Firestarter Radio: I’m Back! Get Triggered (3-13-17)

Note: Some of these recordings were made before Sinead knew she would be coming back for a regular weekly show. Sinead shares a series of recordings she has made over the last month or so. Topics include: Varg Kikernis, autism, The Suidlanders event, creepy old dudes and much more!

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Varg’s wife Marie might be 25 that would make her a high school student in 2009. I just read some quote from varg about how feminism turned women into sex objects who’s only value is sex. I find that very hypocritical considering vargs trad wife video suggests that men who are 30 yrs old are best fit to marry 16 yr olds so they can make a lot of babies. What 30 year old man has any intellectual or emotional compatibility with a 16 year old? I hope none do, the only thing varg is promoting is the young womans sexuality. Which is exactly what he claims to be against. He is pretty gross.

He is not promoting girls sexuality. He is promoting their fertility. As you know a womans fertility is limited and the closer she approaches 30 the higher chances of her having down syndrome children increase. By raising the AOC and giving women jobs thus lowering the mans wages you end up with not only a lowere birthrate but higher percentage of the children who are born mentally retarded.
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Also that chart doesn’t explain the fact that as the woman ages she ingests more toxins that bio magnify in her system. If a woman has never taken pharmaceuticals and eats a healthy diet and lives a healthy lifestyle they will not have any problems.

I am going to add another response so I can explain what I find hypocritical about Vargs views on women’s sexuality and if anyone disagrees they can correct me if they think I am wrong. Reimu said varg was not promoting sexuality but he was promoting fertility. Vargs quote complained about women who wear make up and sexy clothes like heals to appeal to men and woman are wrong for doing these things. I believe woman who wear make up and heals do these things to appear younger/fertile to attract a mate. He says it is wrong for women to do these things and they should learn to cook instead. My objection to his opinion is the fact that in his trad wife video he… Read more »

I agree with you and Varg Kikernis has an army of hasbarats coming in to thumbs down any negative comments on this pretentious prick. lol Truly pathetic.

Sinead, I suspected that. It kind of bummed me out at first because I was like damn there are no decent people anywhere even pro white renogaders have the mind virus and I felt ready to just give up on humanity/white people in general if they thought this was okay. Thank you for clarifying and I hope your listeners are not like this because if they are I am about done.

This is all part of their psy op. They want ladies to think that and be scared away. Just know that here at Reneagde, we don’t support teenagers marrying 30 year old men, or the LIE that a woman is too old for a healthy baby past 30. These guys have never even seen a vagina or know how conception works, yet now they’re OBGYN’s or something lol

I am planning on donating to show appreciation for your work as soon as I can. I had to unexpectedly switch jobs recently so I am low on funds at the moment but as soon as I catch up I will contribute back to you and your family.

Thank you, I appreciate you guys!

This is absolute bullshit and will be debunked in my next podcast. Take your Semitic shit elsewhere.

Do you have any links proving maternal age doesnt affect the rate of downsyndrome births? Or is it bullshit that women become less fertile when they pass 30? Also womens bodies recover better from pregnancy when they’re younger. Obviously with age our bodies heal slower especially over 30. This seems like common knowledge.

Everyone’s body recovers from everything easier/faster/better when they’re younger. However, I’ve known plenty of women who have had healthy babies in their 40s. I even knew a woman who had a child when she was in her late 40s after decades of being told she was infertile – and no, she took NO fertility drugs whatsoever. <– That's why you can't "pigeon hole" people age-wise medically or psychologically.

Thank you for your common sense! It is SO refreshing. I am doing a whole segment on debunking these myths next week. Women can carry and birth healthy babies past 30. If women keep their bodies clean and healthy, recovery is much easier. Also, we need to give better post partum support to mothers and fathers. Sending a women back to work 6 weeks after giving birth is like a death sentence.

My mother gave birth to me at age 36. She had had one miscarriage before that and one stillborn. I came out all right. It’s when you get to 40 or beyond there is a lot of risk. There IS a biological clock ticking inside every woman. You should not wait too long if you want to have babies.

Reimu Women do not need to have children at 16. If your argument is that she becomes less fertile at 30 then there is nothing wrong with a 30 year old man with a 25 year old woman. It is the giant age difference that he is promoting and his hypocrisy about the value of womans sexuality. You are a creep if you think it is healthy and normal for old men to have sex with teenage girls. Get a life weirdo.

I sure do have links and studies that I will be reading next week, however you and you semitic filth are not welcome here any longer. Bye bye!

Fuck yes! Superb photo for an entrance!

Good to have you back.


Here is the ping pong scene from Lolita.
I hate the filthy jew more and more every day. They are NOT human.

Agree 100%. There’s something inherent in their blood (then reinforced in their evil jewish upbringing) that makes them strive to oppress and kill. I’ve always associated the “beware the beast man” quote from “Planet of the Dindus (Apes)” to the jew.

I honestly had no idea who Shawn Surplus was until your impersonations. Wow, I was crying laughing. Maybe another impersonation of Mister “GREETIIIIIIIIIIIIINGStothebodyofthepeoplethisisamannamedCurseDerpy” is in order in zee future, ja?

Talking of that slurpus idiot, looks like he’s officially down to 1 female hanger-on now judging by this. Of course he has to get in his daily & often violent anti-Sinead vent – the poor, sad little man sure has some issues!

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Haven’t checked the odds at Sportbet yet on how long the other one will last – guess it depends on the severity of its Stockholm Syndrome. Oh and don’t forget to check his new Gaming Corner podcast where a bunch of 40+ year old children who waste their time playing & talking about video games sit around chatting about what other immature mid-life crisis no-hopers say to each other in the Steam gaming forums… fucking pathetic…

No can-do, Trus. Surp’s voice grates on my nerves about as bad as Jackie Mason’s. He’s a fanatics gamer, huh? NEVER would have guessed that with his warrior-poet personality. ;))

IKR?! 😀

Shield maiden is so desperate. It’s actually quite sad. If she had self confidence she wouldn’t hang around such low functioning males.

I promise not to disappoint u, Sinead. Before April begins, Brigid’s Lair will be arockin’. AND I am betting that u passed that test.

When Kyle mentioned on the last Solar Storm that Sinead was coming back and would be on Mondays, I was so very overjoyed!
Welcome back Sinead and I am indeed triggered!

Group hug…….!

Welcome back Sinead – great show! Lots of great thoughts and ideas. Like you, i have to walk around the park every day to detox from this sick movie called “our reality,” dir/prod by jews.

Talking of movies, i think all these deranged nutters that friend you, or on your radar, are paid agents: Mrs Varg spectrum, Evagrooms Ju, Sigguuuur & A-rod race mixers, Mullin the cuckin, Ermm Surplus boy, Moo-shemale etc. I think they are employed to distract and drain you. I love how you turn it, and use them to highlight the truth.

PS Did you pass your exam? i may have not heard you say the result. I’m sure you would have done your best. Nice music on the show tonight also.

Richie Allen announced that he was told by Facebook that he was being kicked off for six months, because one of his fb ‘friends’ complained about his show exposing Ken O’Keefe and his pyramid scheme (which is posted at the Tribune), even though it appears that Ken has ‘disappeared’ from social media, for at least the last six months.

Oh come on! Who HASN’T been duped into giving money to a guy with a face tattoo? :))

The face tat gets me every time. It just screams “trustworthy guy – totally not a con man”

AND, it is telling that Zucker chose to arbitrarily ‘protect’ Ken O’Keefe and Kevin MacDonald, and ‘punish’ both u and Richie, with a smack upside your heads for daring not to. Hmm.

Corr: Kyle did not post that interview, BUT did post Richie’s of Max Igan accusing Ken, of Ken with a gal he claimed was a girlfriend, and, as of the date of 9/1/16, his own understanding of the sordid evidence of collecting money under false pretenses. sorry.

Sinead you can use text free on a cell phone an get unlimited numbers for you tube, etc.

Reichs Arbeits Dienst!

Sinead, about your hand and that. Mine was so bad I was literally willing to do anything. Locked up, swollen, and keep you up at night pain. LOng story short I took the plunge and got some of this.
Beyond Amazing. 2 days and gone for me. Now its only whenever needed which not that often. You turned me on to the Turpentine and I have done that too (thanks) so wanted to pass this on. I do not do doctors and I swear by this stuff with the aloe, but of course all think your are on the crazy train again until the only motivater we know, pain, is to much.
Good to have you back.

I also suggest using a medium or small Wacom Intuos tablet, instead of a mouse.

Aloe vera cactus plant, is awesome for skin related damage. Just nurse a small plant into flourish and then you can clip off the ends of the plant to use for burns and rashes, even make a drink from them. But for skin related issues Aloe vera is superb.

Thank you. Do you ingest it?

No, I havent yet. So far just use the gel topical, but did get some liguid also.
Just in case….
Your Welcome Sin.

Sinead’s back baby ! look forward to future shows ! 1488 o/

lol @ the losers thumbs downing supportive comments of my show. You guys are so stealthy with your agenda!

it’s a triggerpocalypse! great to have you back; thx for the shout out lol

Welcome back and thank you for all that you and Kyle do!

No, I am not against the lying in hospitals for birthing women that were called Lebensborn. Sorry to burst your pornographic fantasies, but this was not a breeding farm.

Great comeback Sinead. I think this documentary contains some clues about Varg Vikernes, how he met his wife and so on. I have not watched it in a long time so I might be mistaking.

She explains how she met Varg at about 9:40 into that video.

Varg comes right out against the Flat Earth possibility. Displays he isn’t much of an intellectual.

We still love you, don’t leave us!

Infantile babies too afraid to leave the nest? Families that stay together and pool resources together threaten the establishment, not those who send off their young to fend for themselves in a dog eat dog paradigm that has them fixated on making ends meet.

I would never want my children to have to depend on me to survive as an adult. What if I died? They should be able to take care of themselves and not need mommy to wipe their ass. This doesn’t mean that as a parent I would stop being there for my child and helping them. There’s a difference between helping and enabling and we have far too many spoiled babies living in their mommy’s basement, trying to dictate what I should be able to do as a mother and woman.

If you die your estate goes to your offspring.

I agree Sinead. But I also somewhat agree with S.R. only on the stance that family who stay together and stick together. Sticking together meaning, for example; In this JWO system it’s sometimes hard for many families Financially. If children are willing to get jobs, start working, and helping their family. Can clean up after themselves, and aid their family (in some cases the family actually needs it), etc. That’s a good thing. But the children should only be allowed to stay if they’re capable of doing that. And that should come natural. If it doesn’t, they have no care in the first place if they haven’t naturally grown into that by age 20. Just my thoughts. I think it’s best for families to stick… Read more »

I never sad families shouldn’t air care if ever each other! Not sure where you guys are getting this from. I was basically talking about learned helplessness and failure to launch for adults these days.

shouldn’t take care of each other*

Helplessness and failure to launch is Jewish shaming terminology to cause discord in White families by having them view material realities as the principal essence and proving ground of life.

Be generous with your kids. Give them your assets early so that they can concentrate on higher pursuits while they are still young and capable.

hahaa Sinead’s bit about “now all of a sudden he’s a Christian…” ahahhaah I had a girlfriend decades ago, yes that long ago, that one week she dressed like a cowgirl, then next a biker phase, next a hipster…subtle really, but funny as hell. I’d look at her walk in the house, this time in gym type clothing, yes, this time she’s a jockette. She was fun as can be though. I’ll have to give her a shout and say hi. Thanks for the trigger Sinead. Be good dear. Tell your hubby, hello.

Ever performed the immigrant song by L.Zep? It makes me want to do about 1000 curls to pump up the biceps, put on a tank top and carry a heavy hammer around looking mean at folks, and telling them to rebuild their ruins and I am their overlord. ahhahhahah The music was beautiful by the way. This time I’m really going. You’re making me late…..stop it will ya?

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A “blow” horn. You’re such a classic Sinead ol’ girl. I’m not even religious but I pray you and Kyle stay together to the end. Marriage is tough but you both are tough and great young folk. You guys make one hell of a one-two punch. Gotta’ run. Places to go, people to see, blah blah blah yakkity yak. Later gator.

The reason he got out after 14 years is because in Norway we have something called “prison years,” back when Varg got arrested a prison year was changed to 9 months (around 2007 they changed it again to what it is now: 1 prison year = 7 months), so when Varg was in prison a maximum sentence of “21 years” was in reality: 15 years, 9 months, so he got almost two years off for good behavior. So Breivik’s (the guy who shot ~70 Marxists at utøya) sentence of “21 years” is in reality: 12 years, 3 months. My nation is insane when it comes to crime as we don’t punish, instead we try to “rehabilitate” people. Rehabilitation works on Norwegians, though you can imagine… Read more »

Sinead, about your hand and that. Mine was so bad I was literally willing to do anything. Locked up, swollen, and keep you up at night pain. LOng story short I took the plunge and got some of this.
Beyond Amazing. 2 days and gone for me. Now its only whenever needed which not that often. You turned me on to the Turpentine and I have done that too so wanted to pass this on. I do not do doctors and I swear by this stuff with the aloe, but of course all think your are on the crazy train again.
Good to have you back.

Put your hair in long braids and wear the classic German girl dress, ala’ October fest. That way if the hordes of J-esses that freak out and start frothing and griping, even the dude their with or the butch their with rather, will say, “Shut up Sara, she has freedom of speech and we should respect that.” hahhahh Watch the SJW flip on a dime when he sees the cute lil’ braids and precious dress. You know the type I’m typing about? Right. I heard a joke the other day…here goes. A gal from Sweden comes to America and goes into a bar….she walks up to the bar, blonde braids and all. The bartender’s eye brows go up and he grins and walks to her… Read more »

Can I have some evidence on Evalion claims? I haven’t seen anything like that.

Hi Sinead, Forgive me but i’m that annoying guy who wants to know the names of the music on this broadcast, you always pick really great songs! also it is great to see you back! 🙂 thank you

Hey Michael. The opening track is: Zuri feat. Laladee – Illusions
Closing track: Dena Amy – Wait For You and the second closing track was a cover I did of ‘The Snow Fell”

Sorry I didn’t tick the box to get it to notify me of replies to the last comment but I would really love the music off this broadcast, the last two tracks especially! you have excellent taste in music Sinead! Thank you for all you do!

Hey Michael. The opening track is: Zuri feat. Laladee – Illusions
Closing track: Dena Amy – Wait For You and the second closing track was a cover I did of ‘The Snow Fell”

Thank you Sinead! 🙂 you are a legend! 🙂 love you!

@Sinead For some reason I can’t use the contact button on this site, it comes up with – “security check – improper access”.

Anyway, you should put all of your videos up on vids (dot) me and minds (dot) com where you won’t be censored because they overwhelmingly support free speech. You won’t have to simply stay on this site or use pseudonyms anymore, you can just be who you are and we won’t have to keep trying to find your new name or someone else uploading your stuff on youtube. Youtube will be cracking down on right-wingers even more in the coming weeks according to Polygon and the Google chief business executive:

regards ))) Raven Massgrave (((

About Varg’s daughter with pictures of niggers. Theres only 1 picture from 2014 where she recorded music with a nigger. Exactly the same as you Sinead.

Sinead was highlighting the end result of this murdering, deadbeat parent, and now race traitor. She was also a talented, respectable singer, unlike this poor young woman who appears to be on a downward trajectory of jewish drugs & porn. So no, not the same. Kikernes appears more concerned with his new “asset producing” lifestyle than helping his older daughter.

Anthony, I disagree completely. Vargenstein is the most influential humanitarian from Scandinavia since the Swedish cook from the Muppets. He only MAKES sitting on his gay ass in his SUV spouting his uninformed opinion look easy, sir!

And is my father a self proclaimed white leader?

Harem only makes sense in the sense that some women never progress towards the Mother archetype because some women are barren. The only other option is the Lover archetype explained in Evola’s Metaphysics of Sex in the “Woman as mother, Woman as lover” which is consistent with nature. Its got nothing to do with chastity or non-chastity, its how nature works for certain women and men who undergo loss, divorce or a initiation into manhood & that spiritual nature will develop and mirror itself in the physical world. Women who never become mothers due to biological limitation lead a very different life because they are spiritually attuned to the Lover archetype. These women typically become a muse, witch or prostitute etc. Plenty of examples throughout… Read more »

It’s pretty common, at least in Europe and Australia, for people to finish their prison sentences early thanks to good behavior. Also, how can you blame Varg for how his daughter turned out? He was in jail her whole life and is out of his control.

Maybe he should have thought before he killed someone and had unprotected sex with a woman he didn’t love.

Do men EVER think about that? It’s all about them… Me no wear condoms, they feel like a glove…

lol, good point

A Mr Doom Guard is calling to bring together a Doom Legion: A united coalition of WN/Alt-right channels and videos – into a playlist & network, could quite easily defeat the mainstream media.

Alt-right is kosher nationalism, and we all know what happens when that disgusting nose print is on something. It’s like the “jews against zionism” sham brigade, or jews wanting to claim to be White nationalists (oh god, that does make me larf). It would be funny if it wasn’t such a drastic situation for Whites.

If it contains alt right media then it literally is the establishment so I’m not sure how that would compete w MSM.

I’m talking about Alt-right not Alt-light, Doom guard is a national socialist.

As for White Nationalists they aren’t interested in fighting amongst racially aware people when we are busy fighting the left – so I don’t see how the Alt-right is “literally the establishment”.

PJW, Cernovich, Milo, Rebel Media, anti-feminists, MGTOW or red pilled people on Youtube are just opportunists who jumped on the Alt-right band wagon but they are aren’t really WN. Actual WN’s don’t attack fascists or NS, they never attack towards the right. Cuckservatives and most libertarians are centrists so obviously they are prime targets.

“…when we are busy fighting the left – so I don’t see how the Alt-right is “literally the establishment”.” So you don’t see how you’re caught in that age-old left vs right divide & conquer designed by JEWS to get the goyim fighting each other? Ask yourself this – if you’re so ready to “fight” then why aren’t you ignoring the weak little pussies on “the left” & going straight for the jugular by dragging the orchestrating top JEWS & their lackies out into the street & dealing out REAL justice? You “alt-righters” are all the same – just the latest in a long line of useful idiots doing a lot of tough talking but not seeing the forest for the trees. If you were… Read more »
I’m not talking about a arbitrary left-right divide I’m talking about SUBSTANCE here, mainly identity, race and jew questions AND at times authority or duty (centre-right and right-wingers who reject democracy), the economics we take on are not an issue for WN because its secondary – its a base for society and not a priority which the new left-right divide seems to focus on at the expense of social issues or pushing social issues further left. The left-right also focus almost entirely on “progress”, war & patriotism or equality, whereas the Alt-right believe in a cyclical view of history and tradition. Real (or old) left-right divide is basically leftists versus Monarchists, Ethno-nationalists, Authoritarians or modern day Fascists/NS. The modern individual relies on Capitalism, but its… Read more »
I wasn’t actually saying that communism & capitalism are the embodiment of left & right; rather that in this example they are the representations of those 2 sides in the dualistic model we have before us. Subsitute any others that you like but you still really have only red team/blue team. The very name alt-RIGHT is telling me (and others) that it is in fact very much part of the left/right paradigm no matter how semantical you want to get. It doesn’t really matter how you construct or dismantle the thing. It’s like if a black guy & myself sat in a room telling each other that we are alt-black & alt-white or any other alternate description for ourselves – it doesn’t change the fact… Read more »

First entry in the definition of the word “alternative” (the most important words here are “limited to” – think about it & the way this worded rather than the illusion of free choice/will) –

a choice limited to one of two or more possibilities, as of things, propositions, or courses of action, the selection of which precludes any other possibility:
You have the alternative of riding or walking.

To be clear, the illusion is that you have free will to make whatever choice you wish BUT you can only choose ONE thing/alternative & that’s almost exclusively from only 2 main choices provided for you rather than by you. Under the current “democratic” system that means 51% of the population “choose” how 100% of the people have to live because the 49% who don’t agree with them don’t get to choose to live under their own system as well. The kicker though of course is that it’s not even “our” system lol! Is this a good system? No. But the zombies will keep repeating the mantra “but it’s the best system we have”… So, to sum up then? Semantics, interpretations & obfuscations be damned!… Read more »

Just a word in support of the homeless guy who made a beeline for the liquor store clutching his dollar, I doubt if he has many comforts in his life, and there are far too many like him, I don`t know how I would handle homelessness..

He wasn’t homeless. Just lazy.

Nice job, Sinead, attacking people personally as usual, just because you don’t like their views on some social issues. Varg hasn’t made a single comment on your personal life. Regarding his daughter, maybe he has a restraining order against her, I remember, he spoke one of his videos that he can’t see her.

Varg literally said we deserve to be genocided because we invented a bunch of awesome stuff and jews stole it and used it against us. He deserves to be tarred and feathered for condoning White genocide.

Also because niggers are just being niggas and not doing anything nature gives them the thumbs up for the preferred race! I guess we should all be obsessed with Nke air jordans and smash up KFC when they are out of chikkun, then perhaps nature would preserve us. It must be something about air jordans and fried chicken that epitomises your race in front of nature.

We might go all down the drains some day if we don’t stop polluting this planet. I completely understand where he’s coming from, his video is very provocative (maybe intentionally) but it made me think.

I do notice pollute this planet. Jewish corporations do. I refuse to take responsibility for jewish crimes.

Do not**** damn phone

Varg was good, but that videos was really wierd for someone of his calibre. Firstly nuke power is a jew contrivance. Secondly the lack of mention of jew activity against true geniuses like: Schauberger, Tesla, Buckminster FUller to bring in eco technology FAR far in advance of ANYTHING available today. I had respect for Varg but leaving out this HUGE part of White innovatin is not just criminal but a little disingenuous. Thing is he acts like there were no better options that Whites have not done against the jew shit system has opposed in some form to keep oil and wank technology in phase. Look at it this way, I am stil stuck in fucking traffic 2017, when I should be zapping to wherever… Read more »