Firestarter Radio: Megachurch Madness and Much More (1-31-20)

Sinead talks about mega churches that are connected to Hollywood, Sam Tripoli the degenerate and his ties to shills like Adam Green, how child traffickers are sending out children to kidnap other children, and more. Closing song: ‘Hollow’ by Dawncall + Elle Chante

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Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

Anyone who is famous, from Putin and Beiber at one end, to Ruhe and Tripoli at the other, will either be jewish or controlled by jews. This is what the average White person needs to understand. There are the hidden jewish families, known billionaire jews, the UN, all gov’s, an army of masons, and then onto us – the 98% graded cattle. They will continue to create new, or steer existing situations, to complete their White genocide and rule a one (jewish) world state. PS Thanks for the show, Sinead. The (((magicians))) don’t change, but their deceptions do. Chaos, confusion, some slight-of-hand, and in a cloud of smoke, you or your child are taken. AAA – Aware, Accomplished and Act. Plan out your journey or… Read more »

2 years ago

The woman’s story of her daughter almost getting abducted at the dollar store is just terrifying and heart-breaking. What an insane world we live in and are passing down to our children. Thanks for putting this information out there. It’s too easy for people to live their lives day to day and pretend things like this aren’t happening.

2 years ago

Yes Sinead great show and like Charlie always says they’re just getting warmed up I remember back in 81 when I visited Cocoa Beach or Coconut Grove a lifeguard told me down here don’t ever hitchhike or go out at night alone people running around loose in the world ain’t got nothing better to do than make a meal of some bright-eyed kid which was a hit on the radio

Janet McAuliffe
2 years ago

Please post the link to the mom who’s child was targeted by another child at the dollar store. I want to share this! Thank you!

Cynical Cracker
1 year ago

its rumored there is a satanic/luciferian thingy where the “entertainers” gather in this network of houses that allows their nefarious activity… and when I say houses , I mean comedy clubs? look into the others involved in cross promo stuff as they were “coming up” on the yootooobs around tripoli … this was not long after the schumer debacle and coincided with the collective comedian “push back” at the SJWs/virtue signalers on college campuses which was in response to the wave of comedic censorship/shaming that unfortunately had played a large part in reducing the presence of comedy acts on campus to few and far between… there is a black comedian around somewhere that was using Tripolis studio for his own podcast, just a different studio… Read more »

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