Firestarter Radio: Madness, Masochism, Magicians & Mother Theresa (12-28-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about Christian fashion and holy water Nikes, the jews of NRx still being promoted by gay men in the alt right, cringey YouTube black magicians, organized crime and the MMA world, how Mother Theresa is a man who made people suffer to “get closer to God” and more! Closing song: ‘London’ by Breathe

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Marshall Wilkinson
2 years ago

That paul wilson guy just looks like rick heskey

Reply to  Marshall Wilkinson
2 years ago

He kind of looks like Anglin too. Do these guys come out of a literal troll factory? Paul is missing the top portion of his head.

Marshall Wilkinson
2 years ago
In other shill busting news we had chris dorsey on with richard recently. I was meaning to bring this up for awhile

2 years ago

It has been said that all the splinters of the true cross that were sold in churches and monasteries during the middle ages for supposed good luck or healing powers would suffice to build an Armada of war ships. Trinkets which had reportedly been handled by a saint would be sold by greedy priests to brainwashed desperate peasants to cure their loved ones from ailments. Later on the sale of indulgences became frequent, where a thief or a rapist could supposedly buy their way out of hell for a fine to the church. Thank goodness modern people have put such primitive superstitions behind them. We have now entered the enlightened age of holy jogging shoes.

2 years ago

Alyse Parker yt video: WHY I DON’T SHOWER… #smelly&proud
Presuming yenta for sure. Reminds one of the General George Patton letter describing the personal filth and stench maintained by Jewry in Europe

2 years ago

Last time I listened to your old pal john smith, he was on bitchute jumping on the ci christ cuck train with billy roper. He also mentioned people he used to hang around with who “worshipped trees”. Wonder who he was referring to?

Reply to  Retroactive
2 years ago

I saw our “pal” commenting on Sandman (MGTOW fag) videos as well.

2 years ago

with this kind of podcast Sinead, be great to do a videocast as well, with all the great video you are playing, be great to see what you are seeing.

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