Firestarter Radio: From Heeb Dumps to Adrenaline Dumps (12-21-18)

Tonight Sinead talks about German controlled opposition groups, how jews are injecting themselves into the AFD, shares a recipe and herb of the week, talks about how to overcome the “adrenaline dump” in fight or flight situations, comments on Kyle’s recent show on South Africa and weighs in on the steroid debate.

Opening song: ‘Toss The Feathers’ by The Corrs Closing Song: ‘Shed My Skin’ (Out of Sight Chill Mix) by Therese

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Tabitha Wolfram

Hi Sinead:
Here is a list of yoga breath/pranayama and descriptions of each in the link.
Kumbhaka, Nadi Shodhana, Ujjayi, Simhasana, Surya Bhedana, Chandra Bhedana, Kapalabhati (breath of fire)

Dear Tabitha, I don’t mean to inject myself here in the middle but I have often wanted to ask you and of course forget later when I have the opportunity: Do you or have you ever practiced candle gazing meditation? This I learned growing up ‘by ear’ so to speak going to church and lighting candles before Icons. Everyone stares at the flames and prays so I did too and even now freed from the Jewish spiritual poison in Catholic and Orthodox Christianity I can see now our own Aryan spirituality was there but in circumcised form. I read about Hatha Yoga and meditation as a teenager and candle gazing meditation was one of the forms delineated. When candle gazing your eyes spontaneously start crying… Read more »

Tabitha Wolfram

Greetings Konrad: I am familiar with candle gazing meditation, however I have not engaged in the practice myself. I did once take a candlelit yoga class that was done in very low lighting to create a more meditative environment. Candlelit yoga does sound like it could be a good addition to one’s yoga practice and general rituals. In Kundalini yoga, it is suggested to scrape the tongue far back in the mouth until the eyes water as a method as preserving eye sight. There seems to be a lack of Aryan specific yoga information with the exception of Jost Turner. I don’t know that much about him, but supposedly he invented or suggested a set of Aryan kriyas. In general I think yogic breathing, mantras… Read more »


Thanks Sinead,

EuroWeek was certainly not a single event and not exclusive to Poland. Thousands of events like these are funded by the European Union by a program called Erasmus+ and are all OUTSIDE EUROPE and EVERY country in the E.U. has participated:
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To Sinead: I did eventually spend some time looking into the links you pointed me to on the last show, but I’m never sure if the information I have is really useful. I’ll post some of it since I did go back and check all the connections: The livestream ( ), where it was claimed that the Volkslehrer was supporting Duginism – I can confirm the following: 1) the one agent on the stream, Yannick Noé, can be connected to the Suworow Institute (EDIT: this is not a definitive connection) that flat-out advertises the Fourth Political Theory. Their main front guy is the one speaking here and sharing stage with Dugin evidence: PAGE LINKS TO (Eurasian “studies”) 2) ElRonDuR who… Read more »


I am not defending that “volkslehrer” guy, but one POSSIBLE explanation for his name was that lots of Germans have been pumped so full of was guilt, that they name their child by non German name, usually Anglo-Saxon, but also French, Italian and Russian, because being German is bad, being German is evil. That is really shame, because Germanic names are beautiful.


sorry, I meant of course WAR guilt


Another wonderful programme of useful and practical information!
The recipes and root or herb (as the case may be) of the week and the another nigga report! truly a Happy Yule indeed!


The name Nikolai spans all over Europe and its languages… its an ancient one and is not common in just one nation.


Simon is also a very common name in Sweden (sorry Sinead)


And Nherling is a German surname?