Firestarter Radio: Gaian Nationalism (7-26-16)


Sorry about the bad audio in the beginning. It gets better Tonight Sinead has on Oliver Siochana of the Gaian Regenerative Party to discuss his party’s mission and his own awakening into racial awareness and nationalism. They also discuss permaculture and sustainable living. In the second hour Sinead shares a series of recordings from throughout the week. Topics include: Media created (((terrorism))), jews jewing, gematria, numerology and symbolism surrounding recent media crafted events and debuts a new segment of the show called the “Ephebophiles”. It’s like the X-files, only creepier. Opening track: Zen by Oracle – Closing Track: Love by Garry B

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5 years ago

oh give me a break oliver, australias immigration system is totaly fucked up, the “legal” immigration has lead to 40% of our population being foreign in just the past 25 years, mainly asian/chinese and indian/paki with a spray of nigger and sand people too. what we need is a return to the white australia policy, reparation of all non whites and a forming of abbo reservations! oh and to take the cake believing in man made global climate change, maaaaaaaaaaate, disarm all military forces, lol, whos gonna be the 1st to do that, promise we wont invade 🙂 rainbow gathering…sounds a little noahide mixed with mk ultra to me, i wonder if you like wind turbines and smart meters despite the negative health effects? (((green… Read more »

Reply to  jewbanker
5 years ago

I’m with you there. Politics is the jew game, and to enter into politics is to enter the jew controlled context of intellectualism and impotence. If we enter politics we dance to the jew’s tune so to speak, in the same way if we take a golf club and go to a golf course, we are playing golf and are in the context of golf. We should be doing our own thing irrespective of any political significance or merit or relevance. Yes, action with force is the only thing that gets anything done, and the kike knows this, they just hide behind over complicated intellectualist institutions to do their work for them i.e. police, government and public figures. Debate is also a device for absorbing… Read more »

Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

It’s good that your guest has woken up to the jew problem and their white genocide agenda but i feel he has ‘paralysis for analysis.’
Using jew politics will not work. Being fluffy and healing the world will not work. We need to send all jews back to Israel now! Blacks, arabs and asians back to their homelands and only then can we heal our people and environment imo.
The jews want us in hundreds of small interest groups, distracted and arguing. Kick out the jew and you stop his poison immigration, cult marx, vaccs, water, food, instantly.
PS Great show Sinead, very entertaining as always.

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Agree. Sinead’s show is always great. Not so much into this guy though… I mean he was OK, but the whole being fluffy thing was too much for me, and the “no wonder they hate us, we are xyz” – not really. We’re probably the only populations in the world that protest so much to try to stop wars in other countries (as citizens I mean, not our governments). Enough of our people actually protest and scream NO. No one listens though. 1 million marched to say no to Iraq. Did F all. We don’t have control over what private corporations do, and it is private corporations that usually start the wars. There’s nothing democratic about it. Remove the ZOG from our own nations and… Read more »

5 years ago

Also Sinead your defense of this Evalion girl is nice to see. She’s way too young to know so much truth, and combined with older men trying to gaslight her, that’s gotta be overwhelming. It’s nice you’re there for her in your own way despite your differences. That’s true European sisterhood. I think you’re a good mentor for her as you’re not a dumb whore who blames white women for all our problems.

5 years ago

Permaculture is absolutely the way of the future and needs to be implemented in any possible form you can achieve no matter how small, but it is in the background, as everything is way to big and overtaken by the Jews to try to politically overtake them. Not going to happen, this is a good man but needs to wake up to the fact that there is a reason why shit is set up as it is and no all-loving political group will get any traction without being turned into another Huge Jew Fag Brigade like all the rest to divert your precious energy away from (((them))). Get your gardens in order as your compost soil can never be started soon enough, and keep spreading… Read more »

5 years ago

When you mentioned the Trumps being incestuous, it reminded me of a film called “society”, I would reccommend watching it. Its a old one, but I’m sure it reveals a lot about what goes on in the political “phamily”

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