Firestarter Radio: Massimo and March Musings (3-27-17)

This will be Sinead’s last show until after May, since she failed her exam and has to retake it. Sinead has on her friend Massimo to discuss the circle and eclipse experiment, silica based life vs carbon based life, jews and much more. In the second hour the shares some recordings about Weston A. Price, AIPACalypse and much more.

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Thank you guys for the nice comments. I hope the information given during the interview will help shed some light on the sea of lies and darkness the jews have forced upon us.

Massimo, please tell us a little about the Resistance in Italy. I know that Holocaust denial was criminalised quite recently, but I also know that there are many voices in Italy denouncing the JWO (e.g. Gianantonio Valli) and there are publishing houses (e.g. Editioni Ritter) with interesting titles to its catalogue. However, unless I am mistasken, there is no organisation comparable to Soral’s Egalité et Réconciliation in France in terms of the scope of activities (they organise conferences; of course, they have a website, but also a publishing house — Kontrekulture– and they are trying to make inroads politically). Am I right or wrong?

About the resistance in Italy, well… there are many spontaneous movements and a big resurgence of National Socialism and Fascism, but again… as I have pointed out in my interview with SInead, unless the whole spectrum of lies will be dissipated once and for all, the jews will keep steering infighting and hatred towards each other. Italians are not united, we got the jewish virus big time, much more than you would think. Plus cultural marxism as the only option pushed into people, political correctness and consumerism, there is very little space for alternative views, politically and culturally. I want to answer about the question of the jews being present in Italy before the Romans, well just one name will suffice: Phoenicians. The place where… Read more »

PS I apologize for my written mistakes, I have never studied english, learned it the hard way…. hope the sense of what I mean can be understood easily,

Your English is great.

Thanks for this treasure trove of details about the Phoenicians of Canaanite stock. True, cultural marxism* is the poison which is destroying European peoples, even in Italy where one would have thought that centuries of Catholicism would have remained deeply ingrained in the Italian psyche, but certainly not enough to guarantee the preservation of the local stock (I am referring to the particularly low birth rates of Italian women).
* Plus other, associated ‘isms’ such as materialism, hedonism, individualism, post-Vatican(II)ism

BTW, thanks for the hint: I shall have to explore any possible connection between the ancient Saturnalia and cultural marxism (in the form of status reversal, debauchery, disguising one’s identity as some kind of prelude to transgenderism, etc)…

Thank you for mentioning the phoenecians and caananites, that reference is lacking far too often.

Also (in my estimation) they invented language as a means to secure the money/trade scheme which is also mentioned in Henry Fords: Kike internationale. Hence the term phoenetics for the pronounciation of words literally.

The phoenecians/caananites brought an abstraction of wealth and human interaction into contracts, words, paperwork and also the legal: jew-dicial system whose primary purpose is to maintain the flow of commerce and money. The simulation.

I have updated the E=mc2 formula, I think it’s more true than the Einstein’s one (in truth he stole it from an italian geologist called Olinto de Pretto ). Mine is:
Jew=Mass control squared
If you want the solution, always place the jew into the equation

Eensteen was a scammmer from the beginning, this is how we have to regard these “people”. It puts into question ANY claims the grot has put forwards. I am even skeptical that HE was the originator of the photoelectric effect. I reckon that was stolen from the patents he got as a (strategic) patent clerk. They do not invent nor create anything, presume stolen. Besides all the physics we are taught is old news plus tactical censorship to allow enough to operate and serve the Hive but not enough to discover autonomous power.

Well, the gorilla in the room is that there is not such a thing as ‘italy’. The Lombards (in the sense of ‘northern italians’) are genetically, culturally and anthropologiclally completely different form the Siculo-Neapolitans. Italy is just an infernal machine to genocide the Lombard peoples and every single molecule of its state organization is monopolised by Siculo-Neapolitans. It is not a ‘fatherland’ even remotely; at the contary it represent the annihlation of the only fully aryan part of its population, the Lombards. The neo-fascism is nothing to be excited for; it is almost exclusively formed by Siculo-Neapolitans and it is just yet another mean to crash any chance of survival for the Lombard peoples. It has little (or nothing) to do with the original Fascism… Read more »

Yeah yeah, keep repeating the usual lies the Lombards are spreading since they invaded and destroyed the kingdom of the Two Sicilies, you can fool the Americans and English, but cannot fool an italian that knows and reads the italians documents. Go to hell, you defender of the Savoy and their cohorts the jews

Also, I want to add that no matter what was the genetic mark of the people in the north Italy, we are not talking about goyims, but about the ruling families, and there are plenty of documents showing the influence of the evil jews phoeanicians canaanites in the establishment of the major cities in northern and southern italy. The sea republics I talked about are about 500 years earlier of the mentioned invasion and subjugation of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Go studying a bit more, and don’t even try using a Sforza family memeber as a proof of your lies. Sforzas were/are part of the same Cabal of jewish marranos traitors that rule since long long time.

You have exactly zero evidences for your completely made-up comments. I can offer you genetical evidences for my claims, backed by mainstream and peer-rewied academical research. So, who is fooling who ?

The Jews and the freemasons are the creators of the ‘italian’ state and its stounchest defenders now. The Jewish agenda is exactly the same of that of the Siculo-Neapolitans: a prepetous plunder and the complete ethnical annihaltion of the Lombard peoples. The Siculo-Neapolitans are our butchers not differently from the Jews.
Your complete lacking of empaty for what is happening to our peoples (which is pure and simple genocide) just demostrate what a laughtingstock the concept of ‘italy’ is.

So you didnt listen a word I said during the podcast and didnt understand my simple written english. I said the jews of Sicily were hand in hand with the English and American freemasons for the invasion and destruction of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. And also. Casapound and other movements are spread out all over Italy, from north to south. Again your claims of mainstream and peer reviews academical reasearch it`s just what it is: toilet paper. The SIculo Neapolitans you are talking about, are Jews. Here you have your Siculo Neapolitans. Mayba the one lacking empaty is you, not me. Go back to study, as I have already told you, but not the BS fed by the Piemontese Savoy. Again you’re… Read more »

“…backed by mainstream and peer-rewied academical research.

Only a kike or one of his traitorous goyim puppies spews such garbage! Thanks for revealing your true identity. Now go learn to spell proper English.

Very true Rayzor!!! Btw the scientist he’s referring to, Sforza-Cavalli, is an evolutionist, geneticist, studied with with Gesuits and then with a (((Levi))), was almost arrested by the Germans during WWII, escaped Italy and went to England. Check him out, a bloody jew!!!
So much truth and unbiased research, from a traitorous Jew or a crypto marrano jew. Go to hell, you Vehme and your fake aryan empathy!!!
You’re just a kike or a marrano kike.
In the volcano, better if it’s the Etna of your beloved Sicily.

There is a huge political movement of action (not just empty words) called Casapound (in honor of the great Ezra Pound) that is gaining more and more momentum nowadays. They are present in most major italian cities and even though not exposing the eternal jew, they are doing a lot of great initiatives. At the moment their major concern are the rapefugees and the replacing of italians. In the last political elections they got some few of their candidates as Major in a couple of cities. This is affecting the zombies, cannot be denied. Casapound activist are helping wherever there is the need, like standing compact when there is an eviction of italian families (their national vice president Simone Di Stefano was arrested for this)… Read more »

Thanks for the info, I had not heard of that movement, not that I live in Italy anyway, but it is good to know what kind of resistance the Italians (once a country nominally opposed to the JWO) are putting up. Yes, so apt of them to have named their movement in honour of the great Pound who, fortunately, THEY were not able to extract any pounds of flesh after WWII…

Great show and interview as always Sinead. Big thanks to Massimo too.

Surplus, jews bla-bla women’s fault!
Beattie, jews bla-bla royals & fed!
Roberts, jews bla-bla Anglin!
Dorcey, jews bla-bla christianity!

Perfect examples of what you are both referring too. I hope these agents get their just desserts – a pavlova in the face preferably. Now there’s an experiment.

PS Very disappointed with the demo turnout from our folk. What was it, 3 Renegades?Most people in the UK are fearful or indifferent, too late here. I thought the US would make a stand; leading with courage and your natural enthusiasm. So wrong and so sad at this point. All this effort by Kyle & Sinead and people can’t be bothered.

Scott had even said that he now wants to debate me on these issues but I don’t know if I’ll have the time. I’m sure I’ll be accused of “backing out of the debate”. Oh well. My family time is more important than debating Scott Roberts on why kosher food is superior lol

It was one! Just Kyle. I would have gone if I wasn’t a mother but that’s where my priorities are. I’m very disappointed.

I in my foolishness thought there was bus load of people going with Kyle.Really disappointed like everybody else with the turnout.At least Kyle had the courage and the guts to go on his own and take on this rats cabal of organised Jews.Thank you so much Kyle.

This is a perfect example of the bystander effect. We assume others are doing something, so we do nothing, all the while no one else is doing anything either! lol We need to unlearn this fast!

I listen to Scott though. He’s right on point but he’s wrong about wanting to work with the midget and some other characters.
It was also wrong for him when he said that he wanted to come on Renegade but then he backed down. He gave an explanation though. He said roughly (I’m not quoting him) that he decided not to be in someone else’s platform where he could then in the future get kicked out in a second due to personal conflicts.
Sinead, please have a discussion with him whenever you can and explain your views to him on air. He’s reasonable.

No, he lied. Kyle sent him several e mails and he never responded. Then when I publicly called him out he lied and said that he never got Kyle’s e mails, then he changed his story to the one he told you. Also, if a White woman had mixed race children do you think she would ever be welcomed around White nationalist circles? yet it’s okay for Scott to have mixed race children?

He’s buddies with Kike Delaney who calls me a mudshark and says I should be hung, yet Scotty Scott has little half brownies running around and that’s A okay.

Wait! I totally forgot John Smith was there! My bad. John was also there. So there were 2.

ahhh hahah I should read all the comments first lol

HEY! wtf lol

That presence of the obnoxious, yapping kike clot that marched in front of the building with their gay-raeli flags in one of he videos was very nauseating.

I see you’ve figured out that this bowel movement is heavily infiltrated. You mention Anglin – the mixed-race midget. Who is joined below the waist to Delaney…. So how does this all work? Enjoy this little clip of Delaney’s close associate “John Alan Martinson” collecting info for an upcoming FBI raid on the Hutare Militia Christian Group. Delaney was in contact with them while this was going down. Delaney and Martinson keep getting this vid censored from JewTube. And it sure doesn’t appear on Delaneys video site LOL. Martinson was a Confidential Informant to the FBI. Delaney too. They are low-life scum who will sell out anyone for money. Martinson who is part negro – was the one who narrated Delaney’s “911 Missing Links”… Read more »

That is a beautiful picture!

And more worrying the thought, it might actually be very accurate…

I’d say the tree looks too small…

lol yes

Best Renegade show of 2017 so far in my opinion. High quality and ties so much together

Sorry, you are not being a litlle unfair to the many superb shows so far this year. For instance, I enjoyed the interview with Brendon O’Connell (17th March) so much that I am going to post the notes I took.

Mischling, because one shines, does not mean shadows are cast on others. Relax, it’s all good.

and furtherting the Cause.

being unfair, I meant..

Yes sorry, I have not heard that one. However I was very impressed with this show. The show with Brendon has been recommended to me I have to say.

Completely agree, this is a definite addition to the classic essential list.

Well yes, the turnout was disappointing. I do ask myself if there is any Virginia Militia in reality. I did expect some group to turn up. I’s strange. Renegades role from the start was, as I understood it, to support but not to organize. That said I thought there would be some sort of unorganized turnout of listeners. People seem to wait for someone to carry them personally, organizing every step and provide some sort of service before they leave their safe space. Maybe there has to be some soul searching among the American listeners that can only be done by oneself. Glued to my computer watching the Aipacalypse periscope footage from my prison camp called Germany, I was in a permanent uproar. Perhaps the… Read more »

I think the “militia” is Chris and David. This is what gets me depressed. Where are our men?

To find out about Dorseys militia I ought to go to his YouTube channel and search for pictures, but I think I don’t want to do this tonight. Bad enough for the moment to think they just did not appear. To have the proof that they do not exist would be too much in this moment. It’s dark enough outside. This is nightmarish both ways. Like the hall of mirrors they build for us all the time. Obviously some light is needed.

I thought the same Elfgard. Those “beings” grouped outside the entrance were not Americans. They have no right to even be on US soil; much like the muslims in Europe. Difference is: they organize and support each other – that is their strength. What, they even supplied the opposition to themselves.
Shameful really, and the UK whites are even worse. Fat, lazy, ignorant, contented, smug and….doomed, at this point. But i will carry on, no choice now i know. Btw, your English is marvellous.

Thank you so much Anthony. Sometimes I think the situation is so bad in the UK because people think they won the war. For white nationalists this trap is even more dangerous. To take pride in the own history is so important, but it makes me sad when I think that every German killed in the war was not only a loss for my people but was one step further to the destruction of the British Whites. To understand this is hurtful and disturbing at least. Those AIPAC aliens with their seemingly never ending chanting, ugly dances and arrogance where hard to watch even from the distance. There where two scenes that are not shown in the documentary but have been very impressive for me.… Read more »
Yes, for this one moment, thanks to Kyle being there, the curtain was pulled back. For this one brief moment they were vulnerable. But where were our young intelligent men to strike and expose their lies? Build up a momentum? Bloody nowhere! Sat at home, watching football, washing their precious car or maybe just plodding around wallymart! Our gods have gifted us a young Rommel & Haverbeck in Kyle & Sinead, bravely standing in front of a few awake but indifferent cowards ( myself included ) and the rest of the dead white sheep populous! And this is how we thank them! Fifty years from now, the grandchildren of today’s white teenagers will exist in squalid, white-reservation, squatter camps dotted around US & Europe. They… Read more »

In my interview I mentioned the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies as the precursor of the First World War, here an interesting article depicting what really happened without the lies that we italians have been feed for over 160 years.
The usual infamous names and (((tribe))) were very active to destroy the most advanced and culturally enriched kingdom of Europe of the time, the invasion and destruction of that kingdom was then passed as a liberation and unification of Italy and led to the killing and deportation of millions, and the emigration of millions due to induced poverty and genocidal actions. All of this has been completely scrapped out from history books.

Have a nice view of the jews in sicily, check their surnames and see how those families were/are pulling the strings, openly or covertly, pretending to be whites. Most main mafia families bear some of those surnames, this is why Sicily has always been a hot spot for traitors, from the time of the invasion of the Kingdom of the Two Sicily up to the invasion of the Al-lies in WWII with the help of such beautiful (((people))) as Lucky Luciano and many many others we are not aware of.

Thanks for the list. I am 1/4 Italian and my last name wasn’t on it thank god. We aren’t jews though but I was still afraid to see if it was there.

Strangely, just after having posted my comment, I stumbled across this quote of Benjamin Disraeli’s whilst referring to the fictional character of Sidonia [= Nathan Mayer Rothschild] in his roman à clef Coningsby; Or, The New Generation (p.126, Vol. II, London, 1844: « He literally held the revenues of Southern Italy in pawn », fpr which there is a good visual at comment image (and more good similar quotes at

Massimo I would be willing to fix the errors of English in the article that would make it hard for many to understand. I can understand it perfectly because I have studied Italian and can see what the original was trying to say.

Massimo is very clever, very interesting conversation with him Sinead ! Thank you.

Fantastic discussion. Thank you Massimo and Sinead.
The atomic number of carbon is 6 and silicon is 14 as the 14 words! 😀
Question. The processors of the computers we use are silicon-based. How about that?

Thank you Yrton, your question has the answer within, silicon chips are the reason why they want to put one in every energetically profitable goyim in the plane-T. Technology mimics life, crystals are alive and (((they))) know that, transhumanism it’s not meant for everyone, jews want to become immortal, the rest will be vaporized (using Orwell words) and they know it’s quite easy linking with silica. (((They))) own science nowadays, what it’s shown to us it’s just one of the facets, we MUST take back the whole knowledge of what we are, where we are, where we come from. To do such a tough task we must forget everything we have been thought and start believing again legends and myths, because they are the truth.… Read more »
Thanks for the reply. You have a very unique and clever take on these issues and it’ll be awesome to hear from you often. Where do you draw the line in science though? 2+2=4 and all the mathematics built on that is also science. Electronics is definitely verifiable and duplicable for anyone who’s interested in making something that uses electricity. Chemistry too and so on. Now as you discussed I also think that maybe they have falsified certain elements in science and maybe even the basic premises but I think whatever is verifiable must be kept or maybe your take is that there are other languages than “science” to understand the reality…. Maybe but personally I choose not to get into spiritual matters (I live… Read more »
Yrton I agree about verifiable science. My point is more about scientific language and its interpretation. For instance, Tesla discovered and invented so much with the aether in mind, Einstein and his partners in crime denied its existence. This didnt affect electric technology development, just slowed it down enough to allow “them” the complete monopoly over oil extraction and trade. “Magic” are physical law not taught in universities by the official accademic status quo. 50 years ago some devices we have nowadays would have appeared as the work of wizards. The Jew holds white people’s knowledge in his dirty filthy demonic hands. I believe Vimanas, free etheric electric energy, magical control of natural forces, you name it, to be the true science as it was… Read more »
Massimo, They are indeed the masters of deceit. I also worked for and with them for several years, five to be precise, although at the time I did not know that nearly all of my colleagues where of such stock (some great resources for checking their surnames out:,,,; please note that these are the archived versions at in case they want to pull them off the Internet). I cannot tell you how miserable I was at the end of each day. And I do not tell you the number of times I was lied to. In fact, I became JAW after having been lied to by another member of the Tribe (context: a public conference). It was my ephipany. They… Read more »

You might want to check out Fed Ices episode 31, as they directly attack Renegade and attempt to use ridicule and mocking humor to deny truthful ‘accusations’ made against them. Total ‘Rules for Radicals’ tactics. When you have to use ridicule and mocking humor to argue your point you have already lost the argument. These are typical ‘leftist’ tactics.

The fact they are responding suggests Renegades wise words are having an impact!

Keep up the amazing work Renegade!!!

[I accidentally wrote this in last weeks shows comments.]

Is episode 31 for subscribers only or is it available for everyone to watch? I’d like to see this. Is it on the website?

I’m also having a hard time finding the numbers that go along w the episodes.

Can you please help us access this Poles?

Massimo, we want an ‘encore’ Fantastic interview of a non-‘Anglo’*. Our oppressors are organised internationally, so any resistance to them must be set up in a similar fashion. What about inviting the French ‘resistance fighter’ Alain Soral (who founded Egalité et Réconciliation)? Or even getting some Irish or British speakers (so as to have a European perspective as that continent is being attacked very viciously), maybe Nick Spero could get Ognir back on his show … I firmly believe that it is important to convey to the listeners that an awakening is taking place across the world. A question for Sinead or for Massimo: Does Massimo have a web presence (which he would be willing to publicise)? A question for Massimo: Massimo, do you have… Read more »

Here’s Massimo’s faceberg profile.
He will be back on when I’m back on after May, but maybe we can convince him to do a wildcard.

Thanks for the FBerg profile and, Yes, this would be a great idea to get him back. Sinead, I have thought of three other possible guests based in Europe: Andrew Carrington Hitchcock (who has his own radio show,, Daryl Bradford Smith (who as you must know had to stop his website/broadcasting) and the Frenchman Hervé Ryssen (a prolific author (10 books); one book translated into English: ;

Only on Facebook, which I’m not on? Somewhere else on the Web ? Does Massimo knows about Iru Landucci?

He’s on twitter too:
Maybe we can convince him to do videos for us at

Hello Elizabeth, I had never heard of Iru Landucci before, very interesting. At the moment I live in Spain, Barcelona to be precise, so thanks to you I have the chance to gather info about flat earth from a Spanish perspective and language. I don’t have a website, I’m sorry, but we could connect through skype or email, if you want.

I loved the guest. Everytime I hear more people talk like this I am like goodness I am not insane at all. You guys really hit hard on all of the issues that matter.

The controlled opposition way of protesting is over

Dreamydiglet triggered the hell out of me. I watched her stupid video 4 times because I was so pissed. I am looking forward to your video reply, I am sure it will trigger a lot of alt right. I know Millenial Woes and Black pigeon speaks follow her.

I’m going to call her derpy niglett from now on.

She is meryl streeps jewish daughter.

Great show! Btw it sucks to see you go again, I hope you don’t fail your exam next time – I know you can do it!

I’ll be back after May. If I don’t pass the second time I’m crawling in a cave and never coming out again. I studied my ass off but was distracted trying to get the pizzagate film done, and give my son the attention he needs and deserves, as that is WAY more important but now I am kicking myself in the ass. I just can’t do it all and am starting to really resent the lack of action taken by most.

I relate about kicking my self in the ass. I regret missing the AIPAC event. The truth is I couldn’t afford to take the time off and still make ends meet this month. I guess that’s what I get for mocking Chris? To be honest I really wanted to meet Kyle in person. I wouldn’t walk across the street to see Spielberg for his career of spreading lies. But you and Kyle are in another class with “Hell Storm” and your videos on Whites in South Africa. The fact is you have done a great deal more to wake our people up than most us ever will. That’s why you won’t catch me bad mouthing you despite what other areas where we may disagree. I… Read more »

Great show, superb guest. Also Christopher Colon => C C => 3 3 buhtseques code! Relating to eensteens scam campaign, it was Poincare and Olinto De Pretto that had the mass energy relation.

Really amazing expose on the silicon based lifeforms. When you think about it, silicon conducts electricity much better, therefore our bodily capacitance would have been higher. Also we would have had psychic abilities and power to shape the physical matter hence the “impossible” artefacts like the stone flute with curving innner channels, and serpentine cup only magnetic on the inside. There would be no such thing as disease. In fact the very concept of illness is redundant. Illness is not a bogeyman in itself, it is a symptom of something, not an entity in itself. But pharma gotta pharm than money yo! Nourishment and vitality is the elelectric charge available in the matter, so we would probably not even have to actually eat much matter,… Read more »
Massimo, as I had mentioned in an earlier post, Gianantonio Valli (deceased in 2015, if I am correct), must have been the most prolific populariser of our cause writing in Italian of late: Gianantonio  Valli, nato a Milano nel 1949 da famiglia valtellinese e medico-chirurgo, ha ● pubblicato saggi su l’Uomo libero e Orion; ● curato la Bibliografia della Repubblica Sociale Italiana (19891), i saggi di Silvano Lorenzoni L’abbraccio mortale – Monoteismo ed Europa e La figura mostruosa di Cristo e la convergenza dei monoteismi, i libri di Joachim Nolywaika La Wehrmacht – Nel cuore della storia 1935-1945 (Ritter, 2003), Agostino Marsoner Gesù tra mito e storia – Decostruzione del dio incarnato (Effepi, 2009), Wilhelm Marr, La vittoria del giudaismo sul germanesimo (Effepi, 2011) e Johannes… Read more »
Massimo, I am very interested in two of your topics: the mafia-jewish nexus, and the Kingdom of Two Sicilies. I had already discovered the jew control of the chicago Outfit through reading Russo’s Supermob — though I thought Al Capone was a genuine “Sicilian messenger boy” — Russo didn’t know about his jewish background. I toured the house of the descendents of Federico II in Napoli last year and the mafia has built hovels in their backyard without permission — and there is nothing they can do about it. On the other hand, the tour guide showed us masonic imagery built into the decorations themselves — so it’s like nothing is easy. I fell for Garibaldi and Piedmont after reading Trevelyon’s hagiography, but then found… Read more »

Masimmo, or, drop me an email at timsvendors at yahoo.

Just like those JDL thug Jews that got into Chris Dorsey’s face. Priceless! Chris and David seized up like a couple greasy Jewesses!

What did you ever do ?

aw yor show has been moved to the old host section again ? .. sigh