Firestarter Radio: Disinfo, Degenerates, and Disappearances (8-30-19)

Tonight Sinead finishes up from last weeks topic about LSD being pushed onto the populace, discusses Robert Sephr’s promotion of pedo jew, Willhem Reich, Jan Irving’s 10/10 shilling, Ugly Jewth’s extended shill network and finishes up with a segment on strange disappearances and deaths of people in the wilderness. Closing track: ‘Father Ocean’ (Ben Böhmer Remix)

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The last part you covered, the documentary ‘Missing 411 – The Hunted’ is interesting, I took enough interest that I just began watching it on jewLu (((HuLu))). I am currently only 12:10 (12 minutes, 10 seconds into the documentary) and this is what I am seeing: – (backed up/archived here –> <– incase Imgur removes, hard to know nowadays although Archive bans and censors as well I recently had an account 'locked' on there..) Always good to notice that when you see a last name ending in 'Ski' but especially when those last three letters of one's last name have 'jew' before the 'Ski'. Her/his name ended in 'jewski' like one of the Soviets that mass murdered White people in holodomor and etc… Read more »


Have you watched the second film? The ones involving children seem like they could very likely be sacrifices but the adult ones just baffle me. What did you think about the story from years back of the little boy that wandered several miles in the snow and was found alive? That one was so strange.


No, I actually was curious about that – I felt it ended abruptly and didn’t really notice any adult ones. I’ll look for that second part later today and give it a watch. The one you mention, of the boy being found out in the snow miles & miles away from where he was, that one baffled me. I was glad to hear they found him alive & it is too bad he cannot recall anything but given he was 2 years of age, I don’t blame the guy. When I was 2 years of age, if I recall, I believe I could sorta walk already. But walking out in nature, miles and miles upon miles away from my home; In freezing snow terrain. I… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

Great show, Sinead. Those missing 411 cases are baffling. One toddler went missing and unfortunately they found his remains (a bit of skull bone and tooth), high up on a mountain. An animal attack was ruled out, and this was miles from where he had disappeared from. His unripped clothes were turned inside out and the one training shoe present was in a new condition – after four years! Another mildly disabled teen was walking around 50 yards at the back of a larger group and within seconds was just gone, off the footpath. Some people speculate these people step into another dimension. It could also be jews and their real life “hunger games,” having fun sacrificing the cattle. Or they are scaring us, to… Read more »


I had a feeling like I was being “scared” on purpose. As if they want us to not want to to go out into the wilderness. The director was on Coast to Coast many times and we all know that outlet is suspicious to say the least. In the one case of the young boy who disappeared at the camp site, I think his parents and extended family are in on it. They may have sold him. The parents showed no grief and the father was smiling. I got major Casey Anthony vibes.

Anthony Roberts

Yes, i think there is some zog gatekeeping going on here to scare people, hide the truth and turn a profit. But the three things you mentioned puzzle me: Why do bodies or items turn up on ground already searched? Why does the weather always turn bad after they go missing? And why do the dogs have no scent trail to follow, or stop altogether and become frightened? Another category of victims are young White men near water. There are just too many to put down to drinking, and they are very bizarre. In some cases the person has been missing for weeks but when their body is located in the water, it has only been in there for a couple of days, and they… Read more »


In an interview with Dave Paulides he mentioned that one of the many commonalities is the number of Germans, physicists and even German physicists that go missing in the wilderness. Very interesting.


I am still trying to listen to the rest of this but wanted to comment before I forget. This thing with Yosemite, this David Paulides supposed to be a retired cop that wrote a book on this. He claims that the US government knows there are people that live in the rocks of the parks and wear fur and sometimes come out and steal adults or children to keep their group going…and that gov. officials said they know and are ordered to leave them alone! What I have found is that when you look up the parks now they all are ran by boards, and on those boards are ALL either current washington DC district of criminals or former, bankers politicians and lobbying company folks… Read more »


I also want to add this link, Hillary and Soros both live near this park its 4 hour hike and secluded. You have to meet a team to get to it and inform park officials you are there and the route you are on. Its filled with tunnels.. tunnels to??? the rock reminds me of Bohemian grove…

So, is bigfoot/yeti just a cover for a cult of psycho’s that have government permission (or are apart of ZOG) to live in the great expanses of wilderness across the earth? It kind of seems like it.. I have seen floor length fur coats with hoods that when worn, make the wearer look like a giant bear. I have no doubt that one could be made with flexible joints that someone could run and jump in. And the voice’s/sounds not being human? Says who? Booby traps are easy to set in the wild. Even if you are an outdoorsy person, in certain woodland settings, everything starts to look the same, and unless you are exceptionally skilled at noticing tiny broken twigs, among masses of other… Read more »


for what ever reason even when I tried to listen after its posted .. somehow .. the stop or pause button kept PUSHING ITSELF?? really now. So I had to download the show in order to actually listen! This is ridiculous!
And omg the joke about them planting things to find and saying..”look what I found, we own this place” OMG.. died laughing that was a good laugh. So true!


I know I am leaving like 50 million comments, but these spheres, I saw one when I lived in the high desert years ago. The old desert guys told me that its “ball lightening” when the weather conditions are just right electricity will ball up following the path of least resistance. It will zip off the way electricity does when you touch a door knob. One I saw was after a hale storm late at night and it was close to the ground. On another level, whether it has awareness or not is another story lol.


Here’s one strange thing that I came across two winters ago. Across the street from my house is an abandoned one-story business building and right behind that is a train track. If it is not too frigid my dog loves the snow. One winter morning after a fresh snowfall of about 6 inches I put on my snow boots, bundled up and took my dog for a walk. We often walk behind the building along the tracks. We were the first ones there and breaking a path through the snow when we came to a spot in the fresh snow with one perfect boot print pointing perpendicular to the building and the track. There were absolutely no other markings in the snow in any direction… Read more »