Firestarter Radio: Dissecting Degenerates (1-18-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about Aleister Crowley, Thelema, how religions and cults use ritual to disguise child rape and shares a recipe of the week and herb of the week.
Opening song: ‘Never Letting Go’ by Nexento’
Closing song: ‘Trust In Me’ by Direct, Mr. FijiWiji & Holly Drummond
Paper Sinead reads from: Religious Justifications for Child Sexual Abuse in Cults

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Anthony Roberts
3 years ago

By remaining silent we give the jewish supremacists, who control all gov’ts, our consent. Everything, whether public or private, is for their profit, promotion of filth or White genocide. Our children can never be safe with these unnatural family structures being promoted.

A lot of psy-op charities use flowers and/or ribbons in their dupes. We have the poppy, for their war slaughter mockery, and the yellow daffodil for Marie Curie Cancer “cure” UK. They get their goons and celebs to wear them. It links to freemasonry too. Our high streets here are mostly charity shops and fast food outlets now.

PS Another great contribution from you Sinead. I don’t know how you fit all this in, but it’s much appreciated by us all.

3 years ago

That yellow rose (on Chabloz) reminded me of the blue flower that the Volkslehrer wore in some of his recent videos, also in connection with the holoxxx theme: He says he adopted it from an independent AFD politician who publicised it (during some jewish holoxx memorial event). I as a German recognized the symbol of the blue flower from “Romanticist” literature (I read the author Novalis who wrote a book where this flower is given a very central placement). So although I think the blue flower is an innocent symbol, it is still weird that they should pick it in particular, it seems such a weak symbol and aimlessly chosen. I don’t know if a connection (to the yellow flower of Chabloz) can… Read more »

Anthony Roberts
Reply to  Irmin
3 years ago

I’ve seen somewhere that the jewish community use the yellow rose as a “survivor” symbol, opposing the yellow star given to them denoting enemy civilians – which they were. Agent Chabloz was “miraculously” let-off with a two year suspended sentence. She’s a thorny, i mean phoney!

Reply to  Irmin
3 years ago

iirc the blue flower, a forget me not, was what freemasons wore during ww2 after the other masonic symbols were banned. Maybe that has something to do with it?

Tabitha Wolfram
3 years ago

Here’s the story of murder of Burroughs’ wife: “On September 6, 1951, Burroughs and Vollmer were in a rare period of harmony, and they attended a party together at a bar in Mexico City. The heavily intoxicated Burroughs suggested that they should demonstrate their “William Tell act” to their friends at the party. They never performed the act before, and it ended up being a tragic catastrophe that sent Vollmer to her grave and Burroughs into a lifetime of guilt and regret. Vollmer put a highball glass on her head, and Burroughs was supposed to shoot it with his revolver. Burroughs aimed too low and shot Vollmer in the face, instantly killing her. She was buried in Mexico City, and he fled back to the… Read more »

3 years ago

Just posted this comment on zapoopers latest dig at Kyle, a video of radiohead’s creep video…
“Creepy is someone who whines about people exposing the crimes of pedos, and doesn’t even have the cohones to leave their own comment up for all to see…that’s creepy
we both know this what will happen to this comment”

and I think we all know what will happen to that comment.

3 years ago

I know just what you mean about fear being instilled in us, Sinead.
I may be showing my age here but back in the early 1980’s there were the Atlanta child murders and I recall seeing on television and being quite unable to sleep on my side other for the same reason as you. I have tried lentil loaf before and have made it myself sometimes and really enjoy it. I used black beans once to make a loaf and that was even better I thought.

Artemisia Imperatrix
3 years ago

Here is another pretty degenerate to add to your list : Jeffree Star, real name Steininger. So wonderful, so manly with all his pink hairs and drag-queen make-up! Oh wait, he also likes to use kids makeup :
In one of his most recent videos, he has reviewed the Pizza eyeshadow palette!
In this video, he said he received it among many presents, including anal lube. Very creepy ain’t it?
And on the top of that, his nickname, on snapchat is… jeffreedahmer. Yes, like the jewish paedophile serial killer. More icky!

3 years ago

Re. Alison Chabloz. I haven’t been so suspicious about her so far, and thought that the rose being mentioned was simply a charity flower that is currently sold in the UK, but on viewing her pics I was wrong! It is a rose! I am currently reading Nester Webster’s “Secret Societies and Sumbersive Movements,” and by chance, while listening to this recoring and looking into the Zohar / Kaballah came accross the following article which may be of interest. One final point that just came to me which I never realised (don’t know if you ever have), is that isn’t it interesting how the word Kabbalah ends with the suffix alah (ALLAH)? A possible Tribal link to who was behind the creation of Islam?

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