Firestarter Radio: Do the Folky Pokey (4-19-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about “Volkisch” organizations calling for animal sacrifice, blood drinking, and other abrahamic filth. She discusses Stephen Flowers (Edred Thomsson) and his involvement in the Temple of Set child raping cult started by Lt. Col. Michael Aquino. She also discusses Irminfolk, The Odinic Rite, and The Noroena Society.

Closing song; ‘Time Is The Enemy’ by Quantic

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Robert Heimdal

On the image: Doing that to an animal (most specially a horse) is beyond me. I simply don’t want to have anything to do with that. Like if we hadn’t had enough of Abrahamic blood sacrifice. Not very impressed by this “archaic revival”.


One must ask WHAT archaic thing is being revived?


The title pic is vomitous. Not sure that this is a vestige of what our people did. In fact I can guarantee it isn’t, this is the sort of thing that would happen in some alley in tel aviv and I am sure it does. The abrahamic sludge manifests itself simply by the way it has contempt for life in all subtleties and ostensibilities. Once you know their MO there is no doubt any more.

Anthony Roberts

We’re offered the (((holy))) trinity: abrahamic yahweh & son; lbtg anime atheism; or good ol’ fashioned saganism, complete with sacrifice & orgies. Although they do all require child rape, which is it to be, cattle cucks? Er, no thanks jew-supremacists. I’ll stick with simple Aryan spirituality, with a love of my land and race. Great show and info, Sinead.


Haven’t listened yet but the image is both grotesque and heartbreaking. How anyone could do that to any animal let alone calling it good is beyond me.


Animal sacrifice does not make sense on any level. Even so I don’t see how this would be exalting anything. It is at best, a spit in the face of life. And we know who would do that kind fo thing…


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Just in case if someone is interested in hearing the German pronunciation of “völkisch”:

click on the litte loudspeaker symbol on the right of the German term

Aren’t you the guy who was claiming Slavs don’t exist? You can fuck off. I’m surprised Kyle hasn’t banned you.

Anthony Roberts

Good job Siggy. That will definitely help fight White genocide. Glad you took Sinead’s advice. (Sar-cas-m – i think that’s how it’s pronounced!)


Where was that photo taken?


It’s gross yeah but it’s a tourist center with actors larping as Vikings. It’s not even a folkish pagan group.

There are no pictures of the animal sacrifices taking place at the “volkisch pagan groups”. Is this the kind of filth you want representing our pre Christian beliefs? Those are not fake horse and goat skins.

Here is a heartwarming picture of Jack Donavon the butt private, snuggling w the sheep he’s about to murder for no reason.

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Where’s a volcano when you need one?

These guys are so brave!

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