Firestarter Radio: “Heathen Vegan” – A Case Study in Subversion (5-3-19)

Tonight Sinead gets fired up about former Renegade host “Heathen Vegan” now teaming up with the bolsheviks at Fed Ice to peddle his folkish nonsense. Was he an infiltrator from the start? Or is this simply a “fuck you” to everyone at this network? Find out!

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Anthony Roberts

How low must this P.O.S (puppet of semites) be to send me a family photograph, to shore up his deception operation? Using your three innocent children is just so honourable, and volkish. I’m tempted to say your “Nana” would be ashamed of you, but you did happen to mention she got a “thrill” out of bullying people her whole life. Nice Mercian lineage you have there, mate. The apple doesn’t fall far….. I also feel foolish for believing your “game of moans,” and handing over a lot of my “worked-for” money; i even brought you some organic groceries, when i visited Grimsby last year on my birthday, remember? Really dude!!? Oh well, at least i advertised the network and White genocide during the 400 mile… Read more »

The virtual world runs the gamut from truth to lies, from heroes to demons. I certainly share the concerns some here have expressed regarding trust issues and betrayal. I bet almost everyone has, and around the whole world. It’s just what’s up. But, and regarding ALL sites… even with all the suspicion, every now and then pearls glisten through and they afford strength, and vision. Motivational morsels or whole meals. It is for these that I stay engaged. Only when something or someone becomes overly toxic and it’s glaringly clear this is opposition do I then separate myself from that. Gut feelings are a gift from the creation. I just listened to the red ice/phil simpson interview, over an hour, and unless I dozed off,… Read more »


The thing that irks me the most is that you guys go out of your way to give these people a platform and they spit in your face by being CO and subversive. You guys have always been generous by allowing folks onto the network as hosts and it seems like they’re merely seeking fame or a leg up to advance their own agendas. I hate it that every time you put your necks out for them, they return the favor by bringing the axe down hard. Why can’t folks just be genuine and not complete assholes to you and Kyle?

Because we are the only network that’s not controlled by the enemy. It comes with the territory.


I think they take for granted how hard you guys work to keep the network and your other projects running. Either that, or they simply don’t give a damn. They’d have no problem doing that to y’all but I guarantee you that if they had a network of their own and folks did that, they’d cry victim. To them I simply say: fuck off. Pardon my French.


🙂 This was a nice balm to hear from you Sinead on these characters in hindsight. Yes I’m extremely ‘Confrontational, can lack tac’ – but that is just part of my personality that I’ve never denied and never will. To equal I’m just as loyal and hard working. Yes, Sinead, he (HIV) turned me off, along with his little crew of Narcs, and why I was out. Also, my tolerance is very low for so called spiritual larpers – to burrow that term. I had a strong sense of the deities I actually see were being made ‘Indian’ so to speak by him and the reason may be many fold but the most poignant was that it was for views/likes/following etc. I did email Kyle… Read more »

Must confess I WAS CHARMED by HV. Charmed by this definition of the word: Charm: control or achieve by or as if by magic Black magic. I thought him wholly good, a beacon of integrity. I even wrote him a god-damned poem. Now I’m more embarrassed than when I heard about the Carolyn E. thing. What might have taken me in was his gentle demeanor, his seeming humility. I like to think I am a good judge of character and I am slow to annihilate character unless I am sure, certain. But rubbing elbows with or aligning with Anglin, Red Ice?!! How much more proof do I need?!! I remember Renegade invited him to come defend himself. It was a no-show, but very generous of… Read more »


Excellent show Sinéad. Thanks.

So I wasn’t being too hard or wrong when I previously called him a scumbag. He is just even more of a scumbag now.
Of his talking points it shows great hypocrisy that he negatively goes on and on about the Romans as conquers. Yet when the Saxons etc conquered the Celtic Britons that was ok because they did through force of arms or some such BS. I’m not listening back thru his shows to his get the exact quote.
What a fraudulent coward he turned out to be.


Honestly I’m surprised you guys even let him on in the first place.

Along with Graham Hart, Chris Dorsey and John Friend this retard was one of the worst hosts ever on this Network. Almost every other host at least occasionally had something interesting to say once in a while. HV was literally a boring moron wannabe from the beginning.

Just look at him, there’s a way to pull off the heathen beard/paganish look. I don’t do it myself but some guys can make it work. This guy just looks like a fucking wanker to borrow a phrase from across the pond.


You’re right Steritz but it has been a great lesson to the likes of me who found Renegade around the time HV started doing his wild cards.
Learning our real history, how much our people are hated and realizing almost everything was/is a lie has been as disheartening as learning how to deal with controlled opposition. That at least is now a positive of having the likes of HV on the network. With this experience I hope to spot these shills as easy as you can in the future.


I don’t claim to be able to spot shills. I don’t even know if HV was a shill or just a dummy. Either way I found him uninteresting and insincere. As for the other 3. Graham went on some anti white tirade and was removed fairly quickly. So it’s not like I ‘spotted’ him as a shill. Chris Dorsey I just thought was a dumb stoner, if I remember right he was removed after he accused renegade(Sinead in particular) of being violent provocateurs. Again I could hardly listen to this guy for more then like 5 minutes, I didn’t ‘spot him’. I think Kyle ended up finding out he has some connection to the pentagon through his brother or something? John Friend was a Trumptard.… Read more »


I misunderstood your comment, sorry my bad.

We were desperate for back up. Lesson learned. We’re not perfect and our intentions have always been pure.

Also, if you felt this way, why did you never voice your concern about us having those individuals on the network?


Didn’t know if other people enjoyed listening to them even if I didn’t. I’m more of a casual listener I guess? I don’t contribute to the network in anyway, I just listen to archives while sitting in traffic. I’m not trying to judge(even if my message made it seem that way, I may have worded myself too strongly) I get it’s hard to discern who’s honest, who’s an idiot who’s an agent ect so I’m not trying to throw mud at renegade. Now that he’s gone I guess it’s w.e lol. I mean just look at his photo, the way he’s clenching his eyebrows together to make himself more serious and angry/dangerous(Surplus is doing the same thing in his upshot). I can never take people… Read more »


HIV – What a piece of shit. And now this Jack Duilio dude. How lame. His last comment beginning with ”I’ll stop writing then” really shows the lack of character. Just like HV with his ”take my articles down!” BS. It’s pretty fucking obvious if that is your mentality, to just give up and go home, that you don’t offer much anyways. In response to that JD comment I was referring too, it’s pretty clear to see the demoralizing agenda with the ”no one will ever agree 100% with you” shtick. Actually, there are A LOT of people out there who 100% agree with Kyle and Sinead. I would say more that agree than disagree, it’s just the jewish clown world and $6 gorillion dollar… Read more »


I just looked for Goyim Goddess on Jewtube and only found your videos that various other channels posted so I realized YouTube banned you or something and Thule Productions got removed as well. So I am here and will be a regular. You and your man are awesome please be safe and keep getting the truth out


I listened to this at increased speed soon after it was upped (not a priority of mine at the time tbh). In the grand order of things it didn’t bother me or at least I haven’t remembered if it did! Conversely, I am sick of the common law / sovereign citizen / freeman/strawman / USA is a corporation / USA is bankrupt / tradeable birth certificate / “Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Argument” etc etc total BS being peddled to the gullible, the most recent edition of which seems to be – guest Roger Sayles (cognate with Sayle? Sellers?… and he mentions as fellow craftsmen one “Howard” and one “Lipton”). Over the last five years I’ve collected a few links on the implausibility of this cult’s… Read more »


Another name he mentioned was a Scot called John… here we have a “John Smith” with a Scots accent… could it be one and the same?

The host Ian R. Crane is heavily into following GcMAF and 5G and *seems* to have brought plausible greater awareness of both… but is the admixture with faux-law concepts the poop in the punchbowl? This particular exponent (Smith) here seems to favour the “Strawman” flavour of unsubstantiated BS. Still, you can go a long way by bullshitting and barracking officials – till you come up against one that knows what’s what.

john king

Do you have a Dossier on “No White Guilt” and Mark Collett? If so, please send it to me. I know that there are plenty of ZOG agents out there. The more I listen to you and Kyle, the more paranoid I become. Take that as a compliment

Do they even need one? The fact that they identify as Alt Right should be enough.

john king

I’ve identified myself in the past as “Alt Right” without intellectualizing the term. In light of unsavory characters using the moniker, I probably wouldn’t now. I can guarantee you that I don’t lick any rabbi’s Arschloch, pardon my German. But thanks for your response. I’m trullly honored and that was not meant as sarcasm 🙂

Then I don’t trust your critical thinking if you take on a term created by jews to label yourself “un intellectually”.

john king

This begs the question, what do we people who want a future for white children call ourselves? White Advocates? With two white teenagers in my house I have “skin” in the game. If somebody asks me what I “am” or what I stand for, how should I respond? This is a serious question. I listen to you and Kyle a lot and I’m open for advice. I shouldn’t be disrespected until it is proven that I am in the employ of Jews. I had no choice in my circumcision, yes, it’s true, lol, but I didn’t let the bastards touch my son.


Call yourself a White civil rights activist or an anti genocide activist.


It was interesting listening to this guy, but they all and always avoid the (((problem))), which to anyone with a brain will end at the same conclusion.

Jack Duilio

It’s sucks that this keeps happening. I’m only 45 minutes into the broadcast, so I apologize if anything I’m saying in this comment becomes redundant after I’ve finished listening to the full thing. Speaking for myself, I reached the point where I stopped trusting anyone over a year ago. I’m not just talking about people in White Nationalist circles either, anytime there’s a group dynamic involved it seems like people start scheming against one another and wanting to be the top dog. Reminds me of how roosters act when you put a bunch of them together, the pecking order is constantly being redefined due to conflict. Jack Duilio itself is a pseudonym, and a pretty bad one at that, which I use because on one… Read more »

He’s not doing this for fame, he’s a subversive bolshevik. And to be honest, I find you to be suspicious. You put out an article about the synagogue FAKE shooting, and you’re pretending like you don’t know if it’s real or not. Then when people tell you it is, you give some lame excuse like “Well, our people are dumb and won’t understand that this is being faked.” No, they’re not. You’re sending up red flags, “Jack”.

Should have said, “then when people tell you it is fake.” ****

Jack Duilio

I’ll stop writing then. If you guys are looking for an excuse to say I’m secretively an operative because my method of doing things isn’t the same as yours, then I’m sure you’ll eventually find reason to get rid of me. May as well save us both the time and just stop now. I wish you guys the best of luck. Also, you got the saying completely wrong in the broadcast, it’s “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” It’s the exact opposite of what you thought it was. I get how you can be paranoid with all the stuff that goes on in these circles, but if you’re always going to go straight to saying anyone who isn’t you is… Read more »

K bye.