Firestarter Radio: Imprinting for Success (8-28-18)

Tonight Sinead delves deeper into pregnancy and birth related topics. She covers twin births and how they do not make a woman “high risk”, premature birth and kangaroo care, and explains the limbic imprint and how the technological management of birth is impeding the imprinting process.

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This was another wonderful show full of absolutely vital information. Very glad you are back, and I do believe you have found your niche Sinead, if I may say so.

Thank you Scarlett!

Anthony Roberts

The jews need this shocking, vile, soulless, medical birthing system at death centres, to imprint their consumer, junk-food-eating, work slave ethic on us all.

This is why home schooling is so vital to saving our race. Our young teenagers can learn about loving relationships and natural home births from an early age, from the people who love them unconditionally.

PS Awesome show and info Sinead. Your passion shines through and you make 3hrs seem like 30 minutes.

Thank you! That means so much to me 🙂 I can’t believe I forgot to mention how hospitals are collecting our babies DNA now. I will cover this next week.

Sinead always keeps a level head. How many people are there like that in our “movement”? Not many. I can’t believe these poser anti-female “activists” still try to accuse her of ulterior motives.


Fully agree. Very hard to take anyone of that ilk seriously.

Sometimes I do lol I’ve had my slip ups. Training in BJJ has really helped me stay a bit more level headed. Before I would let my anger control me a bit too much. I’ve started training in MMA now too so I’m sure that will only have additional positive effects on my psyche.

Goebbels… with a link on your name like that, what are you hoping to accomplish?


Another treasure trove of solid, reliable information. Always love your passion, Sinead!



Great show, Sinead!
I honestly don’t know how y’all do it. 3 hours is a task and a half bjt I guess if you’re prepared, it’s a walk in the park. I’m sure you probably could’ve went on for another 3 hours. I will definitely have my wife listen to this show once she finishes the last one.


Thank you Sinead for another great show. I will have to relisten and take notes. First, I am the husband, but it’s fine, my wife listens as well. We are in Ontario. We tried to prepare for the birth as best as we could. Reflecting back, we were still in a box, caught in the “left vs right” paradigm. You know, “No matter how you decide we got you”. We read bunch of books, took online birth course, we had a birth plan (nobody gave shit about that one :(). My wife liked the Ina May books. But there is nothing like an personal experience. We are much better prepared this time around. The midwifes here are the same as doctors. I think they are… Read more »


I got this book: Emergency childbirth by Gregory White, written for emergency personnel. It says, and I paraphrase…When it doubt do nothing, let the woman do her thing, do only what she asks you to do, don’t give her any medication. I wonder, why don’t the midwifes and OBs read that? They do exactly the opposite every time they have chance.
Do you have a favorite book(s) on unassisted birth? There is bunch of out there, but we don’t have the time to read all of them. Also the link to the home birth of twins videos would be very appreciated. Thanks again, Sinead.

Thank you for all that you wrote. I really enjoyed this book:
I remember it having a bit of a christian slant, but the birth stories were great!

It turns out that Ina May Gaskin is a jewess who circumcised her own son!


In this sick world, handing your baby off to get mutilated by someone else sounds better than YOU doing it.
To the volcano.
ya know, I read her books years ago, and my jewdar went off before I knew what a jewdar was..
For all that I read that sounded so good, there just seemed to be something that I just couldn’t put my finger on.
I chalked it up to being just ”too hippie”… now I know!
Thanks for the confirmation Sinead!
Excellent shows by the way! Very glad you are back on the air and talking about some of the most important information out there!


Oh boy! Well, I was planing to have a little fire in the backyard this weekend and I need something to start it with anyway.


Thanks for adressing my comment Sinaed! There is a lot of useful information in this and I really appreciate you putting this together. We are so afraid to try again. I have constantly thought that “something is wrong with me” and this gave me such hope and courage. I am excited to share this with my loved ones. I look forward to your new content!

Thanks Gael!


Do you have a link to the interview you did with the Indie Birth ladies? Would be interesting. I find it amusing that the antiWhite SJW lady is advocating for (presumably White) midwives to court black clients. What makes her think black women would even WANT a White midwife attending their births? Most White antiWhites have no clue how condescending they come off!

Good stuff Sinead! Listened to both shows and it makes me wonder how different the world will be when we finally win against the globalists.