Firestarter Radio: Feed the Fire (12-15-15)


Tonight Sinead has on her friend and Youtuber, Maurice, to talk about his videos, and his thoughts on what we can do to wake up our people to the ongoing genocide being committed against them. In the second hour Sinead shares a series of recordings that she made throughout the week on topics like, Trump, Putin, the push to normalize pedophilia, and how we need to stop waiting for a savior, and save ourselves.

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Jonny M
6 years ago

This is the second time that Firestarter Radio is mixing the dubious flat earth theory with serious issues that affect Whites. Last time this idea came up when the plight of White South Africans was being talked about. A simple high altitude baloon will reveal that the Earth is spherical.

6 years ago

@Jonny M
Its disturbing how she just feels like bringing up it, unashamedly. That little cult has been destroyed thoroughly already, yet she says “we’re just not looking into it”.

6 years ago

“In the Middle Ages people believed the earth was flat, for which they had at least the evidence of their senses: we believe the earth to be round, not because as many as one percent of us could give the physical reasons for so quaint a belief, but because modern science has convinced us that nothing that is obvious is true, and everything that is magical, improbable, extraordinary, gigantic, microscopic, heartless or outrageous is scientific.” George Bernard Shaw

6 years ago

Hi Sinead , I can relate to your bus experience . I had many experiences like that starting in the 70’s even up to today(Its much worse now because the media promotes mixing & talking with seedy looking people by saying your bad because you discriminate when meeting unknowns) , but , as we all know everyone knows its is just a survival instinct to discriminate & judge . The rich Anti-White controllers don’t want you to judge , they want to judge for you so you wont think too much. I feel so sad for the White race people that have listened to & trusted the Rich Anti-White race controlled media messages that have resulted in bad things happening in their families & to… Read more »

Don in Tampa
6 years ago

I just love yer musical attack on the kike-legal and sticks in the mind.The first 24 podcasts at White rabbit radio IS the place to start for beginners, as it clearly shows how to rip the White GeNOcide into little peices and burn it alive in front of a crowd. Most people just are’nt leaders, and will wait for someone else to make a move first.Do not have an “all hope is lost” mindset but rather being positive about how the enemy is losing does wonders for us. You might not like the battle-buddy next to you, he might smell funny, or look stupid, but as long as he is shooting in the same direction as you it does’nt matter what he thinks about petty… Read more »

Juden Raus
6 years ago

Sinead, this was the first time I listened to your show. You were great. Are you aware of Stephanie Seneff’s research on Round-Up? I would love to hear you talk about this some day.

Juden Raus
6 years ago

Sinead, check out the “Reffi” youtube channel. It has a very interesting video about the flat earth. I’ve always been skeptical of the flat earth theory, but this video is very thought provoking. I’m keeping an open mind on the subject.

6 years ago

Observation – the guest should speak more than the host. In this instance it was about 65% the host speaking. The guest didn’t seem to have much conviction in his voice to be honest. If I didn’t know any better I’d say he sounded stoned. Anyway, as far as this flat earth BS goes… give me a break. This is clearly something that Jews have injected into the alt media, probably in the hope that some goyim would pick it up and run with it. And sure enough… I would stay well away from flat earth crap, you are just going to devalue all other positions being associated with such stuff. As far as women go, well it’s not all about the women. Men are… Read more »

6 years ago

@ steve

Whine, whine, whine, whinge, whine, moan, whinge, whine, whine, whine, whine, whine, whine, whine, whine, whine…..

Observation – You sound like a jew!
Conclusion – Don’t like, don’t listen! And if you’re such a masochistic moron that you do – don’t effin’ whine to us all about it afterwards – it just exposes your stupidity for all to see.

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