Firestarter Radio: Massimo – Multidimensional Energetic Warfare (8-28-17)

Sinead talks to Massimo about the rollout of new technology such as 5G, the energetic effects of these fields, how sound is used against us, the importance of dreams, natural telepathy, synchronicity, and much more.

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Oh Sinead! I am so sorry! What a nightmare! I have been dealing with the inner struggle of whether or not I should reach out to my extended family or not… It breaks my heart listening to Yuri Bezmenov and realizing that I am a victim of the demoralization, in the sense that I walked away from my family many years ago in pursuit of the truth, and now that I know what i know, I am an island amongst my culturally marxist programmed, and victimized family members. I’ve tried sharing articles, videos, quotes, facts, pictures with my parents, but they IGNORE it all and repeatedly tell me how they wish that I was ”care free and happy” again.. my response? ME TOO! I so… Read more »

You just told the story of my own family. Though my parents passed away before I came to the truth I am dealing with the same thing as you concerning my siblings and adult children.
Like you as well, my concern now is for my grandchildren who are to come.

Supreme show Sinead and Massimo

youtube; Michi kaku on kabbalah and physics. See, coincidentally, todays physics and Copernicus who was a Polish Jew and Newton who also said European man should be replaced with Asians, this is documented and also, Einstein said he SAME THING per Kalergi who was approached and financed by the Warburgs. FACT, documented. My main substance here is that I must convey is that The reason they say earth is 4 billion years is because hold on to your hat but 15th century kabbalist teachings said universe is 4 billion years old is it’s the 72 names of “god” their god that is. ahhaaa They also teach their students back then as now, about a singularity blew up and created it all. I was taught that… Read more »
this sound of silence topic is tied in with the ‘smart grid’ a UN (jew N ) incentive… in australia we had smart meters rolled out without public consent (by force) before yule 2016 by the previous jew mp (as part of agenda 21 which is on the australian government website for sustainable living) & a few years before that myki which is all public transport running off a keycard that registers’ on the smart grid. They also wanted to force everyone to link these cards to their bank accounts, which was a step too far for some so they now just ‘give us the option’ for now anyway.. back to grid make sure anyone you know ditches out any springcoil mattresses””””””’ they channel all… Read more »
You need to get an RF meter. You can get a good one for under $200. You need to know exactly how much RF is penetrating into your house. I have measured some houses that had very low readings because they were made of brick or stone. Take RF readings in every room of the house. You don’t just have to worry about your smart meter, but your neighbor’s as well. My favorite low budget RF meter is the Cornet ED-78S After you know where your hot spots are, you can put up appropriate shielding. In general, I prefer materials that absorb RF rather than ones that reflect it. If there was only one source of RF, reflection is fine, but since there are… Read more »

Wow, thats a good call with the springcoil mattresses. I hadn’t thought of that; like lying on a large jewish conductor. Also, if you live in a bungalow/one storey house, don’t have your bed (esp head) near the meter housings.

Wool mattresses are the way to go. There is lots of information on the energy of fibers and how they interact with our own energy. Think about it.. whet you rest your precious body on for hours should be doing you a service, not sucking your energy away! Wool and organic linen are the best. I bought a wool mattress off of craigslist years ago (it was used as a guest bed and barely ever used), and I notice a HUGE difference when I attempt to sleep on anything else. I loathe any other beds. Once you go wool, you’ll never go back! There can really be such a thing as rest! Etsy is a great place to find organic linen clothing, bedsheets, ect, however,… Read more »
i would but im full vegan (druid – dont use any any animal for stuff/clothing/footware/makeup or even in ritual/spell work) also like sleeping on the floor so i like the firmness of cotton futon mattresses. That being said you can get wool/latex/cotton mixes at your own preference. some do a cotton mattress with cotton wool then cotton so on.. yeah I agree organic linen from flax is the best I use to buy allot from etsy & had an etsy magic store there for heathens but it got taken over by a jew last year so i sorta lost it at them & pulled out/closed shop 🙁 yeah my last place had the octopus site of network meters outside my door so i know how… Read more »

Regarding your chip info I remember years ago the Soviets gave the US embassy some present. Obviously it was checked out for bugs but the Soviets used it as a bug by first transmitting some frequency to it which caused some resonance and enabled them to spy on the Americans.

lol jewish conductor 🙂 but true, dam parasites..

I transform from clueless to smitten when the Firestarter is on. another great show; and the new video is great too; nausea inducing but necessary exposure. you didn’t mention is I don’t think so will post the link here

I agree, Sinny can sure brighten up the room even if it’s only via my cheezy speakers. The female. A gift to the world, precious and dear and worthy of our utmost respect. Enchanting would be an understatement. Like a fairytale princess. Okay, enough of the mushy stuff. Back to work, folks.

Dear Sinead, Massimo, et al. Esoteric Hitlerism as explicated by Miguel Serrano, the great Chilean National Socialist writer, diplomat, and mystic, I believe you will find very interesting and engrossing. Below is a link to part of an interview he gave to Fascination in his old age, I believe in 2004, he died in 2009 at 91 years old, on youtube which should serve as interesting introduction to his esoteric views and I also provided a link to a free translation of most his book “Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar”. Please be warned that the rest of that which in on the website for the second link is not representative of Serrano who was definitely Anti-Christian and not an apologist for the Roman Catholic Church… Read more »

Great guest. Always nice to hearing from Massimo.

Good show. There was a good point about people projecting their morality onto other people. That’s why we have such a hard time with people not being able to believe that the hive acts the way they do. They don’t have a hive mind and so can’t imagine a human society with a hive mind. A hive mind without any remorse or normal feelings that people have.

That bit totally got me too. Excellent show,.

Hahah Massimo is a great guest, always good to hear. Straight up Italian fire with focus. I love hearing from other White European nations.

I do find it fascinating how random strangers have got connected here – and it’s not just the koshernet! There is something going on inside all of us who can see through this unnatural jewish screen.

I wonder if the Japanese samurai used their long hair as an anttena, to channel the spiritual life force via Reiki? This would tie in with Kyke’s show about long hair. My comb-over has only gained 1/8″ in 2 months damnit! Not feeling the magic….. yet 🙁

PS Great show by two enlightened souls. Massimo is the only person who can out-talk gobby Sinead lol. See, i don’t always sucker-up to her. Btw, thank you for those kind words, your tastefully dressedness.

re: hair antennae very true I can nearly sit on mine at 5’7 & you should see how much flack I get for daring to have long hair as an old woman lol.. i cut it myself & only on the witching hour of the full moon every month before returning my cut hair to the earth. But im also a druid/witch & I can pick things up vibration wise through my hair… my hair is a connection to the mother & i think men being pressured to cut their hair short is way to alienate/disconnect them from their spiritual mother.. sit outside on the ground & close your eyes, scan for sounds from nature inc birds far & round & try mentally to gps… Read more »

That´s so interesting and cool Nancy 🙂 I´ve started to feel pressure from people to cut my hair short, I´m not yet 40. I don´t understand why they think it´s any of their business? I think most women look terrible with short hair, especially the fat ones (which I almost am as well) but I don´t go around telling them to grow it longer etc. I´ve always felt that it was very important to have long hair, it´s just my preference but all this talk of antennas and energy makes sense and I´m very interested in it.

yeah they can look like ugly trolls 🙂 had one in the supermarket the other day have her fat knickers in a knot because she didnt want to get flicked by my long hair as I reached down for packs of legumes… I just told her I rather flick my hair than look like an angry short haired troll as I walked off & that she was a dishonor to her mauri ancestors (obvious new Zealander who traditionally have long hair) oooh Im also 43, & will keep it long even when it is white 🙂
Odin bless & may the gods be with you

she had short boycut hair*

The part where you discussed projecting your own morality, that re-educated me. The whole show was great, very interesting. G5 tech seems like it’s going to be extremely dangerous, I’d really like to hear someone who knows about this.

Language, particularly the English language, was instrument to our take down. Look at the word language itself……languish + age…….and we truly have been languishing through the ages.

I posted almost those exact words on that matter a while ago. Credit where its due.

Sorry, I don’t always read all posts…..but all due credit to you.

Oh lordy. My post sounds a bit arrogant. It was not meant that way, I just tapped a vein of knowledge, and so did you by the looks of it.

This is an interesting little video that briefly talks about a German doctor who successfully treated soldiers suffering from diptheria with urine therapy. Those who took the urine therapy survived; those who didn’t died. Apparently, urine therapy was used extensively in Germany during WWII. Urine therapy is also excellent for treating allergies. It’s especially effective for those who are allergic to wasp or bee stings or have peanut allergies. It even works for poisonous snake bites. And it’s free……which you can’t say for a damn Epipen. Although many, if not most people, find it gross or disgusting at first, urine therapy is nothing short of miraculous. Urine is not a waste product. It is mostly composed of blood plasma and is completely sterile.… Read more »

It’s a Russian site. Some very interesting info related to what Massimo said about technology hidden from us and lies told. The link above is about the properties of water but there’s plenty of other material on various subjects.

P.S. I use chrome when looking at the site and I simply right click and translate page. Occasionally I’ll have to select a paragraph that didn’t translate and redo just that paragraph but otherwise it’s readable enough.

Sinead, really wonderful show. Best of yours yet, IMHO. Of the one’s I’ve heard anyway. And I know I’ve been a little uppity with the Christianity subject, but it’s only because I’ve been waiting for someone to take it to the next step, by not only pointing out that we’ve been tricked, but understanding that our reality is created through the black magic worship of this demon entity . And though we, our people, are being attacked by our enemy, through earthly means, it us also being done by magic. And I’m totally on board with your guest, that we must fight back with our own magic. Very exciting ideas. Just what I needed after my internet shutdown due to hurricane harvey. Thank you Sinead!
I remember this guys talk before an he said he was into Gurdjieff. If he has not read the commentaries they are really great for getting at the cosmological side of 4th way work an they explain the esoteric side of the gospels as well. In the cosmology G. had he sun everything came of out the sun absolute an when we express negative emotion, etc. it feeds the moon an the Earth being a type of pain factory when are in the sleep like state of consciousness. One thing he also mentioned was old painting of the sun showing the long beams an he described this as like rope to pull yourself up to the higher state of consciousness. One thing I seen from… Read more »
Good comment Brandon.. Notice as I have, Christianity, the sun-good, and Yahweh was a moon-dark god. Night and Day, Might explain the word lunatic, LUNA the Moon. They say people emulate the god they worship if they’re sincere. That explains Yah’s children’s atrocious ways. Hmmm. My granny was a Christian and a dear peach on my Dads side and once got upset when I pulled a big doily lay cloth from the buffet and pulled down tons of 200 year old crystal wear, and she came in there and said, and first time my aunt, her daughter of course was near by, my granny said, “Shit a brick!” My aunt and mother started laughing and my granny’s face went white and mouth went into the… Read more »
One time when I was like 14 I’d hang out at a friends girlfriends house an we would take the cat an spin in circles an when we set it down it would shoot a stream of shit. I have seen examples of what you mean I think when a 6 your old will get a 3 year old to do stuff they cannot get away with like Angelica from rugrats. You mention the lunatic. I remember G saying to approach the work you have to be good house holder in other words be able to meet the world on its terms according to which center is dominant in you. However he said the tramp basically has such a shitty attitude they can nevr become… Read more »