Firestarter Radio: Honing Our Perception for Deception (10-16-18)

Tonight Sinead discusses the possibility that the Columbine shooting was staged, the possibility that we are lied to about atoms, Llyd Kaufman and #tromagate, wifi killing children in schools and much more!

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Anthony Roberts

You know something is amiss when a “far right” pagan comes to the defence of a lefty pagan lol. Ms Emerick is just another in a long line of disinfo agents from our masters, to get our folk wasting their time and energy. As if our spirituality can be boxed into their political paradigms. I’m at the “absolute” stage with all these shooting events. They are all hoax or false flag drills with crisis actors to fake deaths, and innocent “collaterals” to create the panic and add realism. Columbine was a good example of this. These “blockbuster” movies are then brought out each time to reference the latest atrocity. It’s just like a favourite film or song can transport us back to that moment in… Read more »

Thanks Anthony!

Anthony Roberts

Update: Mass “shooting” event today – 10.17.18 at Kerch college in Crimea. Single shooter kills 17 with 5 critical, which may total their beloved “23,” with the death of the shooter.

Social media noticed he was dressed like “Eric Harris” from Columbine and he was found dead in the library, just like those two shooters from 1999. Do you see how it’s instantly referenced to that event?

Sinead has pre-empted another hoax drill event made real by the corrupt Putin and his puppet gov’t. Crimea in the Ukraine was annexed by Russia.

Wow! Crazy!

They say sometimes Odin would give victory to the wrong side, so heroes would fall in battle an Odin could then adopt them as Einherjar to help him fight in Ragnarok.


Very interesting about Tesla and his comments about ‘The Atom’. Anyone interested in the sciences in general I highly recommend a youtube channel by the name ( s ) of ‘Peter and Pete’. The style of presentation is a little cringe worthy at times, the information absolutely amazing !
Great show……Thank you !


Posting this documentary on Columbine here for anyone who stumbles across this page in the future.


Interesting how Tesla thought of electricity on a cosmic scale. It’s a pity he got jewed like so many others and didn’t get to fully explore his ideas.

Someone just wrote an awesome comment on a RT post concerning engines that are powered by water! Mothman777 wrote that comment, and explained how that has been suppressed, also, and that we wouldn’t be in this mess with the stupid (((Saudi Royal family))) right now! They will shut anyone down or murder anyone who is not part of their plan for world domination!!

Given one of the recent articles, it was foresightful of the Renegade Crew to have commissioned the creation of two-sided business cards displaying URLs of the two Renegade websites for sale.


Duping delight in this pic – girl on the left. I get enraged thinking of wifi in schools – I know teachers that have noticed days of crazy behavior and I said hey look into wifi effects, but it’s so pervasive now, it’s hard to get them to see it. I wonder when the AI singularity guys say we won’t survive unless we merge with the borg, if they mean that many won’t be able to handle the frequencies. As they turn up the frying radiation machines, I’m sure we’ll see more deaths and perhaps that will cause people to wake up to what’s happening.


I was not aware I had a Dugin quote on my Gab page and have since removed it. Thanks for the heads up. Honestly, I’m growing weary of trying to keep up with all the dis -info and infiltration.

Ghost Man O; War

You’re a super sweetheart.


Thank you Ghost. I could say I try, but really it’s just my nature. Sometimes it gets me in trouble when my innate kindness gets in the way of discernment. I need to get better at listening to my instincts. Linder, Lambrect(?) and Emerick are just a few examples.

Ghost Man O; War

Scarlett dear, you and wildcat Sinny are very inspirational ladies. When I see female comments on this board I can almost know they’re very smart and special ladies due to you and the Sinstress. hahahah I hang around sometimes because Kyle is nothing like these other shows. The man is solid. He and his wife are really good folks. I know their kid must be the happiest lil’ guy in town. A long time ago before I moved where I lived now a guy was reaming me so I really snapped back hard. Kyle told me to back off and don’t be so harsh anymore. Ya know what I told him? I said, “Yes Kyle. You’re right. I apologize and I got a little upset… Read more »

And now you’re telling people to send money to Carolyn.

Yes, let’s give money to a woman who promotes Bolsheviks and is published by (((Arktos))) who pushes Bolshevism as well. You disgust me! For posterity:

I wonder, what is so great about this Carolyn woman – I mean – what does she do that’s so great for our peoples? I must say, Sinead, I once sent money to help feed Boer babies, and I hope that it got to those babies, but then I found out that Monica Stone was handling the money, and I thought – wait a minute, she sounds Jewish! I want to help poor whites, but how do I know where that money really went? I feel so betrayed by these groups that claim that they are helping the Boers – now I don’t give anything to them – do you know anything about that Monica Stone woman? I totally agree with you about Carolyn Emerick… Read more »

I totally understand. That’s why Kyle and I decided to make the films that we have. That is how we can help our people and be sure that our energies or resources aren’t being used against us. Anyone that is up on jewtube and receiving super chats is so obviously controlled.

Thank you, Sinny

It had his name right at the bottom of the quote, yet you had “no idea”?

Atoms are most likely fake indeed. When we are taught about atoms we are presented with “atomic theory” and diagrams of orbiting electrons and whatnot. Great work bringing this to light! Sheeple that follow science don’t even realise much of what they are told is unfounded theories. “Derp I evolved from sludge on a rock atop of a spinning baal muh gravity is God for without muh gravity evolution and life would not he possible.” (gravity being yet another unfounded theory)


Sinead, do you by any chance still have the link to that wifi article from the Canadian schools you were reading from? I tried to look for it, going by the guy’s name but did not find it. Thanks

Hi, Slavik!


focus on denouncing Jewish supremacism, controlled opposition, and supporting pro-white activism.

create bizarre theories about mass shootings, vaccines etc only make you lose credibility