Firestarter Radio: Dragging Them Into the Sunlight (3-1-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about Tracy Twyman and Boyd Rice’s cult, anti-White Tard-tarians, vitamin D deficiency, #GDL shills and more!
Closing song: ‘Safe At Last’ by Kori feat. Elle Chante

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Double-cross originates from signing documents.The idiom DOUBLE-CROSS means to trick someone. Centuries ago, when illiteracy was common, and a person was asked to sign a document, they’d do so by inserting an “X” in place of their signature. This was legal. However, the process was often done under pressure (at gunpoint) which meant that the signing party had no intention of honoring the terms of the contract.

Oral lore stated that if a cross was doubled (one written over the other), the first cross was voided thus nullifying the contract. So, to be double crossed was to be duped into a contract or a situation not honored by the other party.

Very interesting.

Tabitha Wolfram

Frank Tufano doing a makeup tutorial. No straight, healthy man would do this.
I’m wondering now if the “jaw surgery” was done to fix overzealous testosterone or HGH use for an FTM tranny.


I’ve watched some of his videos a few weeks ago and noticed how TOO ‘perfect’ he looked, but now that you and Sinead mentioned it, and I saw what he looks like again, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is actually a biological female.

He’s selling lip balm and tooth powder! lol

Foster XL

* “She’s…” 😉

Foster XL

Definitely has a lot of physical female traits going on there. That jaw, no Adam’s Apple, small ears, narrow wrists, etc, etc. I’m gonna call biological female on this one.

Yeah that’s definitely not a male.

Tabitha Wolfram

This maybe common knowledge around here, but Dr. Oz, Wolfgang Puck, and all those other TV personality/celebrity Dr’s and influencer’s don’t write any of the articles you see on the newstands claiming to have been written by them.
I met a man in South Florida who’s job it was to write Dr. Oz’s health articles/tips for the Sun Sentinel and a few other nationally syndicated papers. He got paid well enough that he seemed to have absolutely no problem getting no credit for his work, while I was baffled.


Don’t think I was salty or claimed Savtiri Devi couldn’t be criticized(she did have views I disagreed with) but I don’t see why being promoted by someone seedy decades after her death should held against her.

I’ve read most of her well known work and very little of what she said is compatible with the alt right. At least on an intellectual level.

This is what I’m concerned about:
They are pushing the idea that Devi believed in “Aryanism”, which basically says that all races are Aryans, and that it’s basically just a state of mind. I then hear that Devi referred to her Indian husband as ‘Aryan” and I begin to wonder if there is an agenda being pushed. As far as being “salty”, I was more referring to Steelyeyeddevil that suggested Devi has done far more important work than myself.


You asked why Devi is considered highly amongst NS types and i responded with my opinion. I never suggested any comparison between your work and hers.

Anthony Roberts

Long after their deaths, Mr & Mr Gates and their best bud, Buffet, will be the evil White supremacist-eugenicists held accountable for the “unfortunate” genocide of the White race and zombifying the rest of humanity with nazi vaccines. The UN had to step in with total bolshevism to restore (((order))), and save the world, right guys? Slave trade, holohoax and poisons; the rabbit hole-ly trinity.

PS Fatney is defo starch deficient by the look of that show picture. Boy, she’s looking rough. She needs some iodine or CBD from


Finally made it back online for a little bit, just to download the show.
It’s nice to see you’re going strong , and to get a refresher on how our enemy schemes to poison us and curb reproduction: I’m currently dealing with the very simlilar effects that microwave frequencies happen to have, in my everyday life… trying to tell people about 8 effects of EMFs on health (according to Martin L. Pall).
Thanks for the show!


I want to believe he was not controlled but there is a lot of propaganda out there, wheather that’s false or true propaganda I’ve no idea. Would be great to hear a Firestarter perspective on the holiest of holy cows Adolf Hitler.

Thanks for another interesting show Sinéad.


Dead husband without any fanfare from the wife? No snare drums? No trumpets? I went through the same situation where I simply kept going like nothing had happened, even after I lost a loved one. I even lambasted the chief oncologist as wrong in saying she (my fiance) was going to die. I WAS IN TOTAL DENIAL folks.