Firestarter Radio: Growing Up Goy (9-20-19)

Tonight Sinead starts off the show with some strange trends she’s noticing on YouTube, that are glamorizing chronic illness, and then gets into her life story. Closing song: ‘Fields of Athenry’ Covered by Sinead

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Is that pic of you when you were little ? So cute.


Yes, that’s me and my baby doll.


That was a cool show Sinead. It was cool to hear your story, Kyle’s too, so much a better story than watching a movie or something, glad I tuned in for real

Anthony Roberts

I’m getting a persian vibe from the pictures of Tabitha. Were mommy and daddy wealthy (((exiles))), after the Shah of Iran was overthrown? If she’s not a jew, she’s crypto or masonic. And now we know why she took lots of photos of degenerate places, art and shops around NYC.

PS Nice to hear your life story too, Sinead. You and Kyle have led very exciting lives. Talent deserves to meet talent. Speaking of which: i’ve just seen the show title for Surplus’s WTFR show with special celebrity chef guest, Hashtab. “Wife-Bita Fest.”


They did a 5 hour show lol I bet there was not one mention of her kosher pics. She’s truly showed her hand. I guess when you can’t maintain a pregnancy without miscarrying, (Tabitha) and if the “kids” you talk about having aren’t even yours and are from the man your wife cheated with you on and now she won’t let you seem them (Shuan), then you can do such things as a 5 hour show.


HAHAHA! The hole was dug & Aunty Shaun the Gossip Queen fell right in it LOL! He should definitely apply for a job with Women’s Weekly ‘cos he could make a fortune! And he has the audacity to call others “little pussy bitches”! I’m in stitches right now! HAHAHAHAHA!

Jimmy Z

“On this 5 hour edition of TCTA Shaun speaks with Tabitha about how she was the recent victim of Degenerade Broadcasting.”

Awww poor little victim… but in her mind it was all real. Quite funny but also quite sad how Aunty Shaun sounds more like an agony aunt doing a gossip column these days than the OTT tough guy he normally always projects.

Anthony Roberts

Just listened to the first 30mins. Haha, he blew the opening gag! Oh the “mock value.” What the hell is that!? You got me Aussie. I am a fan-boy of people with talent, integrity and inner strength; all the things that you don’t have, being a damaged agent. I’m no better or worse then anyone else. Will you be returning my “sucking up” donation i sent you?


A five hour show?? well then I guess I have to get back to painting the last half of my ceiling lol.


5 hour kvetch fest? ”aint nobody got time for that”! What I did hear though sounded like an embarrassing cover up. Seriously her best bet, and she could still do this if she was genuine, would be to address the audience here, although it looks like she is following Sean’s advice even before he gave it, tucking tail and running away, like a (((coward.))) Slurpuss, ”Just neva look at that sight again, for your soul’s sake”. My god that guy is a drunken bafoon. I’ve done some things that I regret, but I’ve never tried to be a public influence. If I was, the honorable thing to do would be to stand tall, speak up, and make things right, then let the ‘chips fall where… Read more »


I was in the mood for some cringe so I listened during work. 2 hours are dedicated to You and Kyle. For 1 hour tabitha talks about cooking and meal planning and no she doesn’t promote a diet centered around leafy greens like she did here . Then the last 2 house Shaun talks about feminism. Shaun breaks every 15 mins. And tabitha said that getting falling down drunk is healthier than apple cider vinegar. And the amount of butt references were off the chart.


Thanks for taking one for the team! I couldn’t stomach more than a few mins. How quickly her entire value system changed once outed.


It was awful


She did a show a short while ago about these manosphere types and now goes running to one. lol The true colors always come out.


Maybe she will go into detail for him what a psychopath is lol


I just wanted to say your singing voice is a true gift and a treasure! I can hear the Irish in you. I wish for you many future opportunities to share your talent.


Great show, Sinead. I always enjoy hearing genuine life stories and how folks came to be in this movement.


Just one outstanding programme, Sinead!
Your verbal memoir was very compelling.