Firestarter Radio: Emerging From Their Nightmare (1-3-20)

Sinead talks about some dreams she has had, Christian youtubers, and “Carnal Alchemy” by Stephen Flowers.

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Anthony Roberts

The jewish supremacists, who currently control all our lands, want their White cattle steered into three pens: The satan/folkish pen, where they can promote the tortured animal flesh diet, with a side dish of nazbol cannibalism, thrown in. This pen will also look to blend our heathen past with blood sacrifice and “sex magick.” These cattle will be used to normalize NAMBLA and the “love beyond age” mantra; but we know it’s just a cover for semitic child-rape. The christard pen, where you give your entire life over to a jewish father/son combo, and you see everything natural, like a loving “equal” hetero relationship, or using violence to protect your family and community as weak and disgusting; and of course, this kosher kult is just… Read more »


In Greece ghosts were described as shadows. In The iliad Achilles prayes to his ancestors for protection, and in Grogaldr(From the Eddas, Norse) a man prays to his ancestor for protection. Sinead I believe those shadow figures you saw who were protective of you were ghosts of your ancestors. I believe shadow people are ghosts. And I believe our ancestors protect us if we leave offerings for them. Drink libations are the common way o f honoring ancestors(“pouring some out for the homies” in black vernacular) What other spirits would even want to protect us apart from our ancestors? Would ghosts of dinosaurs care about us? If extra -terrestrials exist would their spirits care about us? Logically the spirits who care about us would be… Read more »

Lasse Gorm Andersen

(About Shaun and co. from TCTA) The pretenders are doing an excellent job at showing all the mistakes that one can make if you suspend logic and Scientific work method and fill the empty space with irrational emotion. Some of us were disappointed in these hosts. Now, not so much. What patience I had for listening to their perspective in their criticism of renegade was short. They prefer to make silly ad-hominem Muppet-show parodies instead of explaining exactly what is wrong with Renegade. If someone supports Renegade Broadcasting they are called vulgar names instead of being shown a logical better way. That’s is the primary difference between Kyle and Sinead VS “the pretenders” and I hope that continues and that as many people as possible… Read more »

Lasse Gorm Andersen

(About Dreams) Other animals than humans have dreams. I have seen enough cats and dog videos on Youtube to confirm that. If there was some sort of supernatural reason for dreaming, does it count for dogs and cats too? What about people suffering from illnesses like dementia or other circumstances that leads them to hallucinate or in other ways, blur their ability to navigate in the physical reality? I am convinced that the ultimate purpose of dreams, is an evolutionary beneficial trait that allows the mind on a highly subconscious and somewhat conscious level to mentally prepare for a similar situation in life, whether it be comfortable or uncomfortable. Dreams can tell us much about what we long for and what we fear. Usually the… Read more »


Off topic, but more Alt Righters have fallen- Augustus Invictus is in jail on serious charges and ‘Eli Mosley’ reports to jail on Monday…maybe you guys can do a exploration of their downfall ?

Lasse Gorm Andersen

(About Dreams part 2) If you are ever in doubt about whether or not you are dreaming (That is if you have enough consciousness to doubt this without waking up.), you can always attempt to read a book or a newspaper in the dream. Of course, it can seem rather convenient that you can get a hold of written words on demand in a dream in the first place, but if you do, unless the pages are completely blank you will find that the text in the book or newspaper, doesn’t make sense at all. At least not in full sentences. This is because the part of the brain that deals with logical thinking or reading requires a more conscious state of awareness to function… Read more »


Off topic, but this is some pretty good jiu jitsu by “the viking”


Fantastic chaining of submissions. When the triangle didn’t work out, he still had the arm and transitioned to a nice arm bar. He’s very technical. The only risky thing with going on your back in MMA, is that if they pass your guard you’re getting ground and pounded, but he did it well. I love attacking w my legs since my arms aren’t as strong.


I have had the same dreams about my gun jamming too. I have also had dreams that I have shot at someone ( usually a Negro) and I missed. I have actually shot at a Negro and missed after I had those dreams. Long story short a Negro broke into my friend’s car and stoled his colt 45 . Cops came right away and caught him around the corner.

Neil Haworth

I stumbled across this twitter thread a while ago, you talked about your mushroom experience so I thought to post It here:

Apart from his christian views I think its an interesting thread.

On the dreams topic, there was a time in my life that I felt imprisioned and trapped by my own circumstances I wanted to run away so my recurring dream was that I was able to fly. I miss that dreams they were very relaxing. Going to listen to kyle and drew show for more in depth coverage on the topic.