Firestarter Radio: Evalion – Special Emergency Broadcast (10-27-16)


Evalion and Sinead get together to discuss the relentless activism she and other activists are experiencing at the hands of Christian Picciolini. They also discuss her and her boyfriend’s detainment and humiliation by Canadian customs, which also resulted in her laptop and personal diary being confiscated. Calls are taken. Music list

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Great show these folks require lawful face to face confrontation. All Government agents must be exposed and scrutinized, while they are on and off the clock. It is the only thing that will get them to back off. Anything they can do to us we can do to them.

That’s why I hope Kikeolini shows up at my house 🙂 We’d have fun!

As a Canadian, i would like to apologize to Sinead and her boyfriend for the NKVD treatment they received by Canadian Customs. You are no doubt aware your name is likely on a list of unwanted aliens. By unwanted aliens, i mean anyone who promotes white survival and calls out the Jews.

I agree, these maggots must be relentlessly hounded day and night.

Poor Grace Steele. Her parents failed her. All people are doing is stating facts on you tube. Not threatening violence or promoting illegal actions. Like I said they would throw these girls a parade down the Canyon of Heroes in New York if they had an Abortion.

Two brave ladies. Thank you both for all your good work. This is what the jews fear most; intelligent women encouraging our men to wake up and take action.
PS PRicciolini: Actor. Speciality – playing an obese turd who threatens youngsters. I wonder if the FBI pay him in food?

I think the FBI pays him in bacon lol

FBI’s bitch powers don’t reach me, but he certainly did, when he tried to add me to Skype Sinns. I sent a screenshot to Kyle. Can you believe this fat kike piece of shit?

He wants to help you though! He’s your greatest ally.

Don’t trigger me Sinns. I’m going to be in Chicago soon.

Evalion’s purpose…“? Huh? Only a few reasons why you would say this –

1. You’re a genuine insider who knows what’s REALLY going on.
2. You’re an extremely good, tireless, hard-working & mobile investigator.
3. You’re very paranoid & create complex scenarios in your head.
4. You do a lot of drugs (somewhat related to 3).

Hmmm, I’m thinking it’s most likely 3, but could possibly be both 3 & 4 by the sound of this guy. Bit like that Shaun Surplus guy too – I’m pretty sure now he just makes shit up also. I left 3 comments on his article about leaving Renegade that were fairly neutral ie. slightly constructively critical but also saying good luck & he never approved them. If you check all the comments that are there all of them are supportive (some slavishly) & most are from names I’ve never seen before. Hmmm…

Now you mention it Frank, I just went & checked out Shaun’s site and he’s now written 3 articles bitching about this beef he’s having with Renegade. He used to go on about “Gays Of Our Lives” all the time but when it comes down to it he’s the biggest fucking drama queen around! He seems to have a fascination with feminism but while he makes one or two commonly agreed upon valid points here & there he’s definitely grasping the wrong end of the stick in many people’s opinion from what I’ve seen by feedback. It’s quite sad to see especially when he attacks other men for not having exactly the same view on it that he does! Personally I think he just has… Read more »

thats the biggest load of verbal diarrhea ive heard in quite a while, you must have been to university to learn how to spray so very hard.

Just go to Shaun’s website and read all the articles he’s written in the last few days back-to-back. I genuinely liked Shaun’s shows & it’s sad to have to say this but c’mon, the guy’s got issues! 🙁

Shaun’s starting his new network New Year’s Eve according to his gossip column. He’s asking for suggestions for the network name. Because he only approves comments that praise him over there, here’s my suggestion – “Little Shauny’s Drama Central”. He could have a quote inserted into the start of every show in similar vein to the way TDS has that George Bush quote but his could be him screaming in a high-pitched voice “If you don’t agree with what I tell you to agree with YOU CAN FUUUUUCCCKK OOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFF!!!” 😀

im absolutely dumbfounded over the response shaun has gotten over this, all you people are just so ready to throw someone under the bus it disgusts me, considering all the work he has done here to just be turned on like this buy both sinead, kyle and a lot of their loyal doughnut glazed listeners shows how much the kikeatropic virus as infected you all. if this is going to be the standard here you are doomed to be eternal victims of the jew. i thought kyle was a bigger man than this.

im absolutely dumbfounded over the response shaun has gotten over this… Maybe you need to wake up to the reality of it all then! Respectfully I understand that you met the man personally & got on with him so maybe your view is just a little subjective but just because you’re convinced that what he’s doing is ok & that there is maybe in your view a right & wrong party DOESN’T mean that view is the correct one. Looking at it objectively & watching who’s been throwing stones (or should I say toys) since this thing went down it’s fairly obvious to me who the most unbalanced party is & that leads me to think that that party had more to do with the… Read more »

what is Sean’s url?

Once again on Renegade, there is no bipolar disease, only manic depression. Sean admits to being an alcoholic and seemed to express some of the personality traits that go often go along with that. Mostly he appropriated equipment donated specifically to Renegade and that is lowlife behavior.

I never felt comfortable with the guy.

Was it lowlife behaviour when he volunteered dozens of hours a week of his technical ability, which you listened to for free? Is it realistic that they fall out and he’s going to spend money shipping it all back to America? I just don’t see the big deal or why people can’t just give it a few weeks and contact each other and mend bridges and get back to working with each other. A moderate disagreement shouldn’t be so terminal, unless one has a psychcuckold episode on air like Graham. I don’t even listen to any other stations now as so few people are totally on point like Renegade (and Rob Reyvolt)…it seems a shame to break friendships up over minor historical opinions, when it… Read more »
Shaun had various options. First, he’s apparently coming back to the US so at the very least he could easily return the computer that Renegade donors bought. The other thing he could do is find the price on similar equipment on eBay, for example, and send the difference back to Renegade by check. But instead he makes totally absurd assertions about how he ‘built the entire infrastructure’ for Renegade. WTF? Not only does that sound extremely inaccurate considering Renegade was already in action as a radio station years before he even arrived, it’s also ludicrous to think that he is somehow Renegade. I didn’t donate to give to Shaun Surplus. I donated to the person who runs Renegade and to the people (and works) he… Read more »
You don’t know what goes on in the background and how much Shaun has or has not done. But you know he has worked on every show behind the scenes, and you’ve never given him any money, and, I imagine most people haven’t as its simpler to sent it to Kyle, so prehaps your faux indignation might be unnecessary, given Shaun has done more than you ever will, and you benefitetd without donating to him. I’m just saying, perhaps it would be better to cool off and hopefully Shaun and Kyle/ Sinead can mend bridges and put their disagreement in the past, whoever is at fault. It really isn’t worth it. To be honest, it was pretty sad hearing Shaun wasn’t going to Florida and… Read more »
How the hell do you know what I do or don’t know about ‘what goes on in the background?’ I know I gave Renegade money because it was created and run by Kyle Hunt. I know Shaun Surplus was a mere tech support person who also did a weekly show which I personally found totally uninteresting and insubstantial and boring even on an emotional level (even repellent). Anyone can do tech support, which isn’t to say that it’s not a fine contribution when done competently. But it’s not the specific tech support that inspired me to follow and donate to Renegade. It was the creator and his overall vision (which is not to say I agree with every opinion or decision he makes). This is… Read more »

now im banned for renegade chat room for supporting shaun, finally showing your true colours, well up until all this shit happened i would have never thought it would happen here, all be it your loss, i guess with leadership like this how can we not lose to the jew

Who cares what you think. You don’t know what goes on in the background so stop jumping to ASSumptions – oh look, Kyle has just proven that you are jumping to conclusions, ergo you really do not know what goes on in the background, so stfu and stop stirring shit to feign indignation, newb. “Kyle owns Renegade and Shaun was ‘merely’ the technician”, wow, how did you know that??? Your deductive ability is unsurpassed. Your indignation really brings out your genius.

Kyle pointed out that the money was sent directly to Shaun for the purpose of maintaining Renegade’s radio show. The question people need to ask themselves is, would they trust someone who lies so outrageously about what he’s doing with that money and what its purpose was? People donated so that Renegade – a radio show ( and all else) – could be run, not so that Shaun Surplus could embezzle it like a greedy conniving jew. Did people really donate to pay for Shaun’s vacation? Did they intend the money as support for Renegade or for Shaun’s personal vendetta show? The fact that he’s so clearly obsessed with Kyle and what goes on at Renegade but continues to avoid speaking to this issue proves… Read more »
Hey Daniel, have you even listened to Shaun’s whiney little “spiels” about why he left Renegade on his site? He actually had the gall to say “he” made Renegade what it is today! LOL! I’ve been enjoying listening to Renegade since they started and the contents been there for years. The technical problems in the past weren’t so great that it ever stopped me enjoying the shows. Shaun’s only been around in the last year and we STILL had technical problems even with him behind the scenes so really the difference between old Renegade & new is nowhere near as great as he would lead you to believe. And when I say “lead” I mean it – he’s a Grade A Manipulator! Just look at… Read more »
So have you seen the lowlife’s latest obsessive post on that blog, which appears to be totally focused on somehow attacking Renegade since the idiot’s got so little of his own content to work with?! He’s crying like a ‘pussy bitch’ because of some allusion Kyle made on a Renegade chatroom. The guy’s gotta let the fuck go. He’s spent his miserable days hurling the basest of insults to Sinead, to Kyle, after robbing funds from Renegade ($500 of which went to paying for his american vacation) and then claims it’s not fair to observe that he’s not even capable of keeping a marriage and family intact. The weakling went beyond base (and it was absolutely he who went there) and expects Kyle to just… Read more »
Also, Shaun Surplus is making this huge issue of so-called ‘First Wave Feminism.’ There was no such thing. The word ‘feminism’ was never applied to the suffragist and labor and temperance movements, even by adversaries. The word feminism may have existed, supposedly in obscurity in France, during that period but it was never applied to the any of the women-oriented or influenced social change waves prominent during the turn of the century. One reason for this was that these movements weren’t perceived as simply ‘women’s issues,’ and therefore weren’t tagged with the jewish identity politics popularized in the 1970’s. The term and movement, feminism, began in the US with Betty Friedan’s book, The Feminine Mystique. Friedan wrote it in 1963 but the ‘women’s liberation’ movement… Read more »

Meant to write, ‘to refer to a foment’ at the end above.

She’s 18 dude! How good were you at projecting your political worldview to everyone around you at that age? Did you even have a worldview at 18?! Use your fucking brain – it’s not just there to keep your eyeballs from falling into your skull!

Good show, you two. I had some undercover jew on Voat who tried to sell me on the hilariously unfounded rumors on both of you in response to posting both of your articles/videos on the website. His best defense on attacking Evalion was some troll-neckbeard counterpart to wikipedia that actually equates the Third Reich with homosexuality, shits all over the spirituality of my ancestors and does not shy away from bombarding visitors with gay porn gifs. Sounds credible to me! Anyway keep fighting the good fight and Hail Victory!

Which jew-owned outlets did she make it to? overnight, or since her detainment.

“…she made it to ALL the jew owned outlets over night…”

So after you were asked to list “ALL the jew-owned outlets” you came up with just Red Ice Radio since your original comment nearly 23 hours ago? You’re a fucking idiot!

Epic show! I enjoyed participating with these brave women. As much as I hate to see this happening, it’s also an opportunity for us to expose and confront these Jew-agents like Picciolini. The more of us that retaliate in the name of our friends who are being stalked and harassed by this pig, the harder it will be for them to accomplish their mission. They have infinite resources but relatively small numbers in comparison, and we can defeat them. If you’re not active, get active. If you are, take it up a notch. Nothing fires me up more than seeing my brothers and sisters unfairly and dishonestly attacked. We need to put fear into them and show them that we are not weak and won’t… Read more »

Great show, so bad that you had to be dissected like that. I really despise these authority types (like the Stanford prison experiment quite well demonstrated) that take pleasure in being the “almighty power”, while you have to sit there and take it. They take jobs like that on purpose. Yeah all big men throwing rocks from behind nannys legs.

Anyway, good synergy and great to hear such a well grounded youth speaking with confidence.

Ronald Dumpf retweeted her, that’s a bit snuff isn’t it ? What about the Daily Mail ? .Condemned jews called black people n****** .Denied holocaust called Hitler brilliant and compassionate. (I agree): Well isn’t that a parody, bwahahaha, Hitler would have never called negroes “niggers”, not that I give a crap personally, however, there are more Noble and Diplomatic ways of saying things to get your point across, that’s just asking for it. “Edelweiss” is a show tune from the 1959 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical The Sound of Music. It is named after the edelweiss, a white flower found high in …”. was depicted in the 70’s T.V show “The Good Life” as the character Margo’s favorite too (actual name: Dame Penelope Keith, aka; Nee… Read more »

Donald Trump never retweeted her. Wtf are you talking about?

Actually he did , several times .

Go ahead and link all the tweets then.

You are a piece of shit. You sit here and laugh at a young lady who is being harassed relentlessly for risking her life while you are too cowardly do even do HALF of what she has done. You are a sorry excuse for a man and a useless waste of air. I don’t think you belong here anymore. You are filth.

I have a channel on Youtube and have made some nationalist commentary videos showing my face. I was nervous just doing that, and I’m pretty reserved with my demeanor. People told me “Don’t do that; don’t show your face and talk about these issues” Well, when brave people like Evalion or our European nationalist friends (men and women) are facing serious issues for speaking their minds, so I feel I should do here in the USA as I have the constitutional right to talk politics/race/social issues even if called a ‘racist’ or ‘bigot. I can’t even imagine the hell that many white nationalists such as Evalion, Matthew Heimbach, the Political Cesspool and you guys (Shaun, Sinead and Kyle, etc) go through. It’s sad that all… Read more »

Now you wonder why I blocked you on Twitter? 😛

Third time is the charm, Roj. You made it! LOL
First time you caused trouble, no one noticed.
Second time, I caught you.
Third time, you got the SS boot.

WTF man? I might put you on the volcano list.

It’s like Ernst Zundel with her boyfriend being held. Isn’t her BF from Germany? They may deport him back to Germany if that’s it.

Tragic show and an example of a predators method of pimping young girls. The fact that he has been unfettered access to an isolated minor with incessant deprived sexual overtones/exposer being his central theme along with absolute isolation from friends and family bodes ill for the child. Classic tried and true pimping behavior of a predator. He will force or confuse her into a depraved sex act and blackmail her by further isolation and probably introduce drugs as well. A real Jew victory to abuse a white nationalist and worth the effort to wear them down till they give in spent physically and mentally. Remember the fbi runs many child porn sites actively creating content with those “expert” partners and “production” company screams porn producer…..… Read more »

They pay that fat jew with brisket and matzo balls .

On the USB. In windows the usb stick is assigned a drive letter like c: d: v: whatever but when you move it to other computers it can get assigned a drive letter that is the same as one you already have. Sooo you need to go to “this PC” then “manage computer ” “disk management ” . That is where it will show up. When you find the rectangle that is your USB drive right click on it and “change drive letter and paths..” pick an unusual one like x z n p not f or d. I really hate this about windows. A n y w a y.. Kids need to figure out their own ideas. I lived in Canada most of my… Read more »

just noticing, that this harassment is just a small part of much bigger picture of globalist agenda.

Youtube made me watch that video as a skip ad. Democrats watched that and thought of Ken Starr et. al. right up to Trump saying he would prosecute Killery. Its all part of the bagelian dialectic. Jews are great at dragging people through the courts and they can do it with the left hand or the right.

ha ha, bagelian dialectic, that’s great!

How dare the government of Canada!! I will never go there again.

Just waiting for the show to begin. Great music what is that ?.

The music list is there to look at below the description Mike.

Oh sorry mate, you mean the fill music? That was out of a game called X-Rebirth, Mike.

On the subject of that ‘Onisian’ guy (however he spells it)… ‘Onanism’ is a posh word for masturbation.

Onision himself said he just made the name up to be unique as the word had zero hits in google ( HOWEVER when looking up the name on a baby name site ( this came up – Oni as a name for girls is of Hebrew derivation, and the meaning of the name Oni is “He (God) has favored me”. Sion as a boys’ name is of Hebrew origin. Refers to the fortified hill of pre-Israelite Jerusalem. After the Israelites captured this hill, it became the official residence of king David and other kings. To Christians, Sion is a symbol of heaven. Also, Onision (real name Gregory Daniel Jackson) is ex-Airforce. However, he didn’t serve long & was apparently dishonorably discharged (that’s right “dishonorably”) for… Read more »

Do you still believe the flat earth theory? I remember you had a discussion with Eric Dubay earlier on your show and you seemed to agree and get along, but now you’re saying he’s a shill. Just interested.