Firestarter Radio: Dugin’s Destabilization of America (8-14-17)

Sinead and Kyle talk about the recent Unite the Right disaster and how most of the leading figures are intimately connected to Alexander Dugin, with Richard Spencer even saying that the Alt Right is essentially dugin’s Fourth Political Position and Bolshevism. So essentially we have foreign agents actively seeking to destabilize our country with a model that killed 100s of millions of people in the 20th century. And no one does anything to stop them.

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Old Timing Man

Sinny, you ARE the spark plug for this whole enchilada. You two ARE making a huuuuge difference. Trust me. People respect you. You gotta’ know you’re cutting through the heavy stuff. You two are the best at what you do. The enemy know this. You guys are the latest and greatest. KNOW this to be true. Ask folks why Albert Pikes statue isn’t being ripped down. Ah. Throw that fast ball down the “pike”. Gotta’ go feed the horses and dogs. Bye. No one’s mad about flat earth. You’re giants among mice. Now step on those mice and keep goin’. You guys ooze with honor. Gotta’ go. You guys are VALUALBE to us all.


Thank you for all of the supportive comments! It really means a lot. I’m sorry I wasn’t my normal energetic self last night, but I can’t be fake anymore, so i just let it all hang out. Thank you for taking me at my best and my worst.


I vent on youtube in the comments from time to time. I try not to since it’s a controlled rage which isn’t aimed at something very productive. I’ve been doing whistle blower work by first hand acting pro se to defend myself, and I can’t get hardly any vigorous support even from people, who clearly make up a large number, that follow the cop watch type videos. If I got more feedback that people were being woke up to the fact that the government is not under our control it would be useful and reinforcing. I do know that we have to repeat ourselves, we have to create the vibrations that represent the reality that we want to create. Our duty is that of the… Read more »

Old Timing Man

I love these two good people. Next week I’m sending out this monitor I have that is a dandy. If I’d have to label you two anything, it would be war angels. Not blowin’ smoke just trying woefully to express my gratitude to you guys for being all weather. You two deliver the mail. Sinead would whip a polar with a switch for her family and that means everything these days. Soooo impressed with your character. When Kyle blitzed that chump for making vac’s sound like a great thing he won me over and when Sinny sings her songs it let’s the opposition know they are not contending with second rate opposition. They’re a frickin’ v-twin in perfect time setting the boulevards on FIREEEE! The… Read more »


Keep your heads up guys. Although I totally disagree when it comes to the opiates/war on pain patients issue, you’re about the only ones out there calling out things for what they really are. Just because we don’t see earth shattering change all at once, or even witness regressions, doesn’t mean that under the surface the message isn’t spreading far and wide, simmering on its way to critical mass. Don’t despair, just keep doing what you were meant to do.


I think you’re just hearing what you want to hear because we never said that people in pain should suffer. I think morphine can be very useful and miraculous for helping people, however we need to fix society so people aren’t compelled to escape pain so much. Also, I am interested in what chronic pain you are suffering from and what steps you can take to heal from that. Our film is discussing the targeting of Whites with street drugs after their doctors refuse to write more prescriptions, and how our soldiers are guarding poppy plants in order to flood it here.


Point well taken Sinead thanks, and thanks for your understanding I appreciate it. Yes unfortunately with the hell I’ve personally gone through with the war on pain patients, it’s definitely left me very reactive whenever I hear trigger words such as “opiates,” etc. Like I said though, you guys put out such great work so please don’t ever feel that your efforts are in vain…believe me they aren’t (and I suspect your supporters are even greater than you think). As for myself, I have an inherited spinal/neurological condition that makes you very prone to all sorts of painful issues that aren’t easily treated with conventional therapies.


Great show. Dugin is not unlike Rasputin especially in that he smarmed his way into the Russian leadership and has for some reason such influence. Black magic and application of psychology? In my opinion there is more than just organic trickery involved, there is far more chicanery of the dark electric order going on. All of this bullshit hinges on the money system which goes hand in hand with the perception fuck machine of the media system. What is happening is the simple consequence of the jew fantasy devilcraft of MONEY! That is what it always comes down to. They would never achieve any of this without money, which is the blood cell of their machinations. Incidentally, WN is a joke anyway they have nothing… Read more »


The smooth-talker caller was way too creepy. My antennae are automatically up any time I here anyone with a silver tongue. They are, 99 times out of 100, scheisters. On another note, the Charlottesville event was laughably hoaxey. Listen carefully to the sound in the footage. It is obviously a canned Hollywood track.


Yes! The screeching tires sound was clearly added after since NO person in the crowed even turns their head lol


He reminds me of Richard Spencer. Actually he has a similar speaking style as many other Alt-Right leaders. It’s as if they all use the same template, if you know what I’m saying.


I loved the flying sneakers in the air. Was that Adidas commercial?


Renny He sounded like an intelligent guy. Why the hell would he spend his time in shitholes like Daily Stormer? I rarely go there and even then I get puff off by Anglin’s stupidity.


Thank you so much guys, you keep me straight they are hitting us from so many angels that if the both of didn’t broadcast I would have spun into the choas, I want to do more than try to share your info with everyone.


I like Kyle ideal what we need to overcome being labeled is by promoting National Socialism for all people i.e NS asians NS blacks NS for different races and culture because the truth NS can be applied to any people and races. 😀
Keep your heads up guys I know this thing shifting gears but give up.

Greetings Kyle and Sinead,

We’ve had our misunderstandings in the past, yet I’ve never considered Renegade an enemy. In fact, my message is very similar to yours.
I want you to know that you have an ally in me. That is if you want an ally.
Please keep up the good fight, Sinead… I know it gets tough.
Strength comes from within. I know you have it in you.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication!
~William de Hewitt


I’ve shared the latest Renegade shows, the Solar Storm and the Roundtable, on different Autright-related forums and comment sections and they’ve gotten some attractions with positive and some negative comments. Basically, all the name-callings and retardations aside, the core disagreement or dislike that the Autright opponents have against Renegade is that Renegade is not physically organizing but is criticizing those who organize. I told them about the AIPAColypse and the fact that very few people from our side were present there and they said that they weren’t informed about it. I’ve spent many hours in the last two days explaining them what’s actually going on and that they’re part of a controlled op organization which is lead by the Soviet Duginist intelligence and all the… Read more »


Honestly, if they’re too butt hurt to hear the truth than I don’t want them here. If you have patience to hold their hands and drag them through, that’s great. I don’t.


Anyone involved in promoting the alt-right today is fake opposition. There’s simply too much evidence to ignore now. Most of the negative comments you got were probably subversives so you are doing better than you think.


The Charlottesville imagery was produced by sophisticated PsyOp imaging technicians. The entire event was, in fact, staged – much like the Boston Bombing event was staged. In Boston, there had been a marathon but the “bombing” event occurred well after the raced had ended and much of the support equipment had already been removed (for example there was a giant video screen present at the corner of Boyleston and Exeter streets that had been present during the entirety of the race…but was NOT THERE when the “bombs” went off… In the past, photographs and film were the closest representation of reality available. Propagandists and those seeking to conduct deception operations used crude methods to alter images of real people, events and objects. Such photo manipulations… Read more »

thanks for being there .. I feel your stress and frustration and have been feeling it myself for a bit of time too .. hang in there both of you


‘Black propaganda’ works. It was never a fair fight anyway.


Sinead, have you been following all the eclipse info? I find it a little odd that the eclipse starts in Oregon (the 33rd state) and exits the US in South Carolina, directly on the 33rd parallel. The eclipse also occurs exactly 33 days before the fucking jews’ Feast of Trumpets holiday on September 23. They are expecting millions and millions of people to flock into the path of totality. Most of these areas, especially right in the middle of the path of totality, do not have near enough gas stations to handle the fuel needs of the massive traffic loads. One of the cities expected to draw the biggest crowds is St. Joseph, Missouri. I-29, which runs through St. Joe, is only two lanes wide… Read more »


With all of the anniversary’s this year (700th Anni of Martin Luther’s 95 thesis, 150th anniversary of the publication of Karl Marx’s Das Kapital,100 years since Balfour’s declaration, 100 years of Bolshevik rule, 100 years since America entered WWI, 50th Anni of 6 days war, + many more), it seems like the time would be ripe for a Israeli backed false flag.. As if we haven’t been running high enough with anxiety for the last several decades, now we get to look forward to an ACTUAL eclipse!
Anything’s possible these days…
What do you think of this? –


Don’t give up typo 😜


Oh how these degenerate perverts would love to have a right wing monarchy like in the old testament. Is porn a way of conditioning our white women for their harems when they become kings of a world Monarchy? Yes, there is something deeply pornographic and degenerate about this white sharia meme. I think that the words we should be using to describe this are: “Degenerate”, “Semitic or Jewish or Zio”, “Perverse or Perverted”, and “Pornographic”. We need to drive the point home that they are PERVERTS and DEGENERATE. And when they reply with “Low-T Beta Cuck” Tell them that they don’t even know any of the science behind that and they are just mindless parrots. Would Nikola Tesla be considered Alpha by their standards? If… Read more »


I know it’s a pain to repeat this incredible knowledge that you uncovered, but if you can make some kind of organized archive of it, that may help you. People need to hear this. I’ve just discovered you and I’m so happy I did. Have you seen ? They have archives of foundation knowledge for their new readers. You need to branch out from these ignorant young Alt-Right idiots. Creeping Sharia takes submissions, not blogs per se, but news of sharia law coming from all aspects of society. I used to follow Red Ice for years until I realized they had embraced White Sharia. You need to drop the Alt-Right crowd and find other groups that would wake up more because of your shows.… Read more »


When Homeland Security under Obama listed all those potential white terrorist threats and mobilized money, spin and personnel to “fight” them, how many of all those groups that took part at Charlottesville even existed or had significant numbers of followers? Did they produce with all the resources the bIue print and figures for all those opposition groups that are now so prominent? I really think this event had a long phase of preparation as it needed to be highly coordinated on so many layers.


Erdogan and Eurasianism…728.5083.0.5154.….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..17.4.1534…0j33i160k1.9wfc1YEDG1Q


Interesting information. Tracklist, please.


The only conspiracy involving Dugin is that you retards have took his ego and hollow words and managed to convince others that this technique of destabilisation is his own or that it’s new. The film maker you use at the start is just as pretentious and vacuous as Dugin himself and the idea that Putin has any control over the internal politics of the US is complete bullshit. How are they doing it? Through RT? Give me a break. “So essentially we have foreign agents actively seeking to destabilise our country” Even if this was true(still no proof in all your rambling) the outcome can only be interpreted as good. Oh, not my precious ZOG empire! Anyone who prefers a slow decline to chaos is… Read more »


Only thing I see that’s pathetic here is your deluded defense of the alt-right more than 2 weeks after this show aired. Might as well go back to your little neckbearded mgtow circle-jerk (normally just called homosexuality) because quite honestly the only thing you’re achieving here is a slight raising of your own blood pressure…


Women… Kyle, you’ve got the patience of a Saint.


omg I actually got frustrated and had human emotions! Men never get frustrated or tired! You don’t deserve my time you piece of shit.


(((god))) did forbid women from showing emotion and being “hysterical”, as did jew freud. white sharia would solve the “women problem”. After all it was Eve’s fault the world isn’t a paradise. On second thought..Sinead’s warnings to not get involved in controlled opposition were valid.

Foster XL

And you’ve got the presence of a low-brow prehistoric cave-dweller LOL! Did mommy give you a single syllable name so as not to confuse you when filling out welfare forms?


IQ does come from the mother, so we can only assume his mother was retarded too.


No, Research Has Not Established That You Inherited Your Intelligence From Your Mother

Something as complex as intelligence is not transferred solely through an offspring’s mother.


Let me rephrase: Around 20% of the genes scientists currently associate with mental retardation are located on the X chromosome. Males, generally, exhibit greater variability in intelligence than women, which is viewed by some scientists as the signature of a gene that would exist only on an X chromosome.

I mostly just tell that to woman haters because it gets them triggered and they have to admit that if all women are stupid, their mother is too, therefore they are lol

I was going to My mother is not the brightest bulb in the package compared to myself, so I was a bit taken aback by the previous comment.


Fuck, who wouldn’t break down in all this mess…….man or woman?


It’s possible to mentally train to not break down. It’s the sort of focus and will power that very mentally well developed people can accomplish. Think of the monk that burned himself with gas. People should take note of the bad and negative things that happen but do not think or dwell on it if it causes you to be depressed. If it incites rage and anger, then use that creative energy to perform some sort of productive action. Figure out productive actions that are reasonable for you and memorize them so when a negative thing triggers you you wind up doing something productive. This is mental judo. Take the negative stimuli in the world that elicit emotional reactions in you and decide how to… Read more »


You guys are totally obvious US GOVERNMENT SHILLS. When is this idiotic Russia-Trump connection crap going to stop? My God… “Dugin is destabilizing the US”. Please spare me while I have a healthy guffaw. Who the hell do you think you’re fooling? Isn’t it time to just quit this crap? What do you think you’re doing with your nonsensical idiocy. Don’t you have any shame at all? The recent events at Charlottesville have moved events way beyond your little ‘Russia-trump’ bogus connection. I don’t know what they’re paying you per hour, maybe you guys are GS 9s or something truly low on the gov scrotum pole, but you’re wasting your time. Just tell your Gov supervisor that she’s full of shit and you don’t want… Read more »


‘Russia-trump’ bogus connection.vs Jewish-trump real Connection…….I choose the latter, Everything else you mention is fluff.


Perhaps you Debbie thumb downers like denigrating the fine Russian people by associating them with the jew trump, they suffered enough at the hands of jews, that is why I don’t like the term Russian mafia it’s jew Mafia Period.!

Some newbie might read your Russian bashing & never see the jew in the shadows, they may even want to put on a uniform & kill white Russian on behest of the jews, haven’t we learned anything from history?

Words are powerful choose them wisely.


Tony your an idiot. There are plenty of Russian’s who understand exactly what Renegade speaks of – The Russian connection IS the Jewish Connection! Russia politics and high finance hasn’t been free of the jews since the Bolshevik takeover… ”oh, but, the wall fell!”. So what? THE JEWS STAYED. They own Russia, America, China, and every other major country – don’t you get it? It’s always the same with these truly infantile, unoriginal, hardly creative filthy jews… everything is right under your nose, hidden in plain sight! It’s so obvious you pass it by! They tell you 65% truth 35% bullshit so at the end of the day, the masses like you ”think they know something” and ”feel informed”…. The REAL Russian’s – are wonderful… Read more »


I apologize for singling Tony out – Eric you’re the original Idiot of this thread.


I think you are jumping the gun here buddy. Perhaps you are not a frequent listener, because Renegade has been very consistent in distinguishing between the Russian Jew and the Russian people. As previously stated, the Trump- Russian connection, is the Trump-Jew connection. No one is running down the true people of Russia. We would all like to see that country freed from Jewish tyranny. They are in the same situation as them. Like Kyle said, it’s just two sides of the same sheckel. Stick around and learn some stuff.


We are in the same situation, I meant to say

Foster XL

Hahahaha! Reading poor Eric’s comment just made me splutter in my tea with laughter! The poor guy is obviously triggered by something! Methinks he’s one of these goys who subconsciously knows Renegade is right but that knowledge just can’t make it into his conscious mind (yet – there’s always hope!). Renegade not credible? Where you been lately man?! The info on this site & from this network is blowing up man! I’ve met heaps of people lately who found Renegade by themselves! This network is one of the only ones ACTUALLY putting out a “truly credible” message in the face of these rapidly failing mainstream & alternative media LIES! Eric, you’re a fuckwit – snap out of it son! LOL!


Eric, how do you figure Russia and US (not the people but the (((people)))) holding hands under the table has not been around since day zero? You are either new to the game, late to the party or just being disingenuous. Dugin is another kosher frontman, just like Rasputin, if not a jew himself.


OK, I think I know what’s going on with you. You’ve apparently been hanging out in some corners that want to paint Kyle and Sinead as government operatives. They will point out the psychology /theater major of Kyle’s, which does of course put our radar up. And Sinead can be a bit abrasive and rub some people the wrong way. On top of that, given the level of infiltration in our movement, it’s only natural to be paranoid. However, one must use their discernment. I’m constantly wondering if I’m getting played. But, at the end of the day, Hellstorm proves to me that I will trust this site. It’s a wonderful piece of work. Surely, a Jew or a race traitor would spontaneously combust before… Read more »