Firestarter Radio: Ladies Night (5-10-16)

TrumpCamacho3 (1)

Tonight Sinead speaks with some of the lovely ladies of Renegade: Shield Maiden, who is a writer for the Renegade Tribune, Rose a.k.a Farscaped who is anti vax youtuber as well as listener of Renegade and Southern Seamstress who is a regular guest on Firestarter and Renegade Roundtables. They discuss food addictions, the push for “normalizing” pedophilia, Trump kool aid guzzlers, their criticisms of the “pro White” movement and the transvestite/transhumanist agenda.

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6 years ago

great show white sisters, thank you for helping unmask the real evil in this world, looking forward to the next get together of you 4 renegades 🙂

6 years ago

Only heard the intro so far (house crap tying me up) . Bringing Renegades together is the key to success. Good on you gals !!

6 years ago

Great show ladies! Lots of interesting topics and thoughts.
PS Don’t mess with Ms SS down those shopping aisles! Lol

6 years ago

Don’t let these Ladies fool you people. They were bullying me behind the scenes. Here I was minding my own business, just doing my audio thing and they were picking on me I tell ya!

🙁 <——– See this sad face? They caused it. Bullies I tell ya! BULLIES!

Reply to  surplus
6 years ago

LOL Yep it was girls against the one boy 😉

Shield Maiden
Reply to  surplus
6 years ago

Um, I seem to remember YOU starting it Shaun. 🙂 We’re going to do another show at some point so brace yourself.

6 years ago

Just finished rerun and have to comment again. Never have I heard such a calm & cool in depth discussion, in our ranks, yet as casual and ordinary as can be. A first prime example of our own “community” . Again, well done gals !!

6 years ago

Nice there are nationalist white women out there.

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