Firestarter Radio: Kosher Collision Course (10-9-18)

Sinead discusses a plethora of topics: the diamond gate conspiracy, challenge fights, possible particle colliders under our feet, awkward moments being a parent in an insane world and much more!

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Foster XL

Sinead, you’ve pre-empted a mainstream media presentation yet again! New TV series just starting (I don’t watch TV, just saw it on a movie download site!) –

“The Romanoffs”

The Romanoffs is a contemporary anthology series set around the globe featuring eight separate stories about people who believe themselves to be descendants of the Russian royal family.


I’m glad someone shared the OverWatch channel with you. I’ve been wanting to share it with you as well. I’ve listened to all of his videos multiple times. He’s not a race realist unfortunately however I believe he makes a multitude of valid points and has a keen way of explaining evidence for a reincarnation trap. Thank you for a good show! I always learn more from you 💜


If you can tune out Jan’s biblical outlook, he did a 2 part show on vampires with some good leads on adrenochrome and I found this comment especially interesting (below). My own research into vampirism led me to finding out about tay-sachs disease. Some think it’s related to blood libel, jewish practice of drinking (mostly young) blood. It affects mostly ashkenazi jews (1 in 27 carries this gene) and it’s a progressive degenerative neurological disorder causing death of brain cells and destroying the central nervous system. This all means that ashkenazi have to interbreed in order to survive, they require fresh blood. Sounds to me like a cursed gene. Today it’s treated with cord blood transplant, a very expensive procedure which requires tons of… Read more »


A music show sometime Sinny?

Yeah I could throw something together. Do you mean the songs I play from the shows?


You ppl have such good taste in music. I like all the songs, but I don’t know which ones are yours Sinny. So, it wold be nice to have a little playlist of the songs you guys play on all these shows, but why can’t I find a link on this site to exclusively your music? Am I not seeing it?

I will start writing the titles of the songs in the show description. The two songs I used for this broadcast are ‘The Normalites – The Sun Rising [Shur-I-Kan Vocal]’ and ‘Sun Scope – Maricopa Is It Balearic’


The segment on Diamond Gate is crucial. When you said 7 gymnastics video I knew I had seen this before. Let’s just say the husband and children will be listening to this part to fully understand how sinister this is. I thought I was being vigilant with the internet consumption of my daughter, but that’s it, no more Jew tube. Thank you Sinead. Vigilant Aryan Mom.


Hm, the ‘evil pie’ names remind me of the short “Cheddar Goblin” skit from the new movie Mandy
Also RE: Norman AI – it was allegedly created on April 1st, which imo it gives them an out that it was all “just a prank, bro”

Edit: looks like the guy behind “Cheddar Goblin” is also responsible for that creepy ‘Too Many Cooks’ short

I never thought about that. Good point.

Cod's Wallop

Brune I. As in eye, or I.

Thank you!

I always hated that Tosh Point an an Bob Saget. I Tosh he is the bastard Jew child of Saget.

Krav Maga is ghey

@4 mn; sounds like commiexican muzzac tbh

Krav Maga is ghey

The music for the 7 Awesome Kids is creepy. Reminds me of this:

Krav Maga is ghey

Think they’re colliding something at Apple too? :3

Looks possible. [imgcomment image[/img]


Nice to hear my comment being read (from a previous show). A good motivation to maybe even do a little research in the future before commenting. And yes I’m working on at least one article for the Tribune, but it’s hard to get a well rounded result with all these different paths you can go down..


I’m glad you asked Carolyn Emerick on. I’ve been listening to some of her more recent podcasts and a few people have brought you up hoping you could hash things out. I asked the same and she says she tried to reach out to you. She should step out of her comfort zone and accept your challenge. She is scholarly and claims to be the smartest person in the room so it shouldn’t be a problem for her. I have appreciated some history she speaks about and think I get where she’s coming from with the PGTOW thing but her Alexander Dugin moment was certainly a low point and she should explain herself. I didn’t know about her pow wow with that other Jew. Ouch

She has never reached out to me and has not responded to my messages on Gab or a comment directed to her on her youtube page. I don’t think Dugin was a low point for her. She was perfectly aware of what and who he is. That’s something that’s inexcusable in my opinion. She’s promoting the very group that unleashed a Hellstorm on my ancestors. I don’t take that lightly. What if Renegade had gone “PGTOW” just months ago when you yourself identified as a christian? You may not have come to these truths about the mind virus of christ insanity. The christards may be absolute retards infected by a mind virus but we need to see our people as what they could be and… Read more »


It’s been a couple of years since identifying as Christian and I definitely don’t want war with them. But I do share the sentiment of not really wanting to work with them either. Since my own cleansing from the mind virus I just find them disingenuous and nonsensical.

You give AI far too much credit. Computers only do what they are programmed to. You cannot type “think for yourself” it is impossible. They already have data collecting methods, but AI would be severely limited. If the enemy cannot make it, they will fake it. Why? Because power perceived is power achieved. Particle accelerators are bull spit too, could be other questionable things going on, but most likely 90% of the staff are ignorant like with NASA. We are living in the age of scientism, which has taken the place of religion in controlling the masses.


> Computers only do what they are programmed to.

This is generally true, but the express purpose of AI/machine learning is to infer patterns without the need for a domain expert programmer to write them. Certainly, it is a subject of theoretical debate as to how narrow or wide the scope of learned patterns can be in terms of mechanistic “thinking”.


Enjoyable show, have seen how youtube handles messed up pedo videos during my pizzagate research, they just leave them on as you said. Guess why for many years you can choose from more than 2 genders when you make a google account…

The one part at the end I disagree with was when you mentioned that there is nothing wrong with thinking of oneself as a God, but that is just my personal opinion and no critique against you or your believes whatsoever, it did trigger my curiosity though. Can you elaborate on this?

Any plans for doing a show on spirituality / your spiritual believes?

I’ve talked about my spiritual beliefs in the archived shows. What are yours and why do you not believe we are as powerful as gods?


In the recent ones since your return? I found to renegade when you were still on break. Would feel bad if I missed it, it’s my favorite topic. My main reason against it is our history, to me it is a long story of defeat and horror. If we were Gods or had their power we would have turned this world around a long time ago. I would even go as far as to saying that our history is pathetic, thinking how we lost our pagan roots to the abrahamic savages. Not only did we lose it but we never brought it back. Think how in the dark ages they burned men, women & children alive while the middle class people just kept on going… Read more »


Hey Jim, I agree with Sinéad. But I’m not speaking for her. Sinéad may have a totally different view. It’s not meant literally that we are Gods with magical and wonderous powers. We are just men. I view it as living through the Gods. By trying our best to emulate them in our every day to day. Basic principles of honor, strength, courage, forgiveness, being merciless when it is righteous to do so, etc. All the good wholesome morales we all know to be true. To live like this is to be God like. I think it’s how the Celts viewed it anyway. It sounds almost Christian because its just something else they stole from us and wrote into their religion. Not to sound condescending… Read more »


So much has happened in our history, do we really have any clue of how many brave men and women have come before us? Not many of our folk know of men like Rockwell or Zundel, and how many are talking about Ursula Haverbeck or Sinead? A large part of why we are in the mess we are in, is simply because good men (and women) who know the score, who know what is going on, who have the eyes to really see – are simply not doing enough. As far as I can see, we have almost zero propaganda out there for people to notice on the streets countering the toxic, degenerate jewish utopia we are all forced to take part in. And NO… Read more »


It would probably be one of the greatest challenges to remain calm if approached by someone to “sell my child”, but I imagine the best thing to do in such a scenario would be to remain as calm as outwardly possible, get clear photographs of the predator, and let the men sort it out…


Sadly the men have not sorted this guy out because he continues to do this unchecked. If Kyle or I run into him, hes going to sleep. ZzZzZz

If men had any balls, there would be vigilante groups out for these scumbags. Vigilantes because cops and the “justice system” won’t do shit either.


I’m thinking the opposite: loudly yell: You want to buy my child??? What kind of sick child predator are you??? Why are you trying to buy a child??! Why are you in this Walmart shopping for children to buy??? Attract LOTS of attention (and take pictures!

Rabbi Ezekiel 'Shalom' Goldblatt Pedoberg

Enjoyed the show. FYI: ‘Siegfried’ is listed instead of Sinead in the left side host menu… unless of course Sinead is “transitioning” (penis envy and all that haha).

Rabbi Ezekiel 'Shalom' Goldblatt Pedoberg

Downvotes schmownvotes! This is anuddah shoah! Outrageous that this is even allowed. My Chabad house will hear of this buster!

Ahem, feel free to delete the post, it was mainly just to alert you to the menu issue, and I see that is done.

Krav Maga is ghey

I upvote you because I dig your name. Upvote me plz yid! <3


Hey Daphne is the shit. I don’t remember her saying anything about Sinead ever. Hey if someone wants to eat meat so be it. I was a vegetarian for 2 years and I went back to eating meat like an animal should do without being a femboy I felt satisfied and wasn’t hungry all the time anymore. I mean I don’t see any of you out there telling mothers not to breast feed their new born babies with human animal bi-products. WTF? Plus, there’s not one person that ever lived to be 100+ that was a vegan. Daphne wouldn’t lie about he medical conditions for subs. Also, Sinead you’re right but it’s not magic that when a women with breasts show cleavage all men are… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

So you’re weak-willed on animal torture and weak-willed on their cia “booby traps!” Got ya Seamus. Of course we males find breasts attractive, but you channel that desire for the appropriate time, with your special soul mate. There’s nothing “man,” or effective, about constantly being a drooling, blithering dog on heat imo. Our enemy want us that way.


chubby girl magick is real, myspace angles are their pentacles. I’ve been fooled before I knew their tells. :p

Foster XL

Seamusthecringelord’s comment is so full of cringe & made-up-on-the-spot “facts” it comes off as satire first read! Alas this guy surely typifies the well-programmed blockheads among us as opposed to being a semi-functioning troll. In the words of an actual satirical & typically cerebral Australian comedy act – “what a sad cunt!”.