Firestarter Radio: Make Gardens Great Again (5-24-16)


Sinead has Callwen back on the show to discuss her and her husband’s off the grid farmlet and how you too can follow in their footsteps. They discuss how to acquire land, what kind of land to buy and how to cultivate that land. Sinead then shares a series of recordings that she has made throughout the week. Topics include: big tents are doomed to fail, Shaun Surplus exposed and much much more!

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Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

Great show Sinead. Your guest had a lot of good info to share. Glad she has cleansed her mind and body of the jewish poison. I wish them good luck.
We have a saying here: find a friend, prove a friend, trust a friend. It’s going to be painful sometimes but you’ll be stronger in the long run and know that that small group love and care for you!
Quakes? Perhaps it’s Shaun aka wabo causing the ‘deep crust’ movements? You’ll have to axe him – the pizza s*** !

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

Shaun told me the earth is as flat as a pizza pie.

6 years ago

Very inspiring interview, self sufficiency is key to our future. I am managing a very small container garden on my patio and I can’t wait to do what Callwen is doing, definitely a goal to aim for.
Anyone that would threaten a child/parent relationship for no reason is truly despicable and that goes for any agency or supposed ally. In a perfect world that person should expect a literal shitstorm.

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