Firestarter Radio: Fakeocracy (5-24-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about the kosher New Right in Poland, limited hang outs, child sex abuse scandals from her elementary school, auto tune and more!

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Thanks for the mention of my article* on Game of Thrones. – As an intermittent conspiracy researcher and blogger ( i’ve looked into a wide variety topics, and Elite Gender Inversion (EGI) quite extensively. A topic like secret transgendered Elite individuals is hard to discuss intelligibly. Critique and ridicule is easy to make about EGI – just as for criticizing Jewish behavior. – In this audio, there is mention of another article about Game of Thrones being Jewish propaganda (The Tribune ?) – i’ve not found the referenced article and would be interested to read it if anyone have more information about this particularly. – There is no doubt that Hollywood is a Jewish propaganda machine and that their influence on popular culture is very… Read more »


Why do you link to a site that scapegoats blame away from jews?

Fakeologist does avoid the subject of Jews, while many of the followers of the site do not (like myself). – In terms of conspiracy research, i consider Fakeologist worthwhile on a number of subjects such as Nuclear Weapons, 911, EGI, JFK, Terrorism and media hoaxes in general. Since 2014 i’ve participated at Fakeologist on various topics and found the debate stimulating* – but do not, in any way, vouch for the opinions of the website showhost. – I consider no conspiracy media-outlet flawless* (Renegade included) and i have since a while back chosen to publish thoughts and articles in an independent blog ( What i find interesting is topical discussion as there simply isn’t any blog or community that have my own exact opinions. –… Read more »


Can I have the link to: How to Get Laid in Poland 🙂 i need to download it


So you either have no personality, are a narcisisstic asshole, in a country you don’t belong in, or are just “so ugly only a mother could love”, huh?


Psychopaths often transfer their own personality traits to others to play with their feelings, one of their lavish characteristics is lack of humor. I am glad you gave a description of your characteristics and appearance. I think the good idea is that you disappear into another forum that you propose along with the 13 others who have set a minus. You can create an echo chamber for crying babies. I have great sympathy for Poland and their people, the video is nothing new it has seen before with Germany and my own country. I am glad that I have humor its needed at the moment


I was one of those that thumbed you down because I find your idea of “humor” to be extremely jewy. Just because you add a smiley face does not make you less disgusting.


The jewish solution for everything – put a (((psychiatric))) label on every action, thought, and person that offends you and send it to the gulag for said (((psychiatric disorder))).

I was just guessing your character by your degenerate ”joke”/hasbara..
Demon’s really do a lot of projecting on the other hand, though the well is shallow, it’s easy to see through.


Can’t tell if you’re trying to be comical or if you’re serious. Not sure if you’re new to commenting here or not. I haven’t read every single comment on every single show. That being said, there is no place for that type of asinine and degenerate thought here.


I could have told you checking out Fakeologist was a waste of time. I listened to some of their conversations a couple of years ago. The main guy made it known he wouldn’t accept any criticism of Jews. That was enough for me.

Pierce Scrim

Had several one-on-ones early 2013 with Ab Irato of Fakeologist whom, since I became jew-aware later that year, call Abraham Irato. With him it’s never the jews. On the contrary, they are being used says he. Scapegoats they are. With him the military are the culprit of the world. Abraham’s task to divert from the jews is so transparent.