Firestarter Radio: Exposing The Vampires (11-29-16)

Depressed little girl

In the first hour Sinead speaks with return guest, Rosa, who’s children were kidnapped from her by the Norwegian social services.  They also discuss the recent exposure of a child rape ring in her local area.  In the second hour Sinead rants about dude bros and their saltiness infecting the comments section of Renegade, how rap music was invented by Whites and B stops by, alongside her twin sister to share an open letter to the dude bros of the alt kike.  Closing track: Dub Phizix & Skittles – I’m A Creator

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Hitler was NOT a Jewish/Rothschild agent. It’s only something shills and Jews says so you will not study the truth about him. It was some of the first things I heard on Alex Jones show and the 100 others Illuminati YouTube channels.

If Hitler was kosher, he would be here today. Well, age and all that but you know what I mean.

There is a toxic myth that it’s impossible for a women to be pro-family/traditionalist AND be strong and independent. The ideal family should have two strong parents running the show, as opposed to all dependence being funneled to the father alone. This sentiment reeks strong among the Alt-Kike and Manosphere/PUA communities. When my mother left an abusive marriage, she didn’t crumble under the weight of not having a man around anymore. She instead harnessed her strength to create her own business. Life was never easy or luxurious by any means but my siblings and I were always fed and I had a roof over my head because she pressed on. All the while she *gasp* brought me up conservatively, and pressed upon the importance of… Read more »


Very good idea about the pizza doc Sinead. The jew media will quickly go into ‘damage control’ and blame all white men and pagan satanists. The kikes have been behind this for millennia, with the help of blackmailed, or just evil, wealthy and powerful people. We need to nail them now!

(((FIFA))) recently ordered the Scotland football team to wear their “pink” away shirts against England at Wembley. It pushes the jews feminising agenda and further divides and antagonizes the white men of both countries, whilst emboldening the rapefugees.

PS Nice to hear Rosa is doing okay in the circumstances. She is a very strong lady to cope with only seeing her children occasionally. Great logical rant by ‘B’ and her sister as well.

White knighting is just the “I’m better than you” act in front of a woman when he sees a chance to gain her appeal when a competing male is being seen as rude or offensive. It is just another tactic to jump on an opportunity for self interest, but disguised as honourability.

The Alt Shite are bastardising the term to make a weaponised language term from it so that anyone who even talks to a woman is considered a white knight.

Great show. Sorry I am wrong. FUCKING GREAT SHOW. By the way, I can do one better, actually the Greeks invented rap, and they did it very well. They invented rhythmic poetry and had a system that is FAAAAR in advance of anything: timing, emphasis, structure etc. In fact it is probably unsurpassed in it’s depth of aesthetic. Look up Dactylic Hexameter. That ain’t talk from no nigga yo!

Talking about RAP, friend said that he saw on BBC TV a while back, that in the 1600’s rap was being performed in French taverns. Also this was brought to Africa by them and they influenced the Black culture there like voodoo is influenced by French freemasonry.

Amazing show, Sinny. I am a monthly contributor and hope that helps defray the expenses for making the excellent video on South Africa you just released, and will help with the Pizzagate one you are doing. Btw, Steve Cottrell, whose logo at Facebook is “Fuck TV” is administering a newly created website there, #Pizzagate, where all can find a wealth of material as well as ask to join that group. Re the matter of the attitude of American white men toward American white women, Charles Guiliani, who was formerly considered a Bible scholar (hee hee) having written several such books, has over the years told us, during his shows, how displeased he has been with the female sex, hated dating (at least for many years),… Read more »

Thank you so much for your monthly support.

Am now viewing “Adolf Hitler Speaks to Rise Up Against Democracy.” Thank you for rising up and for staying strong. All who appreciate you, et al, should contribute.

I always thought Skaldic Viking verse in kennings is a lot like rap or could of been the first version of it.

Like how they named their weapons also an gave them names.

Poor Rosa. I can`t think of anything worse than to have a beloved child, or children, removed from your care, without any concrete reason. My daughter has two small children, and constantly walks on eggshells, worried that her children will be removed if she says, or does, the slightest thing, which might be considered harmful, but, she is lucky, we live in a rural area, and the child protection people are local. They are very nice. Both my daughter, and son-in-law attended parenting classes. A friend in England said she wished the authorities in the UK would do something similar, as she has seen many parentally abused children, where the authorities do little, or nothing.. I know nothing about Trump, other than what I read,… Read more »

Important show and more information of the same abuse and cover up from the police social workers and families can be found at the

One of my plans was to put pedo’s and politicos in general population of the worst prisons till laws are passed and enforced to rid the world of the evil. Rolling stone had an exposé on the hundreds of thousands of sex slaves and sacrifices brought into the U.S. Each year.

Worked cracking down on Asian snuff films brought to Hawaii in the 80’s 90’s till the political machine expelled us from the system

Yet another interesting show. I always learn something new every time I listen to a renegade show. That part with “B” was the best, I also have noticed all the anti women stuff coming from the “alt right” , so you guys are not alone.

The overruling reason for the war against Germany was that they ousted the fractional reserve banking system in National-Socialism. In other words, the “Rothschild” banking system.

I’m unable to join twitter to give you all a Hail! They want a damn phone number so they locked my account and email now. Screw them I’m not submitting. I’ve been browsing and binge listening over the last few days and must thank you for helping me review poisonous ideas I picked up since rejecting the system, realizing they were no better. Ego takes a shot as I’m reminded that I cannot defend against the appeal of infected group think on my own. Popular culture had me avoiding my tree folk for reasons I think we all understand by now, well you all seem pretty sharp about it. More than I was deluded into thinking I was. Sorry for rambling. Continue being proud and… Read more »

I must post this, but be warned this is pretty grevious. It will make you fucking detonate. I am fucking raging and I am trying to ascertain more about what is going on here. It was put up yesterday i.e. very recently, in one of the European movement pages on facebook.

As far as the bible the King James Version had all the greatest minds and scholars of the world come to get a final agreement on an English translation of the OLD and NEW testament. For Jewish money making interest the change the Bible by 10% and sell you a new new bastardized version that corrupts degrades and destroys the word in order to make fools and undermine Christans all while making money. You are confused about a barbaric time of tribalism and child sacrifice and just how far you can push the “be a nice people to usher in the final way that you will only be mimicking a part of with animals” The Jews failed from day one to not only listen but… Read more »

Lastly “killing people” seems “shocking” when we look through rose colored “modern” glasses yet we help kill hundreds of millions for fun communists and money.

Riddle me this if dc is full of pedo’s murderes criminals of the worst type who worship evil with all there heart. How does one reintegrate them into society without them laughing conspiring corrupting and doing the same old lies?

You tear the root out of evil then as now no question about it. Back then there is no prison or psychobabble to Help the devil be a “saint”. You cut the head off the snake just as they would kill you in a second flat. That’s reality

When did Charles say he was a devil worshipper?

He said as a teen he was ” heavy” into satanic worship into his twenties if I recall and was part of a cult started in the 1800’s called the “seventh day Adventist’. Started by a jewess who said the end of the world was around the corner and saten was the true “light bearer”

I commented on the showed a free months back near the flat earth debacle

Ellen g white

And just last week, CG stated that he would be happy if Planet Earth was destroyed, or words much to that effect. I would not! This might be the only planet that has life on it, and it is our job go try to make it last, and even get better.

I’m just following National Socialism and Hitler’s view on the role of women, so spare me all your false assumptions that I ought to represent criticizing Jew-Feminism.
You on the other hand let your guest Rose say that Hitler was a Rothschild agent, unchallenged.
Hitler, like Trump, gets demonized all day by the Judenpresse. Was Hitler built up too then? Charles Guiliani certainly thinks so, as well.
You think, I’m a Jewish Nigger for not writing 100% fluent English?
Is your guest Rose also a Jewish Nigger then?
You want me to fuck off of Renegade? You got it. So long.

Also, you say that “Jew feminism” gave women the vote. If that’s the case then how did Hitler get 50% of his vote from women??? I thought you were supposed to be logical. I also have not had time to research if Hitler was funded by the rothschilds, and clearly stated that I have not substantiated her claim so I cannot speak about it with certainty. She’s right about your type worshiping him like a God and waiting around on your lazy ass for another Hitler to come save you. Comparing Trump to Hitler just shows that you are incapable of logical thought. You are your wife are a match made in patriarchal heaven. Good riddance!

Hitler tried to overthrow the illegitimate state in 1923 and it didn’t work, so he worked within system of the Jew created Constitution, written by Hugo Preuss in Weimar. Then this Jew Constitution was amanded to fit the National Socialist worldview after 1933.
Hitler worship is bad now too? That’s what leftists tell me as well. Maybe NS isn’t for you then. And the Rothschild Question was addressed by many researchers, even on this network.
But why am I arguing at all? I’m just a Jewish Nigger, right? That insult right there should settle any disputes.
Bye then.

The jews infested the NS government over time. How else are there so many jews in the top social positions in Germany at that stage? They turned over Germany from within, and fucked up the works as they always do. Germany made the simple mistake of not being the 110th country to boot them. I don’t see how we cannot come together with all other races and nations and just stomp these bastards for good. They are persistent, patient, and work over LONG LONG LOOOOONG LONG LONG LOOOOOONG periods of time i.e. FOREVER UNTIL THEY EITHER DIE OR WIN. There is no half measure to be taken by them, this is why we must take NO half measure with them.
Hitler tried to ban them. World War Jew (II) was initiated while he was in the process of doing so to the best of his abilities without just pushing them into another part of Europa to spread out and infest the surrounding areas and then come back to bite him in the ass. He wanted to get them away from Europe, and was halted with World War Jew. So don’t blame Hitler, he did what he could. I don’t know that their gov was infested with Kikes, I don’t agree with that according to my research. If they tried, I can guarantee most were weeded out and caught if their intentions were malevolent. The surrounding factor was: Are you for the Jew World Order taking… Read more »

Yes. Worshipping a dead man is fucking retarded. Why don’t you actually get off your ass and DO something besides worshipping someone who did more than you ever have? Again, why are you still here? You said you were leaving. So go. NS is for me. It’s not for you. Do you think I have time to listen to every show on this network? NO. I don’t. I’m busy actually doing something for our race, like being a mother and calling out the TRUE enemy while you sit here and bitch and moan about women. Why the hell should any woman follow you? What have you done that is so great?

Sinead is telling you like it is. Hey, “wtf!” are you a cuckold or some shit? She’s doing all she can to inspire you guys to actually do something instead of acting like cuckolds, hoping for someone to save the entire Jew occupied world, talking about hitler (doubt you even make pro-hitler propaganda/truth movies or memes or anything like you should be instead of commenting here), and DRUMPH (real name, he’s not alt-right he’s alt-kike). The fact you’re not doing anything is sad, and when called out you guys react in such a pathetic cucky way. Stop it, read what Sinead actually said and take it into account. You know, I’m a young man and had a few youtube channels for a couple years promoting… Read more »


Letz, just look back and see what you’re arguing for and against and whether it’s even worthed or not! It’s very clear now that the majority of anti-female propaganda pushers are confirmed sellout bastards. Just get on Daily Stormer, for instance, and see what type of sewage that little Mongoloid has been pushing, now, with a good old picture of Reagen on the front page! What good will this sex-division bring if not only for the jews? Is this “feminism” topic that prevalent at the moment at all? If you’re married then why the fuck do you even care so passionately about this? No, I totally agree with Sinead on this, and most of what she has said, even thought I may not like the… Read more »

Hope the door hits you on the way out!

@ Yrton – Hear! Hear!


I disagree with CG’s assertions of Hitler. I don’t worship the man, but admiration and inspiration certainly are valid. The more speeches of his I listen to the more I know that the fall of Germany was more on account of jew shapeshifters in the ranks. Although I do wonder about the skull and bones of the SS, I wonder why that in particular. Then again who is to say the freemasons are the ones who originated it or are using it in its correct meaning?

Credo /mortality conquering death etc.. As many paintings of saints had skulls. We now ignore and hide death that was for ages a part of life as was the struggle.

We have been programmed to hate nature hate life fear death and embrace lies. If Hitler was an agent he would not have struggled for ages there would have been money interest and power brokers from the start.

After success money falls from the sky to corrupt and if I recall he did not even have a bank account much less millions stashed offshore. That can’t be said for the parasites and door keepers that latch on to any success to feed till it pops.

To whom it may concern: Hitler was not a Rothschild agent, he was a patriot who sacrificed all for his people. Mistakes were made, and we do not have to like everything he did or everything he was…but he remains a very great awe inspiring man who teaches and inspires us today. I endorse what I call the “loose embrace” of Hitler ( as opposed to a blind non critical hero worship of the man )….

Hitler Youth organization was such a blessing for them, and how fortunate our youth would be if Adolf still lived. Thanks for your comment, David.

Wow, what a rant in the middle of the show there Sinead.
You’re handling some intense material lately with these pedo horrors.

A wise man once said: in order to heal the gender rift, men must surrender their despair towards women, and women must surrender their anger towards men.

(btw I’m not taking sides on whatever is happening between you and letz. Anger is a vital component to dealing with the parasite and we all need to direct it carefully to the intended target)

I believe that is a quote from John Lamb Lash and his wisdom is in question.
What do you think it means?:
A wise man once said: in order to heal the gender rift, men must surrender their despair towards women, and women must surrender their anger towards men.
Is this accurate?

NS will heal the gender rift, at least for starters. The main problem is the bigger picture context we are in: the cog push grind of meaningless commercial labor and connect with something actually real. All commercial contexts are ultimately total destructive, illusory garbage, because they are artificial. NS at least reverts to some form of natural order and aligns with it. It is the political, non-political option. Screw the CIty (the Polis) the open air prison where things are decided for you. We assume gender roles according to how the Polis operates. You remove the context and things will revert back to normal.

Yep. A “wise man”. Any direct reference to JLL that I post up here seems not to meet approval of the moderator. The paraphrase cited stands on it’s own merit however. ” [JLL’s] wisdom is in question.” Hhaha.. and you supposedly learned the origin of wisdom? – or not? Your sincerity is in question, Joyster. You have already been asked to prove your claims against JLL. Anyway, I’m not defending a “guru” here. What do I think the statement means? is it accurate? These are good questions, you’re not so stupid. I’m sick of this in-fighting and sick of the Jew playing men against women. You know mythologically the cause of the gender divide, I assume. There needs to be a recognition and reconciliation between… Read more »

It means nothing to me John

You are rubble.

And no, I’m not John


free to hate said –

“I’m sick of this in-fighting”
“You are rubble”

Contradiction much?

It also said =

“…as a woman, I would surrender my anger towards men… who, would likewise surrender to me…”

Spoken like a true fucking KIKE!!! GTFO of here with your surrendering bullshit! You’re only in here BECAUSE we are NOT surrendering to those who assume they’re “in power” (the ones you represent). The day of reckoning IS certainly coming and you fucking KIKES will pay for ALL your wrongs!

Yeah, that’s right “Biff”. You come up against something that you don’t quite have the intelligence to understand and you default to calling me a jew. Only through an act of surrender TO ONE ANOTHER, can a man and woman empower EACH OTHER. But, off you go Biff to fight the kike on your own with your bro dudes, good luck with that. Yunno, I may even go as far as calling you out as a time waster troll agitator. Kali says: Either you participate in my supernatural magic, including the magical power of love, or you are rubble, dust and ash on the charnel ground. I’m a devotee of Kali Ma in the practice of Planetary Tantra. As was Joyster. She rejected Kali’s magic… Read more »
Does big guru JLL teach you to make all the assumptions you do & to assume a position of pompous ass supreme or is that just you showing YOUR ignorance “hmmm”? By the way, “yunno” isn’t a word – before you attempt to bring another’s “intelligence” into question you might want to check your own vocabulary so as not to nullify your own assumed superior stance in the eyes of the beholders there Mr Kalika “douchebag”. Now why don’t you just stop wasting your time on obvious spiritual inferiors like us, run along now and focus all your energy on willing some kike to his demise – oh yeah that’s right… because no matter how much you try to will something into happening it doesn’t… Read more »
Well Biff, you were the first to jump to wild assumptions that I am a “kike” Yunno. As for “willing” things to happen, this is not Kalika practice and I’ll take your statement as evidence that you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. You are referring to “magical thinking” which is delusional newage bs. I respect your ambition to go and do some “actual physical stuff” but you need the backstory to what you are facing, and JLL tells quite a story, take it or leave it. If you go out to battle unprepared, you’re toast. btw- John is an anti-guru. The Terma is the guru. “Mind & Spirit are only two thirds of a three part solution” Ha. you crack me up… Read more »
Here’s what I DO know for a fact dude – when the shit really does hit the fan (whatever form that takes) it’ll be ex-frontliners & others like me who trained all their adult life in the “material” world both in the forces & privately who’ll be hauling people like you by the scruff of the neck out pf dangerous situations that you’re not practically prepared for! I’ve got enough years of experience at doing just that in various places to know how it works in the real “material” world & I’ve had to deal with plenty of jokers like you who had their beliefs squarely challenged as reality hit them like a ton of bricks. So don’t talk to me about being prepared for… Read more »
Can you kill with beauty? As a cheetah takes down a gazelle As tigers hunt buffalo As a spider traps a fly As a pack of Wolves take a moose Can you kill like a human animal, with beauty, finesse. with art and elegance, and not get drunk on blood? Can you kill in the protection of life? I’m trying Biff, I am really trying to find a rapport here. – between those who are facing this war, and right now between male warriors. So you think JLL is fullofshit? I don’t care, I’m not trying to ‘convert’ anyone. But John Lash did say one thing that I’ve never heard anyone else say, that is: What the world needs is a warrior Class. You and… Read more »

Don’t waste time studying that!
Time is wasting….

Thanks gatekeeper Joyster.
Yeah Biff. Don’t waste your time even reading the three lines of the Terma of Gaia Awakening:

You cannot become anything but more beautiful.
Love and the supernatural operate on the same frequencies.
Samsara and this enlightenment have the same look.

You really are a tragic case, lesliejoy

free to hate said –

“Any direct reference to JLL that I post up here seems not to meet approval of the moderator.”

Most likely because references to people who are full of shit are simply a waste of everyone’s time.

For the record, I do commend Kyle, Sinead and renegade for your work and output. Arete.
My issue is with you giving a platform to the slanderous Joyster who seems to have set herself up as a gatekeeper to Planetary Tantra and John’s work. But then, she could always use the opportunity to provide some actual evidence of her claims against John Lash.

The epitaph of humanity:
“Perished for the failure to observe Beauty.”

And that, @Biff, IS my last fucking word.

See you on the battlefield… or not…

Thank you, good points raised. I really appreciate the high caliber of intelligence here on renegade. You, my friend are the cream of the lot, wow, I’m speechless. Have you got any “Your momma” insults?

WTF ? that must mean: Wisdom, Truth, Freedom. AmIRight?

Hahahaha! Ala peanut butter sandwiches!!! 😀

No tuna fish sandwiches