Guinevere talking about eye ties now too! FUCK OFF you freak!!!

Agreed Mary! Renegade please do something about this spamming idiot! Do we have to be confronted by this breatharian rubbish in EVERY comment section?!
Nice video Mary – this new age bullcrap has been solidly debunked by both mainstream AND alternative science & commentators over & over yet this guy is allowed to repeatedly foul up the comments here regardless of the subject or show. I join you in a hearty FUCK OFF Bill33 you cancerous tool!

Oh thanks for the reply Kyle! Sorry, didn’t mean to sound demanding. Just that this freak finally got up my nose so had to say something!

Bill(duh)33. Soooo esoteric… not :/

PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO LIVE OFF OF AIR! I mean, REALLY? Wtf? Just eat healthy food, don’t starve yourselves. It’s really not that hard to grasp.

…but Sinead, chemtrails are actually full of minerals, right? Zog is just trying to keep us healthy by raining down all the heavy metals missing from our DIE-IT! (((((They)))) care so much!
Remember Michelle’s healthy lunch regime?!?!
#HappyBreatharianGoy!!! = the ultimate white pride achievement!