Firestarter Radio: Jewish Stories to Fool the Goyim (8-16-19)

Tonight Sinead continues the discussion on jewish science attempting to get us to ignore our own senses, how controlled opposition is pushing the lie that the Celts are hebrews, how most famous children’s book authors are pedo jews, how The Cat In The Hat is a pedo and more! Closing song: ‘Sun Scope’ by Maricopa

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37:10 Thank you for this!!! I hate the way young women are so susceptible to the negative comparisons with what’s presented as the ideal. I spent many years in my youth feeling like a failure, as if I’d missed the boat. It’s tragic and truly sickening. It took me many years of self criticism to finally learn never to compare my life with someone else’s which is exactly what this system is constantly pushing on us.

Anthony Roberts

Wow – great show and interesting topics, Sinead. My head, unlike the still, level surface we are all enslaved on, is spinning! Dr jeuss looks like a jew, and if not, was no doubt a shabbos agent for them. His pro-jewish propaganda, plus meeting his wife at (((oxford))) uni, is a big giveaway. The 2018 3d film “The Grinch,” based on his book, is the highest grossing holiday film ever. I noticed that (((paedowood))) changed the original White monster from the book, to a green, very pepe-fied version..hmm? It was released on 11/9, of course. PS It is a credit to you both that you have created a natural, authentic family life, even with the constant threat of mental or physical attack, and without the… Read more »


What makes the head spin are absurd theories, psyops. The truth feels good and right at first sight. But how can we know what the truth is when it’s hidden by evermore lies and psyops? Read Johannes Lang’s book published in National Socialist Germany in 1938 and find out about the true nature of the earth which is in perfect harmony with the Laws of Nature The earth does not spin, this is true, btw., and you might be right about Seuss [suːs] compare Suess Süß (sweet), Geisel [ˈɡaɪzəl] (hostage) Geißel (scourge).
“illustrating more than 60 books”
“selling over 600 million copies”


Dude, you’ve already posted these links before. Now you’re just being spammy.


Everyone wants to be the TRUE JEW. LooOoOoOOOoOoOooooooOOOL, Whatever next?! The Aryans are the TRUE JEWS, THE GAULS ARE THE TRUE JEWS… JEWJEWJEJWJEWJEJWJEWJEJWJEWJEJWJEJWE. Crafty manoova there, put the jew as the central piece again… I sees what ya dooin there!


In the earliest writings of the Tuatha Dé Danann, they were just referred to as Tuatha Dé. Which translates to people of the Gods. Later monks added Danann, Goddess Danu. As Danu was the mother Goddess of the Tuatha Dé. The monks did this to avoid confusion with the jews as they apparently can be the only people of god.

The Tuatha Dé Danann having anything to do with the tribe of dan is complete shite.

Great show Sinéad. Thanks.


Good points. Jewish power exists only because of goy disempowerment, confusion, atomization, etc. Disarm them with a smile, a joke, a kids cartoon. A telling training video the jews use on their young is a children’s cartoon Rubik, the Amazing Cube was a Saturday morning cartoon that aired from 1983-1984 in the United States, produced by Ruby-Spears Productions. The program, broadcast as part of The Pac-Man/Rubik, the Amazing Cube Hour block on ABC, featured a magic Rubik’s Cube named Rubik who could fly through the air and had other special powers. Rubik could only come alive when the colored squares on his sides had been matched up…For dramatic purposes, the cube was easily fully scrambled (such as by being dropped or grabbed by the family… Read more »

Sandy Hooknose Survivor

Great show! FE might be to much for some to swallow but still believing in the heliocentric B.S. after just a little bit of research is retarded. Moonlight is cold. I’ve tried this myself and so can anyone with a $15 IR-termometer. There’s ALLWAYS noticeably colder in moonshine than shade. Don’t just believe me on this one try for yourself. The sun covers about 1/115 000 of the sky and by pure cosmic “coincidence” the moon also covers 1/115 000. But but the big bang happened and it just happened that the sun became 400 x bigger and 400 times farther away. On 60 degrees north in Alaska the world’s biggest vegetables are being grown. 60 degrees south is just outside Antarctica where nothing… Read more »


I totally agree with you in this respect. The (((fet))) psyop is too much for some to swallow and quite rightly, you bet!

Sandy Hooknose Survivor

My first paragraph wasn’t articulate enough, English isn’t my first language. I’m not a globe believer, what I was trying to say was the general NPC zombie isn’t ready to understand some things so it might be better to first attack it from the ‘official story is not true’ angle. Without preconceived notions globe earth with ships sailing upside down is the extraordinary claim and there for require extraordinary evidence. For me jewy curriculums and NASA CGI doesn’t cut it. Every point I made came as an idea from a flat earther and I have within reason verified them as true for myself. No i haven’t been to Alaska or 60 degrees south but I’ve spotted the contradiction. I have observed cold moonlight and no… Read more »


They are fake censoring it, just like they are fake deleting jt channels or bashing trump and the fake right to give credentials to their own controlled opposition, they are in fact pushing the fet psyop for reasons I explained in my comments, see the link above, on “The ‘Facts’ of Physics and Physicians”. As the owners of this website and I don’t agree on this subject, I don’t want to be “spammy”, so please refer to my existing comments for further explanations, thanks.

Sandy Hooknose Survivor

A pretentious copy paste wall of text that prove absolutely nothing, thanks! I’m done with you you’re a total waste of time. Bye!

Wow. You packed a lot into that show. All very interesting.. I watched those Galen Winsor vids of him eating Plutonium, or was it Uranium? I don’t remember, but I am now of the opinion that yes, a lot of what they say is absolute bologna – with one of the main objectives being to instill fear into the population. San Onofre is a popular surf spot, with waters warmed by the reactors, which brings quite a few sharks to the area because of the warm and cold water’s meeting. I don’t know if you mentioned it but they say they have to put these nuclear plants next to large bodies of water in order to ‘cool down’ the incredibly high temps at the plant,… Read more »