Firestarter Radio: Goading the Goyim (9-6-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about personal training, stores selling human leather, responds to comments and reads an article about a Fed Ice regular, Jim Goad. Surprise surprise! He’s gay and hates women. Closing song: ‘All I Need’ by Air

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2 years ago

Apart of this weather engineering is to ‘psych’ people out so that when the real event comes, they won’t respond as they should.. like the boy crying wolf, only as in typical (((hollywood))) fashion, the victim cries out in pain as he strikes you – the roles are reversed. My 83 year old grandmother evacuated from her home in central FL. She is on oxygen and a handful of pills, but this morning when I talked to her, it all made sense. Where she lives (which is a 55+ trailer park), there was nothing. No wind, no rain, while for the whole week before as you know, (((they))) had pumped the region with so much fear that everyone was frantic and scared half to death.… Read more »

2 years ago

I had a volume of the collected issues of Answer Me! and it was an utterly astonishing catalog of depravity. I am not surprised that he is a homosexual.
When he popped up regularly on Fed Ice I knew for sure he was a pos.
I was unaware that he has a child, not sure who the mother is, though.

2 years ago

I think the electrical grid infrastructure is above ground on poles merely so people do not get electrocuted every day. The ground is just full of water and water conducts electricity. Imagine heavy rains and flooding with live wires and massive transformers buried underneath your feet. The only way to bury the infrastructure would be to encase everything into something durable that would last forever and water-tight. Possibly PVC pipe for the lines, but something big enough to encase the transformers… I don’t know… Also, if everything is buried and something happens where a city loses power, they’d have to have water and sewer and the telecom companies along with natural gas companies notified before a grand excavation would take place to repair it. Also,… Read more »

Reply to  Kevin
2 years ago

Germany apparently has buried their power lines underground. In Germany, 73% of the medium voltage cables are underground and 87% of low voltage cables are underground. The high fraction of underground cables contributes to the very high grid reliability (SAIDI < 20).[14] In comparison, the SAIDI value (minutes without electricity per year) in the Netherlands is about 30, and in the UK it is about 70. Undergrounding is the replacement of overhead cables providing electrical power or telecommunications, with underground cables. It demonstrates the higher technology in developed countries for fire prevention and to make the power lines less susceptible to outages during high wind thunderstorms or heavy snow or ice storms. An added benefit of undergrounding is the aesthetic quality of the landscape without… Read more »

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