Firestarter Radio: Looking Toward the New Year (12-29-15)


In the first hour Sinead has on Jan, a South African, to talk about how the charities in South Africa work, and also to address the anti-White saboteurs William De Hewit and Jack Sen. In the second half of the show, Sinead shares a series of recordings that she has made throughout the week. Topics include: Degenerate practices that are seeping their way into home birth midwifery, pedophilia, blood sacrifices, the NICU, and current events throughout the week.

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6 years ago

Now that you have reached the level of awareness you are at you need to concentrate on meeting others at your level in a closed community / s for your own security & peace of mind . You are about 1 in 10,000 adult White race people out there that know what is going on (I might be overly optimistic) , & see the big picture . Other Whites , of the White race, don’t have a clue . They are totally brainwashed. In the early 80’s we had the young numbers to separate on a large scale & make it happen . Today its just separate into small All White communities for survival & preservation of our White race gene pool / culture of… Read more »

6 years ago

Another one telling Sinead what to do. Why don’t you lead by example and leave us alone. You can preach defeatist at your local closed group. Don’t demoralize. And show some prove for your fantasy number of 1/10,000.

6 years ago

You ever look into rune yoga? You do it bare foot kind of like you mention touching the ground.

I read that the Picts stained their red Phyrgian caps with menstrual blood and I would imagine the Scythian Aryans did it as well.

You ever read about the starfire ritual with menstrual blood in the Dragon Legacy book?

Shabbat Shekelstein
6 years ago

I can understand the pessimism of some people, the situation is already as horrible as it is, and if things get worst, I can understand why people will completely lose hope.

If the white race/humanity is to be saved, it won’t come from the majority. They are already far gone.

Even if we’re most likely to lose, we should still fight until the jews have “officially” turned this world into a jewish-communist dictatorship.

Shabbat Shekelstein
6 years ago

So for people line Kyle, Sinead and others at Renegade/pro-white movement (who have massive balls) who are dedicating their lives to save us – God bless you all. Thank you all for your amazing work.

6 years ago

Lol 1/10,000 I meet pro white people on a monthly basis if you were willing to speak up more often you would find that too.

6 years ago

Agree. Tired of this defeatist talk. Just because only a few whites (Sinead, Kyle, Lana, John Friend, etc) doesn’t mean many other whites don’t feel like we do. You would find if you talk to other whites about these issues, whether it’s nonwhite on white crime, third world invasion, etc, they will often agree with most of what you say. Get out and talk more to people. Share stories on your social media. Our narrative is winning because many leftist sites have to shut down comment sections. nationalism is growing in Europe all the time, even in countries like Sweden and France where they have been bombarded with political correctness for decades now. If you think we are doomed, that’s all you will see. You… Read more »

6 years ago

Another good show thanks Sinead!
And as usual yet more BS from this WHITERELIGIONADHERENT/Mr White Genocide incoherent semi-literate troll! Good to see others putting it in its place. It very obviously is nothing more than a negative little keyboard pleb (“commando” is way too good a term for this idiot!). Hey WhiteWoteva, stop coming here telling everyone what to do with your BS that NOBODY here wants and go DO something positive by yourself without telling everyone. That’s how shit gets done!

Nick Dean
6 years ago

White people are on our own side in almost every poll ever taken on immivasion, multicult, anti-White discrimination, or family.

The us ‘awakened’ vs. them ‘normies’ division is a great way for Jews to turn the propaganda of the actively White against their fellows. Whites who wished Whites well just could not and would not have created such harmful habits of speech in our movement. And only Jews ever had the power or intensity of motivation to make useful dumb Whites like alt-right foot-soldiers adopt their memes.

Nick Dean
6 years ago

Second time tonight I’ve posted a weave in the thread and not commented on the show. Sorry, Sinead. I’ll be listening at work tomorrow.

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