Firestarter Radio: Dreaming of a Better World (2-7-17)

Tonight Sinead flies solo to discuss David Duke, Matt Heimbach, their connections to Aleksandr Dugin, the Protcols of Zion, and how it directly states how they will control all opposition to them, and she drops a hot new “nigga report”.

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The information on Duke was brilliant. He has started calling himself the “grandfather” of the Alt-Right. He keeps stating Anglin is the number one guy under him who has the most influence. Who are these people? They must be exposed as the potential power and influence they will wield over awakening Whites will be tremendous. As Anglin recently stated on Dukes show, he believes it is his duty to sway and control minds via propaganda he and others like Duke decide is best for the White race. I would argue these guys are controlled by the Deep State, as random guys off the internet will not be allowed to sway and control opinion of the coming White awakening. Identity politics is the future and the… Read more »

You are totally right about the misconceptions regarding Canadians.
They have turned into a bunch of apathetic, unsociable retards and SJWs.
I was on an email list recently and someone was commenting about Trump’s inauguration and Arthur Topham, or someone claiming to be him, put up a total New Age Bubble Brain comment, to which I responded in the genre of Sinead’s style.
Then he brought it to the level of insults and skirted the issues at hand.
His website looks extensive, but someone else may have written it?
I don’t know if it was really,him, but if it was, may he rot in jail.
Hey Mr Pole, we should get together….
Sinead you are hilarious!

The Order wanted to assasinate Duke. They say he was a womanizer, profiteer off the movement an publishes kkk lists.

Though I’m late for the discussion, that was a very excellent commentary. I’m U.S. born and breed on a Bayou; but moved to Canada to be with a woman, an then was forced to marry just to enter their fricken borders. At the time I had become desperate since I had given my former wife our share property and did not want to fall back into shit. Though I enter more shit with the RMCP just trying to travel in; their search laws are horrendous and all of their white police or otherwise are not to be trusted. My relationship lasted as long as the Canadian ‘dick taste tonz’ (dictation) mandated that I marry her and they secure my rights. Well frick them and anyone… Read more »

I think Diogenes was pretty cool in an anti capitalist sense. Alexander the Great said if he where anyone else he would be Diogenes because of his toughness an no one could control him. He did live like a dog in a barrel about like a dog house. Perhaps communism did find its start with the garden communes of the Epicrueans they had slaves an women there with them. Have you see this it shows how Epicureanism is anti consumerism, etc.?

Had to turn it off at the flat earth part. Public liebraries are censored. My Father worked at Vandenberg launching Satellites for over 30 years. I watched ships sail out to sea for longer. Sad to ruin an otherwise good thing with this laughing, childish sounding, JAP!

Giovanni said Angelo Gage was a jew from the start I remember Gage even saying in a you tube video about how he had Askenazi in his ancestry. When the NYF was confronting antifa at the colleges I supported them, But when Angelo had a kid an got married he backed down. That should inspire you to fight harder. When I did white man march in 2014 me an my ex had the baby with us. Tacitus said when the Germanic tribes fought they would line the women an children up behind them, so they knew what was at risk of being enlsaved if they lost a fight.

Entertaining and informative as always Sinead. Again, you were right all along about Puke. They are all just government approved; they’re not even bothered about being jew-outed! They have such an MK ( muh kike ) hold over our “logical” young white men. Spot on about blacks trying to leave. They’re called coconut ( brown out, white inside ) in the UK. The jews won’t need to chip them – they have the biggest chip on their shoulders already! “Cracker keep me down ( like ma trousers ) mf!!” In (((dm))) online, Britain’s next top model show has first trans. Black Talulah from Birmingham used to be Aaron, lol. It literally is “the jew normal.” PS help fight “blue jeanocide” if you appreciate Sinead’s efforts,… Read more »
But white supremacist women have carved out their own communities online—or so we’re led to believe. One site describes itself as “a group of White Nationalist Heathen women writers, artists and film makers. We write about women, parenting, homesteading, self defense, current affairs and philosophy. We aim to return to the ways of our pre Christian ancestors, secure a homeland for the White race and ensure a future for White children.” The site, which is peppered with photos of smiling, young white women, includes sections about crafting, motherhood, and yoga nestled alongside sections about “controlled opposition” and “Jews.” But Blee says the groups claiming to be for and by women could actually be run by men. “Online, white supremacism is a movement that is based… Read more »

hey sineade your website ‘heathen women’ was featured in a marie claire article

an ex skinhead who finds out shes a jew…lol

LOL This is hilarious. Thank you for informing me. I may go out and buy a copy for a keep sake hahaha

Sinead, do you have the link for this Mathew Scambach’s article ranting about ‘Evil-Nazis’ and the whole nine yards? nice show. cheers.

Michelle ‘Kaplan’. I didn’t know that. Very interesting. Thanks Sinead.

A name does not have to mean anything particularly but… From wikipedia (Kaplan surname): ‘Kaplan or Caplan is also a surname common among Ashkenazi Jews, usually indicating descent from the priestly lineage (the kohanim), similar to the etymological origin of the common Hebrew surname Cohen. One of the earliest modern records of Kaplan as a family name is that of Abraham Kaplan in 1698. Distinguished bearers of the name include the Polish rabbi and philanthropist Nachum ben Usiel Kaplan (1811–1879), the Latvian-born Hebrew poet Seeb Wolf Kaplan (1826–1887) and the Russian-born Zionist workers’ leader Eliezer Kaplan (1891–1952), the first minister of finance of the state of Israel.[6][7]’

That psycho Michelle’s surname is ‘Kaplan’?! I’ve never met (or even heard of) a non-Jewish Kaplan.

Me neither, and I of all people would know because I’ve lived amongst them in the majority for more of my life. Never met a ‘Caplan’ or ‘Kaplan’ who wasn’t a jew.

I’m sort of surprised that people didn’t know that because to me it would have been obvious.

Likewise Guinevere. It’s up there with ‘Cohen’ for obvious Jewish names.

I’d be glad to hear something that would be more effective against the jewggernaut (hereon defined) trundling onwards to White extinction.

Not by me. Oh, damn, sounded like you had everything nailed so to speak (no offense to christians). It would seem that the “pro Whites” have been stymied at every turn by god’s chosen so far. They must be superhuman or we “pro Whites” must be very naive. Do you have anything to bring to that table or are you just going to make observations? Also, would you share your opinions on meaningful gibberish instead?

Thank you, I thought you were talking to that person next to you.

I don’t see Matthew claiming to of started AIPACalypse rather willing to show support. People evolve I used to be anarchist communist an IWW, but then I seen they where pawns of the Kalergi Plan, so I became NS/Fascist. When I was ancom I figured if we abolished the monetary system then the Jews would not be able to exploit us through finance in the long run anyways. Perhaps Matthew did have some more conservative views, but he has evolved an I can relate. Mussolini was a die hard socialist in WWI an backed France an Britain rather than Germany on WWI, but in WWII he was one the side of NS Germany. Some people change, an I think people that where formerly radical left… Read more »

Got a link to the youtube channel from which you played the ‘satellites’ clip from please?

Her name is Daphne Rimmel.

Thanks SInead.

Good show! I really like the “flat earth” stuff and I predict that it won’t be very long before ALOT of people will be doing the back-peddle boogie with crow and egg all over their faces as they fumble through their bags of excuses 🙂

Excellent “nigga report”…it is that level of honesty and integrity that should be up for peace prizes if you ask me.