Firestarter Radio: Don’t Make the White Girls Angry (9-11-18)

Tonight Sinead discusses the history behind Zen Gardner and the Children of God cult, obvious subversives such as “Handsome Truth”, the mysterious wires jews are hanging from buildings in major cities across the US, and the starch solution for optimal health.

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3 years ago

Have you tried saffron soap an bath? Alexander the Great would bathe in it an he found it in Persia. Ever since I went from Shito Ryu to BJJ the bath has become a necessity for muscle recovery. They are saying the Dutch have figured out how to grow stuff in insulation, etc. Unfortunately they plan to feed the 3rd world an desert people thinking it will keep them out of Europe, but will only explode their population further. They could then grow food in droughts even, etc. You mention authority figures getting away with child rape. One thing I noticed that is ignored is how cops have sex with kids all the time an get in no trouble. I have seen them getting moved… Read more »

Reply to  Brandon Lasbrook
3 years ago

The dean at my private christian highschool was a bald headed tough guy. He looked and had that ex-marine / ex-cop persona.
In my senior year it was ”heard through the grapevine” that he was having an ”affair” with one of the sophomore cheerleader girls.
Sophomore = 14, 15, maybe 16 years old
I’m pretty sure he was fired at the end of the year.
I just remember being totally repulsed, not only by the guy, but the whole school in general was a total dumping ground for degenerate adults and children.

Reply to  Amber
3 years ago

That’s sick! There was this music teacher I really loved when I was in 8th grade. He would always let me come to his music room when I would skip class. My school was set up like a campus, with classrooms being in separate buildings, so it was easy to hide out. Back then I thought he was just being “cool” but years later, when I heard that one of my friends who was in 8th grade had sex with him, I knew what he had planed.

Reply to  Sinny
3 years ago

When I was going to high school, there were “rumors” that the black gym teacher had sex with a girl who was a junior! They made fun of her, and talked behind her back – I thought to myself, this is awful, and that the teacher should have been fired and arrested for having “sex” with a minor!

Anthony Roberts
3 years ago

Any “normal” human would instinctively know within 27 hours that abuse was taking place around them, not 27 years!
All of these cults, quasi religious sects and jew-age groups seem to stem from freemasonry imo.

This appears to be the master child-raping cult, that spreads all these monsters and groups, and shields the jewish involvement, of course. It is the duty of every mason to lie and deny, then go on the attack, just like Trump does.

PS Another brill podcast Sinead. I wonder if that eruv stringy-thingy is linked to “weaving spiders come not here?” Don’t practice da craft (magick), on one’s homos, i mean homies!

3 years ago

I happened upon the Arcane Semantics list of upcoming guests…
Too bad we won’t have the pleasure of hearing these defenders of all that is good.

Also, Emily Youcis content creator extraordinaire seeks shekels lol.

Reply to  Bob
3 years ago

In addition to that:
Too bad we won’t hear someone who spoke slower than Dayyyvid Dauuuteriiiiiive, contributed minimally to the conversations, and stuttered (not saying this in a mean way but just to show how impractical it is for a host to not be fluent enough) on top of it all, for an entire year.
I didn’t voice it then not to be seen as an a******.
Not having the Monday evenings, right after work, ruined is kind of the last stand of implicit sanity. lol I’ve never been frusterated about any other host (former in this case) like this before and there have been few hosts who have left Renegade in negative terms but I still appreciated some of their work.

3 years ago

I recently viewed Adam Green and Handsome Truth’s stream together. In the stream they discuss creating the GDL. Adam’s argument is that “if you say ‘goyim defense league is anti semitic it is like saying the anti defamation league is anti white” He points out how Alex Jones uses nlp but he uses it too. How can you be jew wise and think that the ADL isn’t anti white? He basically just said that the ADL is not actively hurting and attacking the white population. I don’t care how much great coverage someone does of exposing the “truth” if you try to lump aryans with non whites and act like our grievances are the same and deny whites of our habitat then you are no… Read more »

3 years ago

I was checking this site when my phone asked me for my username and password before the website loaded. Kinda weird, thought you ought to know! Before that it was displaying “Cannot display this page”.

Robert Heimdal
3 years ago

Not defending her in any way shape or form here but, for what I saw when I was still “friends” with her on facebook, Carolyn Emerick is not Asian or anything similar. She posted a few photographs of her with family members -and unless those pictures were doctored- “they all looked hwhite to me”. On the other hand I remember her saying she lived in “Upstate New York” (?), which is always kind of “suspicious” – I don’t know if my memory is failing me here anyway (maybe someone else can confirm). Regardless I hope I don’t look like being “jealous and obsessed with her” with this comment.

Reply to  Robert Heimdal
3 years ago

My thinking is, that she is probably a jewess with some European DNA

3 years ago

Starches are usually the centerpiece of our meals but I really want to get serious with it now. I didn’t think about cutting oil until recently. Sorry if this is a personal question, but how much weight did you drop by cutting oil? I’ve been holding onto a pesky 10 lbs after my kid and I can definitely feel it. Did your body react negatively at all in the beginning? Thanks for the great information! I am defiantly going to give it a try.

Reply to  Some_Gael
3 years ago

I never weighed myself but dropped several dress sizes easily and quickly.

3 years ago

All I have to say about this sick, degenerate, freaking world, is that Herr Hitler was right! He knew how dangerous these damn “people” were!

Allison MacPherson
3 years ago

I wonder if Zen Gardner was given the assignment to create a website to avoid federal prison for child molestation. He gathered a large following of people decompressing from the phoney New Age religions & waking up to the NWO, was inevitably outed, thus creating a demoralizing affect on his followers, therefore hurting the truth movement.
Good podcast, & Sinead is quite humorous, which always helps when taking the cure.

3 years ago

Good show, Sinead. A leveling of the playing field. Pedos beware!!

And I agree with your take on forgiveness. Very overrated, and even dangerous in some cases, enabling.

The right to not forgive is an important one.


3 years ago

Did anyone watch Adam Greens 911 truth coverage video? I couldn’t help but notice how staged it was and how he used fake intellectual negroes and latinos who are probably actors and then edited stupid crazy white people who didn’t understand anything and were borderline retarded.

They can’t create all they can do is copy and regurgitate the same formula with tiny tweaks. Uplift the dark one and demean the Aryan. I am using the term they because I do not think that we are dealing solely with a human intelligence.

3 years ago

Sinead, I finally got around to listening to this. I usually balk at these sort of shows because when I was 12, I was sexually assaulted by my older brother. Growing up, I was told to forgive and forget. I have done neither. I was always made to believe that it was my fault that it happened. I never truly got the justice deserved. My grandparents-who raised us and are Christtards to the next degree-wouldn’t pursue any severe penalty. He ended up in juvenile detention for a period of time but it wasn’t enough. Sorry for the life story. This particular episode hit home with me. As a father of three-2 boys and a girl-I cannot fathom anything like that happening to my children. Thanks… Read more »

Reply to  Gilly Thorsson
3 years ago

What happened to you was not acceptable and your grandparents are complicit in child abuse. This is not surprising, given their religion teaches that child abuse is A-okay. Thank you for your comment and thank you for listening.

Reply to  Sinny
3 years ago

Thank you for covering these subjects. I know it must be difficult. I think, though, that if you have experienced abuse in one form or another, it makes it easier to speak for those who haven’t found their voice yet. Thanks for all you do, Sinead. Can’t wait for the next show.

3 years ago

It’s good to hear you back. I enjoyed hearing your impassioned voice call out the BS you see.

3 years ago

Insinuating something nefarious about Adam Green and even the former host Richard (I wasn’t a fan of his style) without any evidence.
Why not rely on strict facts?

Green didn’t just “pop up from nowhere”; he’s been doing jewry exposing material for a couple of years. Now, I don’t accept using the self-denigrating name GDL but his stout research and presentations is something I’ve found valuable, for example the latest, Jared Kushner topic video.
I’m no “fan” strictly but I appreciate his work.

Reply to  SonOfTheNorth
3 years ago

Richard defended Zen Gardner. There is no excuse for that. You are now defending a man who defended a child rapist. That doesn’t look very good.

The Dane
3 years ago

Great show as always ! Soooo great to hear you again and I’m glad you’re back in the saddle. I look forward to your intelligent insight, and when you ‘shoot from the hip’ is always my favorite part of the show. Welcome back.

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