Firestarter Radio: Fighting Frauds with Facts (11-13-18)

Tonight Sinead shares a pre recorded show that covers NLP and how it’s used against us, Strava Labs and their fit bit heat map patterns, The Rise Above Movement, fight wear company ‘White Rex’ and their ties to the KGB, Nazbol MMA clubs, their ties to kosher nationalist parties in the US and Europe and much and more.

Opening song: ‘Feel’ by Enamour

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Robert Heimdal

These Jews are promoting the same thing that has worked for them so well in the past and has kept so many good people away from any pro-White movement: The (((Hollywood))) Nazi Skinhead stereotype.
They are trying to destroy all the progress which has been achieved by folks like Renegade in this “information war” since the Internet started showing the light to so many people a few years ago. But the cat is out of the bag Jews. Deal with it.

Anthony Roberts

It’s probably safe to say all these idiots and groups are cont-opp. They are defo getting in on the burgeoning fight scene and linking it to White supremacy and the usual neo-nazi skinhead stereotypes. They are baiting all the races at this point, for their planned civil unrest event. This is the reason the average White person doesn’t join a pro-White group. The image of tattooed, skinhead degenerates is ingrained in their minds by news, tv and movies. This was my view before i found Renegade. That is why, as you mentioned, it’s important to get out and spread the genocide message. Memes cannot take back control, only our folk can. Be smart in all ways. Be the Aryan values. PS Another mind-zoggling show to… Read more »


So you think the main problem that supremacy racists face today, is the lack of a cool middle-class rolemodel in popculture? And not, for example, the shadow that racially-motivated war crimes cast over any racist ideology? Or perhaps humanism is the enemy – the belief that no group of people should be elevated or put down because of their external or imaginary attributes? Or maybe the disconnection between modern racists and modern race scientists, based in the fact that ‘race’ in science is entirely unrelated to ‘skin tone’? I mean, come on, there are more important questions concerning your ideology than what’s on TV.


The fire is slowly starting deep down in the confines of my being. Only took 2 years or so… ;(
I’m slow but thorough, I’ve at least spent my time researching, not getting entertained by these “alt right” figures and shitposting… And my actions have never been at odds with my beliefs during this time. *Except* my inaction(s)..!


Oh, my……super creepy commercial from tranny Celine Dion. “She” breaks into a nursery to free us from gender norms.


David Icke like to wore almost exclusively purple too when he just came out with his reptilian lectures. He also mentioned something about purple being colour of magicians and occultists and felt like he needed to dress in purple. Make of that you will, but every psychologist knows that colours do have an influence on human psyche. Of course it also depends how sensitive you are.

Anthony Roberts

The UK’s top “comedian,” Peter Kay, always wears a purple shirt at his shows. You don’t get to his level of national fame and wealth without help from the tribe. He must be in on it, like Icke.


Another excellent show exposing the shills for the Bolshevik scumbags that they are. As for those that do not have the courage to focus on and fight for the future, let them go live in the past with their faux spirituality. Their existence will be meaningless.

Ghost Man O; War

Dugan’s really handing out the pay envelopes these days, eh? Their onslaught of controlled op and their dupes are really making a year end push, eh? Calling themselves ‘white supremacists” is quite hilarious. That tough looking Spencer and that Gnome Dugan are “scary”. haahahhah If those two put their heads together, it would sound like a bowling alley. You roasted ’em good Sinead. Fine work. Hey, they were “symbolic” donations, that’s different. Dugan gets the dupes on board by railing, “genius” every other word. He’s like a cartoon bad guy in some old Felix the Cat cartoon show. For the life of me, I can’t see how anyone at all could fall for that dipshid. Maybe they’re aren’t any but will dress up from central… Read more »

Ghost Man O; War

Kyle and Sinead are appreciated in OKC. There’s something for the Adl to “Never Forget!”


Funny how everyone is afraid of hate speech, but in reality rap music is the most powerful form of hate speech. Ever since it’s introduction in the 1980’s, the black, white and Hispanic population has seen major increase in incarceration, heavy drug use, gang violence, degenerative behavior just to name a few. Yet, rap culture is heavily promoted in the media and everyone wonders why so many mass and gang shootings are going on. On top of that, shootup video games and pills are also top sellers, mix that all together and craziness in our politics and no wonder people flip out. So if the globalists were really concerned with hate speech, they would focus on hateful music, which reaches millions of people. Obviously, free… Read more »


Thanks Sinead. It makes me mad that the nazbols have appropriated “Social Nationalism” because it’s a non triggering term I have used when defending NS as I felt AH could have easily called it that. I won’t be using it any more. I loved the music at the end. Very sweet!


RAM trannies working out. Don’t let the muscles fool you. These douchebags are just hard on the T. Testosterone can have unbelievable effects on the body.


Here is the website for tranny Celine Dion’s new line of clothing for gender neutral children. Note the preponderance of items that are black and white (masonic motif) and the Ho!
and New Order shirts. This is truly some fucked up shit. Thanks jews! (6,000,000 times!)
Does anyone have any idea of what nununu might mean other than new as in new world?


Why do trannies go to space? Because girls just wanna have fun. I would not have believed this video two years ago, but now that I know how to spot a tranny, it is painfully obvious that all these astro-nots are trannies. You may, with all your heart, not want to believe it, but it’s true.


Less than five minutes after I posted this comment, JewTube scrubbed the video. They really don’t want you knowing about their tranny astro-nots.


A new link for trannies in space. I have no idea how long it will be up until TrannyTube takes it back down. These are truly some odd looking creatures.


This is the Vimeo version which may stay up a bit longer than the JewTube one. Creeps me out every time I look at these no-neck, dickless bitches. Take a close look at Neil Armstrong. (Neil has “lie” backwards in it. They always love to give a clue.) He has absolutely no brow ridge and his eyes are not set back. He has a very feminine look about him.