Firestarter Radio: Infiltration Agents and Their Subversive Agendas (11-8-19)

Tonight Sinead discusses the GDL’s latest stunt in Colorado which coincides with the “White supremacist terror plot” on a jewish synagogue being foiled by the wonderful and competent FBI. She goes on to discuss “dietitians” funded by the meat and dairy industries that are attaching themselves to the vegan movement in order to get more views, gets into some more information concerning Epstein’s network and looks further into the connection between Charles Manson and The Process Church of Final Judgement.

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Anthony Roberts

The Mckamey haunted “experience” sounds like the typical jewish business model: torture the dumbed-down cattle and make a tidy profit in the process. How numb must our young people be inside?

This could also be a way of normalizing violence and even future zog-sanctioned executions, as pay-per-view entertainment. Snufflix? The alphabet deviants are pushing for child-rape to be legal, so this could be next in line.

PS Thanks for a great show, Sinead. With all this cont-opp, it’s good to know you and Kyle are always one step ahead of these ratbags.


Great point. They will have snuff films on demand and this is a way to normalize it.

Anglo Saxon Revolt

Here is some news from the ‘mentallyillmaniacshooter’ front – Amber Heard is trying to rape Johnny Depp: I think Johnny probably acted like a drug addicted d*ck at times, but overall Amber appears to be the serious bully when all is said and done. This relates because ultimately, I think all the ‘crazedgunman’ shooters are going to have to be deemed ‘ill’ before having their guns confiscated, depending on how whole tracts of this country manage to fend off the Jew World Order aka impending communist regime. Some white men’s guns will be accessed via domestic violence accusations that supposedly justify red flag warrants. Just wanted to let people know how serious this is getting between Depp and Heard and what the possible ripple… Read more »