Firestarter Radio: Gay Globalist Goblins & the Garlic Wars (8-2-19)

Sinead talks about bitcoin, the fake Garlic festival shooting and it’s ties to the garlic wars between the US and China, Boris Johnson, gay Burger King ads and more!

Alex Jones – Ingratiating Goblins

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Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

I think this crypto currency (cc=33) is another dupe, like Q. If governments and companies allow it as legal tender, then it must be controlled by the jewish supremacists. They’re just herding us into the cashless “chipped” pen, even faster, imo.

PS Great topics Sinead – thanks. Those booms and grinding sounds are weird. Are they connected with haarp, and the worldwide quakes and flooding? We had the strangest thunderstorm in the UK, in the early hours of 24th July. In the 1.5hrs i was awake, there was only non-stop lightning flashes, every few seconds and no thunder. Are they prepping for a false flag, or building tunnels and shelters?

Johnny Walker Read
2 years ago

Here we go again, already moving on t the next fake shooting..

2 years ago

“AI”, “Quantum Computers” etc are a psyop. There is nothing there. Sure, we have some computers that are a little faster now than in the past. But it’s obvious, we are going to be told to bow down to our new AI “god”. The decisions to reduce human rights and freedoms will be justified by making them seemingly come from AI.

Reply to  Rodulf
2 years ago

lol Okay. I’ll just take your word for it and ignore the countless evidence of AI in our everyday lives.

Foster XL
Reply to  Sinny
2 years ago

Maybe he means “Art Installations” LOL! That’s definitely a jewish psyop! 😀

Reply to  Foster XL
2 years ago

Indeed. Who can behold “Feces Against the Wall” and not shed a tear at the majesty and grandeur? :)) I say that because I got “asked to leave” some stupid exhibition in NY a while back because I was critiquing their ability to throw paint at a canvass or pile clay onto a stage chair. Yeah. #art.

2 years ago

Only a half hour in. Selfishly I wish all the shows were a blitz, the one hour compact. Anyhow…

That you are the dominant in your dreams is a very wonderful thing. For years I was the doormat in my dreams, but only in the last few years have I become in control and kicking ass. It is so wonderful. And going to sleep is now an adventure and test of strength.

So many bogeymen that haunt our dreams turn out to be foolish and impotent, and actually scaredy-cats themselves. Perhaps this is a metaphor for waking-life, and the bogeymen of jewish power are more and more meeting up with genuine power, the awakened human variety.

So much to learn from dreams.

Reply to  Elizabeth
2 years ago

He just oozes charisma.

2 years ago

Thanks for this show, Sinead! It hasn’t made much sense to me except to dilute our message as Germanic National Socialists when Indian-hindu, hispanic, etc commentators try to expand on what this message originally was. Why are people drawn to these brownies while ignoring what Goebbels, Hitler, Alfred Rosenberg, Streicher, etc detailed for OUR PEOPLE?

Technically, even Idi Amin drew from their lessons when he turned on the jewish bankers in Uganda. But his interpretations do not apply to what Europeans accomplished against the judeo-communist threat up to 1945.

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